Best and worst wine for your diet revealed

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  • Did you know that a small glass of wine can contain as many as 138 calories? Find out the calories in wine from white and red to Champagne and spritzers

    Think you might have fallen into the age-old diet trap of conveniently forgetting that wine contains calories? You’re not alone!

    We’ve all fallen foul of the empty calories in our favourite tipple, and no matter how much we think we deserve that glass at the end of the day, and how much we try to put it out of our minds, that vino could have a lot to do with why we’re not losing weight (or worse, putting it on!)

    But with each different wine varying in calories, we thought it was high time to investigate exactly which ones we can sip when we’re trying to slim, and which ones to avoid entirely.

    So make sure you’re steering clear of the naughty ones and, you never know, your favourite might be on the ‘nice’ list!