Is Selling Sunset's Emma Hernan still dating Micah McDonald?

a still from Selling Sunset season 5 of Emma Hernan and Micah sitting by a pool

Selling Sunset fans are eager for a relationship update on Emma Hernan and beau Micah.

Season 5 of the hit realtor reality show has landed on Netflix and it certainly feels good to have it back. Fans have been enjoying the usual Chrishell vs Christine drama, dreamy multi-million dollar property listings and the introduction of new cast member Chelsea Lazkani. But alongside these key elements is a heavy relationship focus this series as we see Mary and Romain tackle more challenges and Jason and Chrishell together (finally!).

Love is certainly in the air - and this includes Selling Sunset's Emma Hernan too, who joined the cast in season 4. We see the blonde businesswoman romanced by Micah in several episodes of the latest series. And people want to know if their dates have turned into something more serious.

Is Selling Sunset's Emma Hernan still dating Micah?

Emma Hernan revealed in late April that she and Micah are still seeing each other and have "become closer" since the show - but are not officially together.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, The 30-year-old shared: "We've become closer. But it's right about there. So, we'll see. Maybe season 6, there will be a label, a ring. Who knows?"

Emma Hernan and Micah on their Selling Sunset Mezcal date

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Viewers first saw Emma and Micah hit it off during episode 3 of Selling Sunset season 5. The blonde realtor took on a listing that Micah was developing and hoping to sell on. Calling Micah "eye candy" during the meeting, audiences certainly picked up on a romantic spark between the two. And Emma agreed to go on a date with Micah - which involved an intimate Mezcal sampling for two at his new Mezcal restaurant.

"I never flirt with clients. I'm always strictly business, but it’s hard not to flirt with Micah," Emma told the cameras at the time of their meeting. "I usually don’t mix business with pleasure, but Micah’s a little bit different.

"We had like one or two meetings, and I was like, 'Oh, my god. Not only is he attractive and successful and confident, but we actually have a lot in common.' I mean, basically, he’s just, like, check, check, checking every damn box."

Season 5 of Selling Sunset began filming in November 2021, so it's coming up to the six month dating mark for Emma Hernan and Micah. Interestingly enough, the two only recently started following each other on Instagram though. And neither profile shows any pictures of the two together.

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Long distance dating:

Emma hinted long-distance as a reason these two may not be official yet. Emma splits her time between LA and Boston, whilst Micah is predominantly based in Texas. So it's not like they live near each other.

"I've done the long-distance thing for so long that it would be nice to have a relationship where they're in the same, at least, state," she told ET."  Nevertheless she added that things had definitely "progressed" between the two since their steamy hot tub date in the season finale.

Who is Micah McDonald?

Micah McDonald is introduced as a real estate property developer on Selling Sunset season 5. Though he describes himself on his Instagram as a "Entrepreneur, President & CEO and Hybrid Athlete". He's also the owner of LA eatery Sagrado Mezcaleria + Kitchen.

It appears that Micah is into his health and fitness, as he regularly shares posts of himself working out at the gym. He's also a fan of the basketball team Houston Rockets. As he's seen regularly attending their games via social media.

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The developer recently revealed on social media that he bought the multi-million dollar house he's seen renovating in the show back in 2016. And it took five years to carry out the work. But it's now completed.

"She came out better than expected," he wrote on one Instagram post, sharing photos of the finished property.

As for his Mezcal endeavours, Sagrado Mezcaleria + Kitchen officially opened in January 2022. According to the website, the restaurant celebrates the "spirit of Mezcal".

"We introduce our customers to the sacred techniques of Mezcal making kept secret for generations within the Mezcal families of the Oaxaca region," reads a statement. It also boasts "the most expansive Mezcal list around".

Selling Sunset fans will be pleased to know that they can sample the same drink Emma had during the couple's private tasting date. Called the Sacred Kiss, it's made up of Besosagrado Mezcal, Crème de Violette, Luxardo Liqueur and Lime Juice.

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Emma's Empanadas:

Another fun fact is that the vegan empanadas Emma brought along to their date on the show are on the Sagrado menu. Called “Emma’s Empanadas” - diners get five mini 'Beyond Meat' empanadas with shaved cabbage, arbol tomatilla salsa, radish and cilantro. They'll set you back $11 for a portion.

What happened between Emma Hernan and Ben Affleck?

In episode 5 of the latest Selling Sunset season, Emma tells Chrishell that Hollywood actor Ben Affleck asked her out on a date via celebrity dating app RayaThe revelation came to light when Chrishell was digging for information on Emma's love life.

"He may or may not have been texting me," she told her co-star during a property viewing. “He may or may not have asked to grab … coffee a few times."

Selling Sunset's Emma Hernan and Chrishell Stause chatting on a bed

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Representatives for Ben Affleck were quick to deny that this was the case. "Raya has confirmed that he has not been an active member for several years," read a statement.

Emma later clarified to E's Daily Pop that the text exchange actually took place years ago.

"It was not recent. This was 2019. Literally the smallest, innocent little thing, and it was taken, blew up, out of proportion. So that was a thing," she said. "I think on the show you didn’t see the time frame, and it just seemed worse, and it was literally the smallest thing."

According to Page Six, this 2019 exchange could have taken place as in October 2019 they reported that Affleck was looking for love on Raya.

It's thought that both parties wanted to clear the incident up as Ben Affleck is now engaged to Jennifer Lopez.

What is Emma Hernan's net worth?

Multiple sources report Emma Hernan's net worth as an estimated $3million (£2.25million). This figure is based on Emma's work as a realtor on Selling Sunset, her frozen food company and other business ventures.

It seems that Emma developed an entrepreneural side to her when young. She started investing in the stock market as a teenager and the money accrued from this helped her launch her successful business endeavours.

Aside from her property career, she's also the CEO and founder of plant-based food company Emma Leigh & Co. Part of the range again includes THOSE vegan empanadas which she has collaborated on with Beyond Meat.

The frozen empanadas idea came to her whilst holidaying abroad. "I was in Puerto Rico for a modeling job and ate empanadas the entire trip, and my love for them stayed with me," she told North Shore mag.

"They are fun to eat and the filling options are so versatile. For me, a frozen pizza line was not going to align with my values of being plant based. And with the empanadas, I could make something healthy and delicious in a variety of flavors."

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