Are Mary and Romain still together? Everything you need to know about the Selling Sunset couple

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Are Mary and Romain still together: Mary and Romain in Selling Sunset

Are Mary and Romaine still together? We’ve seen their relationship unfold on Selling Sunset, but it hasn't been without ups and downs...

The wait is over and season 6 of the hit Netflix reality show is finally here. Amongst all the drama, catfights and quality real estate on show, fans are also looking forward to checking in on Selling Sunset couple Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet. The unlikely pairing and their age gap has come under scrutiny by many co-stars on the show. With viewers witnessing the pair come to blows over several important life issues in the previous 5 seasons, a question over their relationship status looms at the start of season 6. 

As audiences settle into the latest Selling Sunset outing, we not only have an update on the status of this fan-favourite couple, but can also share the latest details on Jason and Chrishell being together. Fans are also eager to find out about Emma Hernan and her love life, rooting for some action between her and Micah, and we've got the details on the Selling Sunset cast's net worth too. 

Are Selling Sunset’s Mary and Romain still together?

Despite some split rumours circulating, Mary and Romain are still together in 2023. The pair have recently opened up on the strength of their relationship, and shared devastating news with fans.

Despite their current strength, the couple have experienced a series of ups and downs. In season 1, Mary’s friends weren’t sure if Romain was right for her due to their 13 year age gap. Being at different stages in life was hard for the couple, who were persistently plagued by rumors of a split.

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Season 3 saw the couple clash over plans to start a family, and season 4 was fraught with financial disagreements for the pair. Mary admitted conflicting schedules meant finding time alone together was difficult. However, instead of compounding their troubles, she believes this is the reason their relationship stays strong.

She said: "The show keeps getting bigger. We get more clients from it. All the different things, collaborations, travel, stuff like that. We didn’t see much of each other before, so we probably see even less of each other. So maybe [that’s] why it works."

According to TMZ, Mary thanks better communication for their marriage ticking along nicely. "I think we've gotten better at communicating," she said, adding "Before, I think we would let things kind of affect us - if there was like a little argument about nothing - because we're both overworked and stressed out. But now, I think we've just realized we're just exhausted."

When did Mary and Romain get married?

Mary and Romain tied the knot at the end of season 2 of Selling Sunset. But it was later revealed the pair were actually already married before the show even started, with records showing they wed in March 2018.

Explaining their decision not to disclose this, Mary said: We didn't really tell anybody. It was for personal reasons, and no one knew." According to US Weekly, a representative for the couple said "They chose not to tell any of their friends or family, as they were still trying to see if their relationship would work out in the long term"

It was concluded by the source that "In their minds, they weren’t properly married until the wedding that was filmed during the show."

Did Mary and Romain have a baby?

The couple have not had a baby, and Mary sadly suffered a miscarriage in March this year. Mary does have a son, Austin, from a previous relationship.

Back in 2020, Mary confirmed she and Romain had plans to start a family and had frozen some eggs. She said at the time: "I’m getting ready to turn 42 in the summer and this is something I have to prioritize." She suggested the couple would rethink their plans a couple of years down the line, and the sad news of their loss recently emerged.

Mary became pregnant naturally in January 2023. In a post shared to Instagram on April 1, she let fans know "We did get pregnant and unfortunately that didn’t work out." She continued "On top of the miscarriage, I also had what they apparently call a septic miscarriage, so I had to go into surgery for that." She asked for time to process the situation, but added that she and Romain remain hopeful. 

Sharing her feelings candidly, Mary said "It has been rough, to say the least. I guess the reason why… I’m speaking out now is because I do realize how common this is and how many people go through this and it is not easy."

Mary has son Austin from a previous relationship, who was born in 1999 when she was just 16-years-old. Romain has opened up about how well he gets on with his step-son, saying enthusiastically "I love Austin!" with Mary asserting "I don’t see Romain ever stepping in as like a father figure and Austin doesn’t need that, but they get along great." 

What does Mary's husband Romain do?

Romain Bonnet is a model and project manager, who first came to Hollywood as a pastry chef from France. It was revealed last year that Romain had started working as a project manager for the Oppenheim Group, where Mary is a broker.

"He does construction now," Mary says. "He's a project manager for a bunch of our listings, a lot of people don't know that. So he's been working on all of our projects. She went on to say "He's a great leader and an incredibly hard worker. Since the market has been crazy, he has been slammed with jobs as a project manager."

Recently overseeing the construction of the latest Oppenheim office, Romain shared a video of his work to Instagram with the caption "What a project!! We have been working our ass off at @whitegloveestates to get the new office of the @theoppenheimgroup done, with those crazy deadlines. Many thought it wouldn’t be possible but we did it. Couldn’t be more proud of our work and happy with the results." 

Jason and Mary Selling Sunset: Their relationship history

Mary once dated Jason Oppenheim dated for a year. The two lived together whilst dating and adopted two dogs - Zelda and Niko - whom they share to this day. 

The pair have admitted that the relationship was on and off, taking place long before the Netflix show started. Speaking about how long they dated for, Jason said in season 1 of Selling Sunset: "I mean, it depends if you count the breakup period. Six months to a year." While Mary added: "Yeah, we had a lingering kind of period. We lived together. We broke up but still dated. Interesting history but it works."

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Mary offered a similar, albeit confusing, explanation of how their relationship worked: "We broke up but still dated. It’s an interesting history but it works and I found the most amazing man," she quipped.

When fellow realtor Chrishell Stause - who dated Jason last year - asked why they broke up, Jason replied "That’s probably more on me. We were good friends before and we’re much closer now."

Indeed, the two have managed to stay on friendly terms despite their romantic history - season 4 even saw the two throw a birthday party for their beloved dogs, Zelda and Niko.

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