Sort Your Life Out Season 2: When is it on and where to watch it?

Stacey Solomon returns to screens for another instalment of her decluttering show

Iwan Carrington, Stacey Solomon, Dilly Carter, Rob Bent Sort Your Life Out season 2
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While pregnant Stacey Solomon is packing her own hospital bag for the impending arrival of baby number five, fans are wondering when Sort Your Life Out Season 2 starts?

After the success of the one-off special in April 2021, Stacey Solomon's Sort Your Life Out launched it's first full series and almost a year later there's another full series for fans to get stuck into.

If you're wondering why there's been such a delay, it's been a busy year for Essex lass Stacey who has since launched further Primark kids collections, raising her baby girl born in October 2021 with Joe Swash and getting married.

But before she even knew she was pregnant with her fifth child the Queen of decluttering and her expert team (organiser Dilly, carpenter Rob and cleaner Iwan) were back filming to challenge families up and down the UK to sort their lives out in just seven days with plenty of easy cleaning hacks

Throughout the space of a week the team help families to transform their messy homes through a life changing declutter, budget friendly makeover and supersized spring clean, as they upcycle and recycle their way to a new home.   

 As we look at all you need to know ahead of the new show...

When is Sort Your Life Out season 2 on TV?

Sort Your Life Out season 2 airs tonight (Wednesday 25th January 2023) at 9pm on BBC One and iPlayer. Episode One of Stacey Solomon's show is aired tonight and repeated again on Saturday 28th January at 11am. Episode 2 airs next Wednesday (1st February and each Wednesday) thereafter for a total of six episodes.

Speaking ahead of the new season, presenter and tidying extraordinaire, Stacey Solomon, said, "I’m so happy that the team and I are back to share our favourite tips and tricks on decluttering, upcycling, tidying and being thrifty! I love that we get to help people transform their lives for the better, even just a little bit.

“Sort Your Life Out is about showing people that by decluttering your home, you can really make a positive impact on all areas of your life – including saving your hard-earned cash. It’s never about shaming people for holding onto their stuff, I definitely have a tendency to hang on to treasured items for longer than I probably should!

Stacey added, “My favourite part of the show is meeting lovely families from across the UK. With the help of my wonderful expert team, we work alongside them to reorganise their houses and turn them into the homes they deserve. I really hope that people watching find a few tips and tricks in this series useful!”

Her show follows on from the success of Stacey's debut book - Tap to Tidy: Organising, Crafting & Creating Happiness in a Messy World. It details her Instagram cleaning hacks that are similarly popularised by influencer and Stacey's friend Mrs Hinch.


Tap to Tidy: Organising, Crafting & Creating Happiness in a Messy World by Stacy Solomon - WAS £14.99, NOW £9.43 | Amazon.
The Sunday Times Bestseller features time-saving cleaning tips, sweet home crafting ideas and motivational messages to help you tackle any clutter that's cramping your life. All in Stacey's signature chatty and friendly style.

How many episodes will there be of Stacey Solomon's Sort Your Life Out?

Sort Your Life Out Season 2 will have six x 60-minute episodes and below are some episode spoilers:

  • EPISODE 1 - The Harris-Hawley Family – London - The Harris-Hawley family embark on a mammoth declutter. Childhood sweethearts, Dan and Char, who rent a two up two down house from the local council with their two daughters, Mia, 11, and Cece, aged three. With only one week to go before their wedding, Char remembers trickier times as a young parent and Dan tells Stacey how he came to be the devoted dad he is now. 

Mia and Char Sort Your Life Out

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  • EPISODE 2 - The Fall Family – Rotherham, South Yorkshire - The Fall family’s clutter has been spiralling out of control since they moved into their home four years ago, with dad Dan’s many unfinished DIY projects contributing to the overall chaos. Mum Julia, husband Dan and their two children, Noah (9) and Rachel (4) explain why their home is making them miserable. 

Julia, Rachel, Dan, Noah, Stacey Solomon, Rob Bent, Dilly Carter, Iwan Carrington Sort Your Life Out

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  • EPISODE 3 – The Viney Family – Haslemere, Surrey -  Grandma of six, Sue, not only filled her house up with her late mum’s belongings, but also the contents of a recently closed gift shop. Daughters, Nicki and Donna, want to spend more time at the house with their kids but due to the clutter there isn’t any space. 
  • EPISODE 4 – The Daniels Family - East Grinstead - NHS nurse, Aimee, and husband, Stuart, both work shifts so they can take care of their three young children, Darcie, Rex and Mollie. Four years ago, the family moved to their current home but the boxes of possession from their old flat remain in the garage unopened. As family go through their most treasured items, Aimee tells Stacey about Mollie’s open-heart surgery, shortly after being born with Down’s Syndrome. 
  • EPISODE 5 – The Smith Family – Hertfordshire - Two years ago, Raaj and her husband, Roydel, and their toddler son, Ajay, moved in with their two nieces, Simran and Harjoth and nephew, Gurkeerat, when their mum (Raaj's sister) sadly passed away after contracting Covid. The two families were forced to quickly merge together their households, whilst grieving their tragic loss. They now feel ready to face the difficult task of reorganising and creating a new home for the blended family. 
  • EPISODE 6 – The Seabrook Family – Exmouth, Devon - Mum, Michelle, runs a dog grooming business from her garage, husband, James, their son, Jacob, and Michelle’s son from a previous relationship, Harry, are the family behind the clutter. Last but not least, there are the two cats and seven dogs who rule the roost. Michelle, comes to terms with the loss of her previous dogs and learns to put herself and her family first. 

Rob Bent, Stacey Solomon, Iwan Carrington, Dilly Carter Sort Your Life Out

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Who are the Sort Your Life Out experts?

Fans who watched the show's first season will be pleased to see the return of the same home improvement experts:

  • Robert Bent: Carpenter and upcycler Robert is on hand to upholster and breath new life into old furniture and sentimental items on the show. He runs his own company REBB Carpentry and is based in South-East England.
  • Iwan Carrington: Iwan is no stranger to screens - with viewers of Channel 4's Steph's Packed Lunch no doubt recognising him as the show's bargain hunter and presenter. He's also a cleaning mastermind who shares weekly cleaning video tips with his 69,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel Mr Carrington.
  • Dilly Carter: She's the professional organiser who persuades contestants to ditch the clutter for a tidier mind and life. Outside of the show Dilly runs her own home styling service Declutter Dollies tackling clients' homes. She's also the author of Create Space - a guide to organising your home that also delves into the link between mental wellbeing and decluttering.

Iwan Carrington, Stacey Solomon, Dilly Carter, Rob Bent Sort Your Life Out

(From L-R) Robert Bent, Iwan Carrington, Stacey Solomon and Dilly Carter - the team of BBC's Sort Your Life Out. (Credit: Optomen - Photographer: James Callum)
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It seems Stacey is certainly pleased to have them on board to help, "I’m not qualified. I can give a really good cuddle. But outside of that there does need to be professionals that step in and say ‘Hi, we think you need a bit more back-up than that’. And that is what they do,” she previously told the Glasgow Times.

Stacey Solomon's Sort Your Life Out: How to apply

Applications for Sort Your Life Out are currently closed. However, we've got the heads up on what is needed to apply - should Stacey Solomon's show return for a third series.

The programme is produced by production company Optomen. And it is via the Optomen website that you can apply when applications open again.

For the second series, applicants had to be based in the north. Applicants will have to be willing to share their backstory. Plus your purpose for wanting Stacey and the team to declutter your abode.

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