Where is Make it at Market filmed? All you need to know about The Repair Shop star Dom Chinea's new show

Where is Make it at Market filmed? BBC fans are wondering all about the new show

Where is Make it at Market filmed? - Dom Chinea presenter of BBC show Make it at Market
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The Repair Shop fans will be delighted to see star Dom Chinea on his own spin-off BBC show as viewers ask where is Make it at Market filmed?

The popular TV expert metal work craftsman has already done a spin off show with Jay Blades - Jay and Dom's House Fix, and now he's back with another spin-off show based on a team of businesses and craft experts who help a group of budding entrepreneurs make a living from their crafting hobbies.

The show, which has started on BBC One weekdays at 4.30pm is the first series of its kind and has total of 26 episodes set to air, with episodes 1-3 already available on the BBC iPlayer, and just like fans wanted to know where is The Repair Shop filmed? they also want to know the same about this show...

Where is Make it at Market filmed?

Make it at Market is filmed at the National Trust's Stoneywell - a property that dates from the arts and crafts movement, which ran from 1880 to 1920. The garden at Stoneywell is used as the backdrop for the show as talented craftspeople produce and sell their wares after getting bespoke help from Dom Chinea and other mentors.

According to the National Trust website, "Several of the existing spaces at Stoneywell could be used as a workable space for the crafters, including the workshop where Donald Gimson used to indulge his woodworking hobby."

But it reveals elsewhere, specially constructed sets were used. "The set designers took inspiration from the garden and cottage when dressing them. The crafters then moved in with their equipment and set to making."

When it's not being used to film Make it at Market, Stoneywell is a country residence for Leicester industrialist Sydney Gimson and it was designed by his brother Ernest Gimson - who is known as one of the ket architects and designers of the Arts and Crafts movement.

Donald Gimson, made Stoneywell his permanent family home from 1953 until it entered the National Trust's care in 2012.

Speaking about the filming location, Jennie Lloyd, site manager at Stoneywell said, "The cottage and garden really is a hidden gem in the depths of the Leicestershire countryside."

She continued, "It’s a special place and a rare survivor, so it was a privilege to welcome the experts and crafters and share the wonders of Stoneywell with them and now, a wider audience."

And added, "Nothing inspires design more than the organic world around us. We hope the crafters were inspired by the Stoneywell gardens as they undertook the challenges posed during the series."

Can you visit Stoneywell?

Yes, members of the public can visit Stoneywell when it reopens in spring 2023. The property is currently closed for its winter conservation work. Once it reopens visitors can visit the cottage with its collection of Arts and Crafts treasures, from unique handcrafted furniture to a replica cot and a small ceramics collection. Afterwards they can explore the garden at Stoneywell which features a show-stopping rhododendron to an 11-acre woodland. Access to the attraction can be purchased via admission fee (adults £8.50, Child £4.25) or via National Trust membership which gives free access to more than 500 places.

Access to Stoneywell is by pre-booking only.

What is Make it at Market about?

Make it at Market is a craft programme that puts amateur makers skills to the test to see if they can make profitable businesses out of their home hobby. Viewers will be able to see if traditional crafts ranging from blacksmiths, glassblowers, weavers and woodworkers can put their crafts up for profitable sale.

Among the challenges the show will address is the high volume - being able to make sellable items quickly at a low cost, high end - where the quality is good enough to be sold in the high end market, and favourite piece - where the craftspeople are able to show what they really love about the craft before their ultimate challenge - to see if they can turn their passion into a full-time business.

Jessica textile weaving station at Stoneywell for Make it at market

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Speaking about filming the show, Dom said, "It was a privilege to work with such an array of gifted and ambitious craftspeople. 

"What was particularly fulfilling was seeing in real-time, how the unique and varied skills on offer were nurtured and shaped throughout their stay at Stoneywell, allowing the makers to turn their talents into viable business opportunities. 

"It’s the perfect programme to get anyone’s creative juices flowing!"

Make It At Market airs weekdays on BBC One at 4.30pm and is repeated at 7.15am the next day, and all aired episodes are available to watch on the BBC iPlayer.

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