Kate Middleton doesn’t want Prince George to get any 'special treatment' when it comes to his role in the Royal Family

Kate Middleton doesn't want Prince George to be treated differently just because he's heir to the throne

Kate Middleton Prince George special treatment
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Kate Middleton reportedly doesn’t want her son Prince George to get any 'special treatment' when it comes to his role in the Royal Family and will only allow him to take on new positions if 'she signs off on it' beforehand.

Following King Charles III ascension to the throne, the royal line of succession has seen a shake up for the first time in since Queen Elizabeth II was crowned back in 1953. Prince William now sits first in line to the throne, taking on the title of Prince of Wales and inheriting the Duchy of Cornwall from his father, meaning he is now the owner of a luscious private island that makes for the perfect family holiday, and his oldest son Prince George sits just behind him as second in the line of succession. 

At just nine years old, this promotion means Prince George is likely to be taking on some more responsibility within The Firm, or at least it means his grandfather King Charles wants him to. The problem? Kate Middleton isn't keen on her son getting any 'special treatment' that will change the 'dynamic' between George and his two younger siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

It's understandable. While Princess Charlotte has been said to be ‘becoming a standout star’ of the Royal Family, it has been speculated that she could be affected by the new slimmed-down Monarchy and will be unlikely to become a 'working royal' when she grows up. With her brother, who she has reportedly already realised is 'different' to her and Louis, preparing to become King, it must be difficult for her parents to balance the scales when it comes to their children's roles within the family. 

Kate Middleton Prince George special treatment

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In the midst of all this change, according to an insider, Kate is keen to prioritise parenting over preparing George for royal life, a fact only enhanced by her and William's personal decision to prioritise 'family time' over royal engagements. However, King Charles reportedly isn't keen on her approach and would prefer for George to start taking on more responsibility within the Royal Family.

The source told OK! Magazine, "Kate and Charles are very similar in a lot of ways; Both love what the monarchy stands for, feel a deep duty to Britain and the Commonwealth, and share the late Queen Elizabeth II’s belief that royals should ‘never complain, never explain.’ However, they’re very different when it comes to how they think the monarchy should operate in 2023.

"Kate thinks it’s important for their family dynamic that George isn’t given special treatment. Charles has made his feelings known about George. And while Kate is open to giving George more roles, her stance is only if she signs off on it."

They added, "To her, the King’s word is not final when it comes to her children. She’s been very clear about that. And if that starts a rift or even a full-out war, then so be it."

Kate Middleton Prince George special treatment

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Kate and William's approach to parenting young royals is vastly different from the way it's been tackled in previous generations. From Kate's ‘radical new way of parenting’ has taught Prince William ‘how to be a different kind of parent’ and her gentle approach that parenting experts have praised, to Prince William vowing not to repeat his father’s mistakes when it comes to parenting and even preferring Kate's parents' 'down-to-earth' parenting style more than what he was used to, the couple are putting their kids first in everything they do. 

Perhaps the biggest diversion from royal protocol that the couple have made when it comes to their children is the fact that they opted for them to attend a day school rather than a boarding school - a fact that King Charles reportedly doesn't agree with. The source told OK! Magazine that Charles "thinks George should go to boarding school like he, his siblings, and his sons did."

But Kate and William know what's best for their children and are not afraid of challenging the King when it comes to how they are raising their kids. And their decisions seem to be paying off. Princess Charlotte, who Prince Harry revealed he worried for after his own issues with being declared the spare, is already taking charge at public events and 'has no qualms at all about being in the spotlight on public events.' As for George's youngest brother, Prince Louis has, according to a psychologist who has analysed his behaviour during engagements, a higher confidence and a 'bolder personality' then both his siblings

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