Prince Louis acts like a 'typical third child' with higher confidence and a 'bolder personality' than his siblings

A psychologist has given insight into the youngest Wales sibling's classic 'third child' behavior

Prince Louis typical third child
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 Prince Louis' behavior is that of a ‘typical third child’, a phycologist has claimed, with the youngest Wales sibling having a higher confidence and ‘bolder personality’ than his two older siblings.

Prince Louis' foray into the spotlight has brought delight to royal fans across the globe. From gushing over Kate Middleton's sweet nickname for her youngest child to the Prince's Coronation antics that reportedly cheered up a 'tired' and 'stressed' King Charles , Louis' public appearances always warm the heart. 

But the youngster has often been dubbed a 'rebel', with his love of pulling funny faces, especially on the Buckingham Palace balcony, and his reputation for 'cheeky behavior.' But the youngest Wales sibling, who just turned five-years-old, is simply acting like the "typical third child," according to psychologist Emma Kenny who explains that his place in the family, being the youngest of three behind his older siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince George, may make him more prone to 'characterful' displays, but it also gives him a lot of good traits.

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte

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Kenny told OK!, "George and Charlotte - the first and second children - have done everything, so essentially, as third sibling, Louis may have realized that becoming a bit more of a 'character' can really help."

Talking about the 'typical third child,' Kenny revealed, "With these children, confidence levels tend to be higher and we often see bigger and bolder personalities. Louis has to be really clever and figure out, 'How do I make myself stand out when actually my skill base is so much less than my siblings?'

"[Louis is] doing that through his character and little idiosyncrasies, like waving at concerts and pulling faces in the Coronation carriage. There is some research that shows there'll be a little bit more manipulation too, because the consequence of actually needing to carve that space as a third child means you need to know how to manage people and get what you want."

Prince Louis and Kate Middleton

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The new insights come as reports that, following the Coronation celebrations, Princess Charlotte now 'knows George is different to her and Louis.' According to reports, the Princess has always understood that George sits above her and her younger brother in the royal line of succession, but his prestigious role in the historic ceremony made her 'see' the differences in their positions for the first time.

However, Kate Middleton and Prince William are determined to prove Prince Harry's spare worries wrong and ensure that all their children are raised equally, no matter their royal position. While sometimes that means they take on a more 'realistic' parenting approach, like they did for the Coronation celebrations, or if they decide to try more complex theories, such as what has been dubbed Prince William's 'Rubik's Cube' approach, the family are working hard to give all three children the space to become themselves. 

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