Prince Charles slammed in new HBO Princess Diana documentary over heartbreaking Prince Harry birth story

Prince Charles had an odd way of celebrating the birth of his child - one most fathers would never even dream of

Prince Charles
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HBO's latest documentary, 'The Princess', will premiere on the 13th of August on HBO and HBO MAX.

Prince Harry was born on the 15th of September, 1984 at St. Mary's Hospital in London. The very next day, as tradition dictates, his parents Prince Charles and Diana stepped out the hospital doors to be photographed with their little bundle of joy before being rushed home in a car. 

A piece of news commentary from that day is featured in a new, upcoming HBO documentary The Princess, and not-so-subtly slams judgment on Prince Charles' choice of activity for welcoming his new son.

In the clip, over footage of the royal's car, a voiceover reads, "At the entrance to Kensington Palace, the Prince and Princess and their baby arrive from the hospital at speed, swept in without stopping," 

"Then, less than an hour later, Prince Charles left to play polo - something most new fathers would hardly dare to suggest."

The next piece of commentary comes from a separate source who comments on Charles' attitude to marriage over footage of him playing polo while Camilla Parker Bowles watching in the stands. It must be pointed out that the match shown at that point in the film is unlikely to be the one Charles played while his wife and newborn sat alone at home.

"He has always carried on ever since he got married as if he were a bachelor," the second commentator analyses. "He's made absolutely - and he never did from the word 'go' - almost any concession to being a married man with the responsibilities of a wife and now two children."

Using a huge collection historical footage, the HBO documentary walks through the entirety of Diana's royal life, telling the story of a Princess stepping into an almost impossible situation - that of living life married to a royal.

Director Ed Perkins pulled focus to the eerie side of royal life using archival footage from interviews, paparazzi footage, and recorded commentary about Diana's position in the royal family. 'The Princess' is sure to captivate audiences and possibly change, or re-affirm, their opinions on Prince Charles. 

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