Prince William ‘wants the world to see’ his hands-on parenting style after rumours of royal duties coming before royal children

"He wants to show a close bond to the world"

Prince William and Prince George
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According to a body language expert, Prince William is keen to show ‘the world’ his 'close bond' with his children and demonstrate that he is a more hands-on parent than other royal fathers before him. 

With Kate Middleton skipping royal engagements to spend time with her kids and Prince William teaching them all how to be 'losers,' it's clear that the royal couple are wholly focussed on bringing up Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis in as hands-on a way as they possibly can with their hectic work schedules. 

The approach is working to give the royal youngsters, who sit second, third and fourth in the royal line of succession and are set to inherit new royal titles when their dad becomes King, a relatively normal childhood where they can freely be 'obsessed' with this sweet homegrown treat, spend time making 'healthy' snacks with their mum, and develop their own ‘different temperaments’ as they grow up

The hands-on approach is one Prince William is seemingly keen not only to take, but to show the public he is taking, with a body language expert pointing out that his appearances with Prince George have shown he 'wants to show [their] close bond to the world.'

Prince William and Prince George

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Speaking to The Daily Star about William and George's surprise appearance at the Ashes earlier this year, body language expert Adrianne Carter, AKA The Face Whisperer, said, "William comes across as a hands-on parent and willing to take the time to spend with his oldest son one on one. He wants to show a close bond to the world."

The expert shared that George appeared to 'mirror' his dad's body language throughout the game, a clear signal that they share a close bond with the youngster looking up to his dad and respecting him greatly. 

The show of solidarity as William spent time speaking with George, explaining the rules of cricket to him as the game played out in front of them, showed the Prince is taking a very different approach to parenting than his own father did, a fact he is keen to demonstrate as talk of his father's 'remote' style of parenting is spoken about in the media . 

It appears that William succeeding to quash speculation over the cold approach to parenting the Royal Family have often been known for, with one royal expert calling him a 'hands-on, caring dad' who runs 'a house full of fun and laughter.'

King Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry

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Back in 2017, royal biographer Penny Junor told The Daily Beast that, when William and Prince Harry were younger, they did not get to spend time with King Charles like Prince George gets to spend with his dad now. 

“It is a slightly tricky relationship because Charles has always been quite a remote figure, he has always been consumed by work,” she said.

“That’s not a product of a lack of love. It’s a product of the fact he is so focused on his work, and the need to make a difference in the world that, like many people who are seeking to make a difference in the world, he has sometimes overlooked friends and loved ones beside him.”

William's public appearances with his own children have seemed to show the world that he is a different kind of dad to his own. Royal expert Jennie Bond told OK! Magazine, "Prince William isn't a workaholic like his father is.

"I also very much admire the fact that he’s not a workaholic like his father, he knows how important family life is and how much it means to his children to be around at weekends and holidays and whenever he can.

"He seems to be a full on, hands-on, caring dad is with a house full of fun and laughter. And, in his royal role, he is coming up with new ideas, new ways of working to make sure that the monarchy stays relevant and moves with the times."

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