SAS Who Dares Wins 2023 Jungle Hell: Cast and when does it start?

We look at who's on the show and when it returns to screens...

SAS Who Dares Wins Jungle Hell
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Twenty new recruits are gearing up to face one of the toughest challenges of their lives - as they take on the punishing jungle phase of SAS Selection in Vietnam as fans ask who is in the cast of SAS Who Dares Wins 2023 and when does it start?

The main reality show is returning to screens for its first season of 2023 and fans are keen to know where SAS: Who Dares Wins - Jungle Hell filmed, and we are here with the answers.  With a Celebrity spin-off of SAS Who Dares Wins also due to air later in the year, audiences wondering where is Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins filmed will also be keen to find out more about the location. 

Here is all you need to know about the Jungle Hell season...

SAS Who Dares Wins 2023 Jungle Hell cast:

The SAS Who Dares Wins 2023 cast includes directing staff Rudy Reyes, new DS Chris Oliver, Chief Instructor Billy Billingham and Foxy (Jason Fox) after Ant Middleton left the show in 2020. Jason gave fans a sneaky peek at what is in store for the recruits, he uploaded a video clip to his Instagram in which he tells his followers, "A little boat reconnaissance to have a look at the opener for the next series out here in Vietnam. I'm paired up with Chris and we're just moving in to the first part of the series which is the temple up there - you can just see it. Very Idyllic." 

Speaking about the challenge that lays ahead for any contender, Foxy told The Mirror last year,  "Mental strength plays a huge role - I'd say it's 70/30. You can be physically robust but it's all in the brain.

"Some of the stuff you do in the Special Forces is f***king bonkers. When you sit down and actually think about it, it's got everything to do with your mind."

The main 20-strong cast of recruits have been announced by Channel 4 as we look who's taking part...

SAS Who Dares Wins cast 2023

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SAS Who Dares Wins 2023 - Meet the recruits

  • Amelia, 28, a software account executive from London - Amelia describes herself as loud, bubbly, chaotic, excitable and positive. Up until the age of 18, Amelia used to compete across the UK in swimming competitions. 
  • Grant, 37, a bin man from Edinburgh - Grant lives in Edinburgh with his Fiancé and his two dogs Lola and Lucky. Grant has an eclectic employment history, having worked as a fitness instructor on cruise ships and hotels across Europe for 7-8 years. He now works in waste disposal and calls himself a ‘Ninja Binman’. 
  • Joshua, 24, a professional boxer from Ilford - Joshua is an up-and-coming professional boxer. He grew up in East London with his mother, two older brothers and one older sister. 
  • Hilary, 31, a personal trainer from Barnet - Hilary lives in North London with her 2-year-old daughter and works as a HIIT, boxing and kettlebell instructor and PT. Hilary grew up in a traditional Columbian family and says walking into her mum’s house was like walking into Cali. She competed in athletics when she was younger and later moved into body building and white-collar boxing. 
  • Becky, 35, a housewife and mother from Basildon, Essex - Becky is a stay-at-home mum and lives with her husband and son. Growing up, Becky never felt she was particularly good at anything, and that her true calling was to be a mum.
  • Stevie, 38, a professional wrestler from Swansea, Wales - Stevie is a professional wrestler who goes by the stage name of Steve Starr. He’s been wrestling for 14 years and was once signed to the WWE in America. He has recently performed as a stunt man in a marvel film and hopes to do more stunt work. When he’s not in the ring doing body slams and choke holds, Stevie can be found working as a doorman in a cocktail bar.
  • Faye, 43, a visiting professor / director of operations from Leeds - Faye worked tirelessly to become an engineer and now works as a Director of Operations at an international electronics firm. Faye is also a competitive marathon runner and is studying for her pilot's licence and a PhD. Despite her achievements, Faye struggles to feel proud of herself and wants to go on the course to keep proving herself.
  • Rosie, 22, an IT Cyber Security Sales Account manager from Basingstoke - Rosie is a European jiu jitsu medallist and multiple time English and British champion.
  • Daniel, 29, a professional ballet dancer from Cheshire - Daniel is a ballet dancer for the Lithuanian National Ballet and has been dancing since he was 6 years old. His sister’s ballet teacher made him join their class while he was waiting for her to finish, and he’s never looked back.
  • Danica, 36, a health and wellness coach from London - Danica is a yoga teacher, wellbeing and performance coach and says people would describe her as someone who is energetic, loving and lights up a room when she walks in.
  • Zachariah, 27, a chef from Woolacombe - Zac is a head chef at a restaurant in Woolacombe, North Devon. He describes himself as loud, outspoken and demanding, and says people don’t know how to take him.
  • Aliyah, 26, an influencer from South East London - Aliyah was born in South Africa and moved to the UK when she was a baby. She is a social media influencer with over 175,000 subscribers on YouTube, and says she ‘fell into’.
  • Pete, 33, a firefighter from East Midlands - Pete is a firefighter from the East Midlands and has worked for the fire service for the last 15 years. Aged 15 Pete started playing Roller Hockey for GB and started going to the gym to boost his performance levels. Keen to also improve his physique, Pete got into power lifting.
  • Ross, 41, a security manager from Kent - Ross is a security manager and former firefighter. He says people would describe him as a cross between Captain America and a staffy dog.
  • Scott, 35, a hedge fund trader who was born in Zimbabwe and lives in London - Scott now works alongside a charity to encourage and support diversity and inclusion in investment banking and wants to take on the course to prove that anything is possible.
  • Jordan, 28, a professional boxer and PT from Newcastle - Four years ago, Jordan discovered boxing and something clicked as she found a healthy outlet for energy and emotions. Jordan is now a professional boxer and lives with her wife and one year old baby. Having struggled with acceptance in her life, Jordan wants to now take on the challenge of being accepted by the world’s most elite fighting force.
  • Jamie, 32, a model/footballer from Bretforton, Worcestershire - Jamie was born profoundly deaf and is the only deaf member of his family. He was given a cochlear implant when he was 6 years old and found it overwhelming hearing sounds for the first time. Jamie now prefers to not wear it as he often prefers the peacefulness of silence.
  • Levi, 34, a HGV lorry driver from London - Levi works as an HGV driver but has a colourful career history including a ballet shoemaker, a shop assistant at Sainsbury’s and a lighting technician. He lives at home with his Mum and 16-year-old sister.
  • Anne, 41, a horse riding coach and farmer's wife from Rugby - Anne is a farmer’s wife and horse-riding coach. She met her husband when she was 17 and they have 2 children. Anne says being a farmer’s wife means she is constantly providing for others and often forgets about what she wants for herself. She also often feels guilty about wanting to do things for herself.
  • Charlotte, 27, a performance and lifestyle nutritionist from Leeds - Charlotte has her own nutrition consultancy business and helps elite athletes to perform at their best in competitions. Charlotte was born into a very competitive family, with 3 sisters who excelled at swimming, whilst Charlotte preferred 10m diving and running ultra-marathons.

SAS Who Dares Wins 2023 cast

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When does SAS Who Dares Wins 2023 Jungle Hell start?

SAS Who Dares Wins Jungle Hell will start on Monday 23rd January at 9pm on Channel 4. The series will run each Monday for a total of six weeks. And fans can't wait for the new season starting. 

One fan wrote, "Can’t wait for the new series, it’ll be great to sit & enjoy it with a beer & pretzels! :) Vietnam is very beautiful, has lovely food including the Ban Mai Sandwiches!"

Another fan put, "Yes can’t wait"

And a third fan added, "Wow gorgeous location. Probably hot n sticky and filled with things that sting, but what a view."

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