The Bay season 4 ending explained and star Elóise Thomas reveals all she knows about a possible season 5

We caught up EXCLUSIVELY with actress Elóise Thomas who plays Izzy Metcalf to spill the beans on a possible season return...

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The Bay has only a few episodes left for fans who haven't binged the whole series but for those who have, we look at The Bay Season 4 ending explained.

When the crime drama returned earlier this month many viewers wondered where is The Bay filmed? And for long-standing fans of the series, who have tuned in from its debut season one to the season three  finale with Morven Christie bowing out of the show, attention has turned to the ending of the latest season.

Elóise Thomas, who plays Izzy Metcalf, tells us that even the cast didn't know whodunnit. "When we shot block one we got episodes one to three so we didn't see episodes four to six. The first block we had no idea, so we were kind of like, it's this person or this person? I don't even think the killer knew," she told 

"When we got episodes four to six, that's when we found out and we were all messaging each other, like oh my gosh. I don't think anyone expected it."

Elóise admitted she looks on Twitter to see what viewers think about who is the arsonist.

And if you don't want to know what happens, click away now!

The Bay Season 4 ending explained

************************* SPOILER ALERT ******************************

DS Jenn Townsend revealed that it was young Lewis Walsh who threw a brick at her house but when she wants to put him in the hands of the law her boss DI Tony Manning (Daniel Ryan) forces her to leave it to uniformed officers, so she can focus on the Metcalf family fire.

She later catches Lewis at Terry McGregor's (Ian Puleston-Davies) construction site and takes him to the police station under arrest. 

Unbeknownst to Jenn, Terry's son Carl (Karl Davies) was watching everything.

Meanwhile, back at the station, fingerprints found on the cigarette lighter found in a car near the scene matched those of Lewis, proving he was near when the fire broke out but he denied any involvement.

Further questioning by police leads him to admit he started the house fire after believing no one was inside as he wanted to impress his stepdad Terry, after overhearing some rivalry with Dean Metcalf (Joe Armstrong).

Carl handed himself in, telling cops that he started the second fire - which took place at Dean's yard having burned down his expensive construction machinery that Dean had hired to finish a work contract. But he claimed the action was under his father Terry's instruction.

As a result, Terry was questioned by cops and admitted he wanted to win the Frontierland bid as he knew about the dead body that would soon be exposed because his father had killed a local planning officer many years before and Terry himself had helped bury the body.

Terry ended up being charged, Carl testified against his dad while Lewis looked at a minimum of six years at a youth detention centre.

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Is there going to be a season 5 of The Bay?

Show producers have not yet confirmed if there is going to be a season 5 of The Bay, but Elóise, who plays Izzy Metcalf in season 4, is keen to see the drama continue. She told, "I don't know (if there is going to be) but I'd like there to be a season 5 of The Bay. I wouldn't be returning because I'm part of the guest family but I will definitely be watching if there is one."

Speaking about why many are obsessed with crime dramas, Elóise, said, "I don't know about you but If I ever see a police car stopping it adds a little drama to the day but you hope it's not something too bad. A drama gives you that you're allowed to be nosy because it's not real, you get this whole insight into mystery and tragedy but you can invest as much as you want to while also knowing that this situation isn't in your daily life. It's a bit of a buzz."

We will update you when there is any more news on a possible season 5.

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You can watch season 4 of The Bay on ITV and on catch up via ITVX now.

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