Where is Amy Loughren now from The Good Nurse?

The former ICU nurse has been hailed as a hero by fans of the Netflix film

Where is Amy Loughren now from The Good Nurse?
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Viewers of The Good Nurse are wondering where is Amy Loughren now, after being left both inspired and stunned by the US healthcare worker's heroic role in the arrest of serial killer Charles Cullen. 

It's the film that has been gaining major traction ever since it dropped on Netflix on October 21, as viewers scourge the Internet to find out the true story of The Good Nurse and all the details behind its terrifying plotline. Starring Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne, the true-crime film explores the case of Charles Cullen, a nurse who was convicted of murdering 29 patients over the course of 16 years. (His true victim count could be as high as 400, however.) 

As its title suggests, The Good Nurse isn’t so much about the deranged killer as it is about Amy Loughren, a colleague of Cullen who ended up playing a pivotal role in the police’s investigation of his crimes. The Irish American nurse has been widely hailed as a hero for bringing the serial murderer to justice, especially in light of the severe health issues she was facing at the time. We delve into where Amy Loughren is now in as much detail as possible - much like our where The Good Nurse is filmed piece. For a recap of the film's chilling ending, we have The Good Nurse ending explained, that also answers other burning questions. 

Where is Amy Loughren now?

Amy Loughren is now living in DeLand, Florida with her two daughters, Maya and Alex, and her beloved grandchildren. It seems that the 57-year-old has embraced a life of spirituality in the aftermath of the murder case, revealing on her official website that she is both Reiki Master and a Hypnotherapist, on top of being a registered nurse. 

She’s now on a mission to help others on their own paths to healing, offering private sessions for clients and running workshops on spiritual rediscovery. Loughren also loves to share her latest adventures on social media, with her Instagram regularly being updated with photos of her traveling, drinking wine, and spending time with her family. (There’s even a snap of her getting a tattoo in Scotland in 2019, just in case you wanted some inspiration to live your life to the fullest.) 

Loughren has been proudly vocal about a number of political issues on her social media, expressing support for the pro-choice movement and condemning US gun laws in various posts. She also describes herself as an animal lover (as evidenced by the abundance of adorable horses and dogs on her Instagram), an amateur activist, and a physics junkie. 

What heart condition did Amy Loughren have? 

As depicted in The Good Nurse, Loughren was battling serious health issues while she was cooperating with the police's investigation into Cullen. The single mom had cardiomyopathy, a disease that makes it harder for the heart to pump blood around the body. 

Multiple scenes in The Good Nurse show Loughren, played by Jessica Chastain, struggling to breathe due to her debilitating condition - and her physically exhausting job on the ICU ward didn't help matters. She was unable to quit, however, because her employment was the only way she could receive the health insurance she needed for life-saving surgery. 

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Did Amy Loughren get a heart transplant? 

Yes, Amy Loughren did receive surgery for cardiomyopathy, but it is unknown whether or not she had a 'heart transplant'. As reported by the BBC, the operation took place 18 years ago and was 'experimental.' 

While details of Loughren's surgery remain unclear, the grandmother does appear to live a happy and healthy life today. 

What is Amy Loughren’s reaction to The Good Nurse?

Amy Loughren has been openly supportive of The Good Nurse, revealing that she was "in complete disbelief" when she was asked by filmmakers for her contribution to the project. She has also shared her awe of Jessica Chastain's portrayal of her, calling the Oscar-winning actor's performance "amazing." 

"I think my initial response was I'm going to go and just have a whole bottle of champagne for myself and just sit in this for a minute," she told Newsweek. "That was amazing, and of course, she definitely did her role with such heart and I'm honored, absolutely honored."

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As for her decision to assist The Good Nurse in recreating her story, Loughren revealed that she was reassured by director Tobias Lindholm's refusal to 'sensationalise' the case. 

"He said he wanted to make a movie about hope, and about friendship, and to truly give those ordinary moments a spotlight, to show people that they can be a hero," she recalls. 

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