Love is Blind season 3 cast: The 2022 couples and where they are now

We revisit the contestants who entered the pods

The Love is Blind season 3 cast at the series reunion
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The unorthodox dating show has proved to be a hit for reality TV fans. So much so, that many are still wondering about the Love is Blind season three cast and where they are now.

The third season of Love is Blind aired in 2022 and saw 30 new Dallas-based singles enter the infamous pods in the hope of finding love. If you know anything about who's still together from season one and which couples lasted after season two, then you probably also know that the odds are... not great.

But while the show's romantic success rate may not be the best, it's been one of Netflix's most popular series. So it's no surprise that everyone wants to know more about the Love is Blind season three cast and catch up on what they're up to now.

Love is Blind season 3 couples

1. Alexa and Brennon

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27-year-old insurance agency owner Alfia and 32-year-old water treatment engineer Brennon were the first couple of Love is Blind season 3 to get engaged. After leaving the pods, they spent some time together in Malibu as fiancees, and things seemed to go well for the pair.

Fans will be pleased to know they made it all the way to the altar, and in January 2024 they announced that they're expecting their first baby! In an interview with People, the couple opened up about their fertility journey, with Alexa saying, "I was really nervous that maybe we’re never going to be able to have kids."

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2. Matt and Colleen

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Matt, a 28-year-old private charter sales executive, and Colleen, a 26-year-old ballet dancer and digital PR strategist, also made a connection during their time in the pods. 

However, Matt didn't appear to be Colleen's first choice. She initially seemed to be building a connection with Brennon - before he decided to pursue a relationship with Alexa - and also Cole, who called things off with Colleen over concerns about how "deep" their relationship would be emotionally.

With that being said, Matt and Colleen couldn't seem to take their hands off each other during their time in Malibu, and though they didn't have the smoothest ride, they're still together and revealed they have officially moved in together in June 2023.

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3. Nancy and Bartise

Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden

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Both Nancy, a 32-year-old real estate investor, and Bartise, a 27-year-old senior analyst, dated other cast members in the pods before getting engaged. Bartise seemed to get on well with Pilates instructor Raven, while Nancy hit it off Andrew - who actually proposed to her, only to be turned down. The rejection led to baffling scene in which Andrew appears to use eye drops to fake tears.

Though sparks flew when they first met, later on in the series Bartise seemed to have doubts about his relationship with Nancy, later turning her down at the altar. Needless to say, the pair are no longer together. In fact, Bartise announced the birth of his son in April 2023, writing on Instagram, "Might’ve been the villain on tv, but I’m gonna be the hero for him".

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4. Zanab and Cole

Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett

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32-year-old flight attendant Zanab and 27-year-old realtor Cole bonded in the pods over their religion and their desire to have lots of children - seemingly a perfect match.

However, things didn't run quite so smoothly outside of the pods, and then there was that incident with the cuties from the reunion, in which Zanab claimed that dating Cole changed her relationship with food for the worse. At the altar, she delivered a pretty damning speech reasoning why she wouldn't be marrying Cole - leaving him very much single.

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5. SK and Raven

SK Alagbada and Raven Ross

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SK, a 34-year-old data engineer and Raven, a 29-year-old pilates instructor, got on well from the beginning, and Raven said "it’s a hard yes for me" when she was proposed to.

SK ended up saying "I don't" at the altar, though the story didn't end there. The pair have been pretty up and down in the years since their appearance on Love is Blind, breaking up, getting back together, and breaking up again. They called it quits permanently in November 2022, after SK was accused of cheating.

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The full Love is Blind season 3 cast

1. Andrew Liu

Andrew Liu

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 30 | Occupation: Director of Operations | Instagram: @a.curious.ape

"The key to my heart is constant snuggles."

2. Amanda Peterson

Amanda Peterson

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 31| Occupation: Stylist | Instagram: @a_j_peterson

"I am terrible at communicating so I need to know expectations in a relationship."

3. Ashley Randermann

Ashley Randermann

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 29 | Occupation: Chiropractor | Instagram: @dr.rander

"I have a big heart and I know I deserve the same."

4. Chelsey Jordan

Chelsey Jordan

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 27 | Occupation: Customer Success Manager | Instagram: @chelly_lately

"I believe in going after what I want in life and if that means finding love in a box then I'm willing to do it!"

5. Tony Taylor

Tony Taylor

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 34 | Occupation: Medical Device Sales Rep

"My best qualities are being open, accepting and loving."

6. Dakota Easley

Dakota Easley

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 29 | Occupation: Aerospace Engineer | Instagram: @dakotaeasley

"I'm looking for someone who doesn't take themselves to seriously."

7. Valerie Truong

Valerie Truong

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 35 | Occupation: Dermatologist | Instagram: @valerietruong

"My biggest pet peeve is lack of accountability."

8. DaVonté Black

Davonte Black

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 29 | Occupation: Fitness Development Coach | Instagram: @black_sparrow23

"If I have a specific type it's women I can identify as bold, strong, independent, fitness-loving, and intellectual."

9. Anthony LaScalea

Anthony LaScalea

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 33 | Occupation: Attorney | Instagram: @lascalea

"My usual type is easy to get along with, the life of the party, down-to-do-anything personality."

10. Kalekia Adams

Kalekia Addams

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 31 | Occupation: ICU Nurse Practitioner | Instagram: @kaleek1908

"I might still be single because I invest in guys who are undeserving and overlook red flags."

11. Dale Dalida

Dale Dalida

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 32 | Occupation: Cybersecurity Student | Instagram: @i_am_dale89

"The hallmark of a good relationship is 3am conversations."

12. Kim Clarke

Kim Clarke

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 30 | Occupation: Teacher/Coach | Instagram: @thekimepidemic2

"I believe I can build a lasting love, rather than another superficial relationship."

13. Jess Gumbert

Jess Gumbert

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 30 | Occupation: Senior Event Producer | Instagram: @random_life_of_jess

"If someone doesn't know what they want or doesn't voice their intentions, it drives me crazy."

14. Julian Torres

Julian Torres

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 34 | Occupation: Managing Director of Operations | Instagram: @jjt103

"I love women with a magnetic personality, not because they seek attention, but rather because they're naturally charming and nice."

15. Charita Scott

Charita Scott

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 35 | Occupation: Make-up Artist | Instagram: @thecharnicole

"I have been attracting men who are emotionally unavailable."

16. Zach Gordon

Zach Gordon

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 29 | Occupation: Med School/Interior Quality Control Manager | Instagram: @iamzachgordon

"The key to my heart is genuine commitment, and my stomach. I love food."

17. Simmer Bajwa

Simmer Bajwa

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 27 | Occupation: Director of Marketing Technology | Instagram: @simmer_down_bajwa

"I'm still single because I haven't put myself out there enough."

18. Loren Langeneck

Loren Langeneck

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 36 | Occupation: Medical Device Rep | Instagram: @lorenlangenbeck

"The key to my heart is adventure... and pancakes."

19. Brannigan Maxwell

Brannigan Maxwell

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 35 | Occupation: Critical Care Nurse | Instagram: @branni_boom1913

"I know my worth and what I deserve. I will not and shouldn't settle for less."

20. Nash Buehler

Nash Buehler

(Image credit: Netflix)

Age: 34 | Occupation: Realtor | Instagram: @buehlern

"The key to my heart is warm apple pie."

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