Love is Blind season 1: Who is still together and where are they now?

Your 2022 update on the season 1 stars

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As the third series drops on Netflix, we take a trip down memory lane and share where the Love is Blind season 1 couples are now - giving the downlow on whether Lauren and Cameron are still together and more.

It's the dating show with a difference which sees hopeful romantics sign themselves up on a journey to find love - all without initially seeing their match in person. The season 4 cast are currently being put through their paces, but it was the original series that dropped back in February 2020 which immediately found a fan following. Two years on, we've done some investigating to unearth where they are now and their current relationship status.

It's safe to say that the original LIB cast and their unions faired much better than the Love is Blind season 2 couples, with many of their marriages not going the distance. Though there was some hope in the recent After the Altar episodes which revealed new couple Deepti and Kyle together following a switch up in partners, while the season 3 reunion saw couples Alexa and Brennon and Colleen and Matt still going strong.

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Love is Blind season 1: Who is still together and where are they now?

Are Lauren and Cameron still together?

Love is Blind season 1 couple Cameron and Lauren

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Yes, fans can breathe a sigh of relief as season 1's golden couple Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are still very much together. The two regularly post loved-up snaps on each other's Instagrams. And they even have their own Youtube channel Hanging With The Hamiltons where fans can check in on their life and love.

Lauren confessed to Entertainment Tonight in February of this year that the two are working towards expanding their current family. "We’re actively trying. So it’s a whole lot of practicing right now," she joked. "But we’re enjoying the practicing."

The two had a relatively smooth journey together on season 1 of Love is Blind, with their connection going from strength to strength after leaving the pods behind. And both Cameron and Lauren confirmed that their bond remains as tight as ever - if not better.

"There's just so much more that we've built together now," Cameron said, with Lauren adding: "I didn't think I could possibly love you more, but it's definitely grown."

Are Amber and Barnet still together?

Love is Blind season 1 couple Amber and Barnet

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Yes Amber Pike and Mike Barnett are still together in 2022 and remain the second success story of Love is Blind season 1. We're happy to report that the two are still going strong and set to celebrate their third wedding anniversary together in November 2022.

The two are openly affectionate towards each other on Instagram and both have kept fans updated with their relationship since the show. 

"Not just a good vibe, the best vibes. When it comes to relationships, you can check all the boxes you want but nothing tops finding someone you have chemistry with and that matches your energy," wrote Amber in one Instagram post. "Remember when you’re looking for your other half and checking off boxes to keep your eye open for those intangible and undefinable qualities that will keep the magic in your life."

In a 2021 interview with The Things, Barnett admitted that the two were "not trying" for kids, with travel seeming to be the pair's priority post-pandemic. He mentioned a holiday to Greece and a road trip around the US in particular. "She's [Amber] got family in Colorado, her uncle's in Colorado".

Are Giannina and Damian still together?

Love is Blind season 1 couple Damian and Giovanna

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During the nuptials, Damian Powers said "no" to Giannina Gibelli at the altar and it seemed things were over for good. However, the two did briefly reconcile in March 2020 - only to call it quits again in August 2021.

Further drama between the two played out in Love is Blind: After the Altar when Damien attended the reunion with Too Hot To Handle star Francesca Farago. A visibly upset Giannina was hurt by the presence of Damian's lady friend at the party - having thought that their was still unfinished business between her and her Damien.

However as of January 2022, US Magazine reported that Giannina has moved on with The Bachelor star Blake Horstmann. And things seem to be going well for Giannina and Blake - who met as co-stars on reality show All Star Shore

"He's just such a genuine person, and he's just a delight to be around that I genuinely wanted to get to know him and to be around his energy, and he felt very comfortable," she told People in June 2022. "Within the first couple of hours of meeting him, we were already next to each other, like Velcro. We were like sticky tape, all the time."

Damien has remained rather tight lipped about his current relationship status. A quick scan of his Instagram page suggests that he and Francesca are no longer 'together' (whatever that meant in the first place). It appears the bachelor is enjoying the single life of late - having shared a few posts posing alongside one or two attractive ladies in recent months.

Are Kelly and Kenny still together?

Love is Blind season 1 couple Kenny and Kelly

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It all seemed to be going swimmingly for the two on the show. And then disaster struck. Kelly Chase stunned viewers when she rejected Kenny Barnes on the big day - and the two haven't been together since.

Kelly later confirmed the after-events to People, in which she accused Kenny of ghosting her after the show. "I thought that we were going to continue dating because that was communicated between us. nd then it was our last filming day, and he had a conversation with me like, 'Hey, I think I am not emotionally available right now. I need to take some time apart from you.' 

"I felt very rejected, like, 'That wasn't the plan. What the heck?," she explained. Kelly also shared that she sent Kenny a heartfelt letter after not hearing from him for some time - but this too received no response.

In fact, it seems that Kenny was busy moving on with his future and has since had a more successful second trip down the aisle with new wife Alexandra. Recent Instagram posts show him and his other half enjoying their honeymoon in Capri, Italy.

As for Kelly, she's bossing her career goals and is now an entrepreuner and podcast host. She also seems to have made peace with the past and recently made a joke about her and Kenny's relationship on the show - calling them the 'least dramatic' reality show couple.

Are Jessica and Mark still together?

a collage showing Jessica and Mark from Love is Blind season 1

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The original Shaina and Kyle? These two had a disastrous run on Love is Blind season 1 - with Jessica pretty much still pining after Barnett and deeming Mark too young for her. So it's no surprise that Jessica and Mark are no longer together.

Luckily they've both since found love elsewhere. Jessica Batten is now married to doctor Ben McGrath, with the two sharing moments from their big day in an exclusive shoot with Brides magazine. "Going to be reliving this day for awhile," she said of her nuptials.

Meanwhile Mark Cuevas has firmly put his Love is Blind season 1 story behind him. He's now a dad-of-two to boys Ace and Axton, who he shares with new wife Aubrey Rainey. The two tied the knot in a romantic cermeony this September.

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