Where is Brassic filmed? All you need to know about Michelle Keegan's comedy drama

Brassic fans are wondering where Michelle Keegan's comedy drama is filmed.

Michelle Keegan on set of Brassic Series 4
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Brassic Season 4 (opens in new tab) has got fans asking where is Brassic filmed as Michelle Keegan (opens in new tab) reprises her role as Erin Croft in the comedy drama series.

In the first episode of Season 4 the gang is back and ready to hit the road for Ringo and Babs' Welsh wedding, while Vinnie gets wind of Erin's hiding place and uses the road trip as an excuse to get her back.

As fans tune in to see eight new instalments many are wondering where the show is filmed as it sees the cast embark on new adventures including a camping trip, a lavish party and a murder mystery evening at a stately home.

We look at all you need to know about the new series...

Where is Brassic filmed?

Brassic is filmed around Manchester and Lancashire for all four seasons. The Lancashire town of Bacup becomes Hawley in the fictional show. The town is close to the border with West Yorkshire and has a population of around 14,000.

Location manager for the show Jonathan Davies previously told I Love Manchester (opens in new tab): "We were given the scripts and a few of us had a meeting with Joe to talk through the feel and look of the show and to talk about which direction to go in."

Speaking about the fictional town of Hawley, he explained, "There’s this whole idea of it being a forgotten town and forgotten people in a way, a former mill town feel where at one point there would’ve been quite a lot of prosperous businesses and everyone would’ve been in full employment."

The pub scenes are filmed at The Star and Garter, a pub near Piccadilly Station in Manchester, scenes filmed at Bromley Cross and Le Mans Crescent in Bolton, and the doctor's surgery scenes were reportedly filmed at Salford University's Frederick Road Campus.

Location manager Danny Newton told BT.com, "We shoot all the interiors at the Star and Garter, and as it’s a gig venue these days we are able to talk to the owner and schedule filming around that. Obviously it was a little easier during lockdown as there were no gigs taking place."

Meanwhile, in Bacup, Union Street, the area near the former police station and locations near Broadclough Mill and Market Street have been used as filming locations. 

Further afield, locations used include Accrington, Tockholes, West Yorkshire, Cheshire and Ashton-under-Lyne, while in season three scenes set at sea were shot off the coast of Llandudno in Wales.

Brassic Season 4

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What accent is Brassic?

The Brassic cast use the Chorley accent which is notably described as being "non-stop without being overbearing". Joe Gilgun, co-creator and star, plays Vinnie O'Neill in Brassic has a Chorley accent which is strong and his sentences are strewn with swearing, just like his This Is England character Woody. 

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Is Brassic based on a true story?

Brassic is not based on a true story but it is inspired by its writer Joe Gilgun's experience of growing up in Chorley. 

In a previous interview he talked about why he isn't tempted to catch up with his old mates to generate new show material.

He admitted, "To be honest, the nature of the friendships I had, a lot of them are in the nick. Or they’re dead because of violence or drug overdoses and things like that. That’s the nature of that life – it can be painful and bloody short-lived. It’s traumatising being in that amount of poverty.”

Brassic airs Wednesdays at 10pm on Sky Max and stream every episode on NOW TV.

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