Selling the OC: Where is Polly Brindle from and who is her ex-husband?

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As the only English cast-member of Selling the OC, many are wanting to know where Polly Brindle is from, plus further details of her colourful life.

Catfights, catamarans and luxury beachfront condos - is it any surprise that Selling the OC has gone down so well with viewers? Set against the sunshine and splendor of Orange County, the show features a host of shiny new cast members that people are eager for information on - be that Brittany Snow's husband Tyler Stanaland or single mum Alex Hall. And here we delve into the luxe life of Polly Brindle - who's accent has had many an American co-star confused at times.

The show is a successful spin-off of the original Selling Sunset series which has given us a host of gripping storylines like Jason and Chrishell's relationship to news that Brett Oppenheim is leaving the Selling Sunset brokerage.

 Where is Polly Brindle from?

Polly Brindle was born and raised in the market town of Barnoldswick in Lancashire, which is situated in the north of England. In response to a fan on Instagram asking about her upbringing, Polly replied that she was raised "near Skipton".

Describing her former hometown in an interview with Daily Mail, Polly said: "It’s way up north, very picturesque and has a very small-town mentality where everyone knows everyone else. It’s a very down-to-earth place."

Polly spent her childhood growing up in Barnoldswick in a four-bedroom semi-detached house with her two siblings - older sister Ellen and younger brother Harvey, plus parents Geoff and Clare. Her artitect father and taxidermist mother later divorced when Polly turned 12. The Selling the OC cast member recently shared a picture of their long-awaited 3-year family reunion on Instagram in June 2022.

Polly attended school in Lancashire until she was 16 - having been spotted by a modelling scout a year prior. Aged 16, she left home to embark on her modelling career working for big name brands like Dior, Aston Martin and Lancôme - living and working in Paris, Milan and Barcelona respectively.

Polly Brindle accent

As a Lancashire native, Polly Brindle has a Northern accent. And anyone watching along will know that some of her American co-stars have struggled to understand her at times. 

In an early episode of Selling the OC, bosses Brett and Jason Oppenheim told Polly that they could “barely understand” her. Whilst co-realtor Alex Hall said that Alexandra Jarvis's weird looks at Polly could be "because she doesn’t know what you’re saying". An exasperated Polly replied: "I literally speak English!"

Polly opened up on her accent and colleagues in a recent interview. "They misunderstand me so often, they made a point of putting it on the show,’ she told the Daily Mail, adding that fellow agent Lauren Brito "acts as a speed translator" for the rest of the group.

 When did Polly Brindle move to the US?

Polly Brindle moved to Los Angeles, California in 2011, when she was 25-years-old. The year prior, she had wed her then-husband and the two decided to leave London and relocate to the Golden State "to have beach babies and live the American Dream".

In addition to modelling, Polly tried her hands at a few different roles whilst finding her feet in LA. She worked as a waitress at West Hollywood’s Sunset Tower Hotel for a while. Whilst her official Oppenheim Group profile states additional "positions as Senior Business Manager for a Luxe Apparel brand & Management at a Boutique Architecture firm". It was the latter two that "solidified her passion for client-facing negotiations in the luxury market" and led to her current career in Real Estate. 

In 2020, she moved to Orange County and studied for her realtor's licence during the pandemic. Shortly after she came across the then-under construction Oppenheim Group's office in Newport Beach - and the rest is history.

Polly has lived stateside for the past decade or so, but it wasn't until March 2022 that she became an official US citizen. Sharing a celebratory post on Instagram, she wrote: SO excited to finally be able to call the country I have lived in for over a decade, home. The security of knowing that the place I have my house, my dog, my friends and my career is officially official means more to me than most of you will know, I’m so grateful to be able to have this piece of paper to solidify my place in this amazing country and am acutely aware so many immigrants could only dream of this privilege."

Polly currently lives with her rescue dog Moose in OC and spends her downtime doing Pilates and making the most of the laid-back lifestyle associated with the Southern California Coast.

 Who is Polly Brindle’s ex-husband?

Polly Brindle has not publicly confirmed her ex-husband's identity. However it is believed to be Stephen Wolf. This is based on an Instagram post dated January 2017, where the realtor wished a happy birthday to "the hottest husband I have ever had @stephenwolf"

The Daily Mail - who also don't name Polly's ex-husband - describe him as a model and poker player, who is eight years older than Polly. The two wed when Polly was 24.

Polly has opened up on the end of their marriage on Selling the OC. At a group dinner, she shared: "All of my twenties, I was married. Like, I was playing the wifey, doing that thing."

She went on to explain the "plane crash ending" that followed: "We took vows, and I took those vows very seriously. I got married for the rest of my life, and he was unfaithful. I saw pictures on his phone of him with two women. They were prostitutes."

In a media interview, Polly explained "Until that time I never suspected anything and I’d never snooped on him. But he came home from a trip that time and certain things just weren’t adding up. I asked to see his phone and he’d deleted everything, but my brother is a computer genius and he’d given me software that could retrieve deleted information."

She added: "Two days later he was back in England and I literally never saw him again."

Polly Brindle: Net Worth

Polly Brindle hasn't publicly shared her net worth, but several reports estimate it to be around £1.7 million (or $2 million). Her modelling career and venture into the realty business are thought to have contributed to this fortune.

Sure enough in Selling the OC we see Polly close a deal on a $2.7 million property in the exclusive Balboa Island in Orange County. Commission from the three-bedroom fixer-upper worked out at around $81,000. 

"That was pretty mind-blowing," she told the Daily Mail. "That house would have gone for about 25 grand back home."

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