Gluten-free meal planner

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  • Finding varied dinners you can make on a gluten-free diet can be challenging but there are plenty of options that the whole family will enjoy. We’ve put together a whole month worth of gluten-free meals for you to get plenty of ideas.

    Gluten is a protein found in some grains and all forms of wheat. Some people cut out gluten as part of a diet regime while others are intolerant to gluten or suffer from Coeliac disease. Whatever your reason for cutting out gluten, our easy recipes will make your meals times a whole lot tastier.

    If you are intolerant to gluten it is still worth checking certain products before eating as some unlikely ingredients, such as some brands of soy sauce, can have traces of gluten.

    One of the biggest obstacles with gluten-free meals is the side, if any of these dishes don’t look filling enough you can add a gluten-free side (potatoes, rice, salad and vegetables).

    All these meals feed four people so if you’re cooking for less or more people, you’ll need to adjust the ingredients. You can switch around the weeks, have meals on different days of the week – the choice is yours. Don’t fancy one of the dishes? Take a look through our gluten-free recipes to find an alternative dish.

    You can even download printable versions of the meal planners to attach to your fridge so the whole family knows what’s on the menu.

    Fancy something sweet for afters? Try our delicious gluten-free cakes and bakes