Our best homemade salad dressings

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  • Knowing how to make homemade salad dressing is one of the easiest cooking skills to learn. Here are our 17 best homemade salad dressing recipes. Click through to find your favourite.

    If you’ve never made a salad dressing from scratch before, now is the perfect time to learn. We’ve rounded up some classic dressings for you to make and with just a few simple ingredients for each, you can transform your meal in minutes.

    Once you know which combinations work, you’ll be able to whip up a tasty salad in no time. We’ve included classics such as honey and mustard and Caesar and other dressings with a twist such as garlic and chilli and a homemade pesto – there’s something for everyone.

    A salad for lunch, as the side for dinner or on the spread at a party or buffet needs to be as tasty as possible and it’s simple to do that with a little homemade dressing – which is so much more flavoursome and healthier too, than shop-bought dressings – not to mention cheaper!

    Try these delicious recipes on anything from traditional lettuce leaves to cooked meat and fish. It doesn’t matter what you’re dressing, we can guarentee they’ll be tastier with one of these gorgeous recipes.

    Salads don’t have to be boring! Here are our best homemade salad dressing recipes…

    Easy salad dressings

    1. Caesar salad dressing

    Caesar salad

    Caesar salad has got to be one of the most popular salad choices but have you ever tried making the dressing yourself? Rich and creamy, the combination of Parmesan, mustard and lemon juice can be used on other salads as well as the traditional Caesar combination.

    Get the recipe: Caesar salad


    2. Classic vinaigrette

    Classic vinaigrette

    Light and tangy, this classic salad dressing has just 4 ingredients. Make a big bottle and store in the cupboards to jazz up your salads.

    Get the recipe: Classic vinaigrette


    3. Mixed bean salad with mustard dressing

    Honey and mustard dressing is a lovely combination of sweet and spicy. Combine the two with a little lemon juice and some olive oil – it’s that simple! This dressing can also be used as a marinade for meats.

    Get the recipe: Mixed bean salad with mustard dressing


    4. Lemon salad dressing

    A summer favourite, sometimes a little lemon dressing is all you need to bring out the flavours of your ingredients – it is particularly nice with seafood such as prawns. This dressing adds a few ingredients to lemon juice to bring out the sharp flavours.

    Get the recipe: Prawn salad with lemon dressing


    5. Chilli and garlic salad dressing

    Olive oil, chilli and garlic – sometimes the simplest of ingredients are enough. Adding powerful flavours to an olive oil base transforms them into a salad dressing.

    Get the recipe: Pasta salad with garlic and chilli dressing


    6. Potato salad dressing

    Classic potato salad

    Classic potato salad is made with a mayonnaise-based dressing but this lighter dish combines cider vinegar, mustard and some chives to bring plenty of flavour to your spuds.

    Get the recipe: Potato salad


    7. Sour cream and chive salad dressing

    Cauliflower and radish salad

    A creamy salad dressing is an easy way to combine all your ingredients together. Sour cream mixed with some fresh chives is a classic!

    Get the recipe: Cauliflower and radish salad


    8. Oriental salad dressing

    Oriental cooking is full of powerful flavours so this dressing with transform your salad. The mix of soy sauce, lime juice and sesame oil will work with most ingredients.

    Get the recipe: Oriental duck salad


    9. Pesto salad dressing

    Pesto asparagus and potato salad

    If you make your pesto from scratch you can give it a runnier consistency so it works more as a salad dressing. Pesto dressing is good for heartier salads that include pasta or potatoes.

    Get the recipe: Pesto, asparagus and potato salad


    10. Creamy Greek yogurt salad dressing

    Greek salads are normally dressed with a simple combination of balsamic vinegar and olive oil but this ones adds a nice creamy dimension. Greek yogurt, fresh mint and Feta with a little lemon juice brings all the classic Mediterranean flavours to your salad.

    Get the recipe: Warm chicken tzatziki salad


    11. Green goddess salad dressing

    You might be surpirsed that the base for this green goddess salad dressing is avocado, which makes a really flavoursome, creamy and delicious dressing, easy to make and ready in minutes!

    Get the recipe: Green goddess salad dressing


    12. Salmon with fennel & green beans salad and anchovy dressing

    This savoury anchovy dressing is a rich and flavourful edition to your salad. Quick and easy to make, drizzle the dressing over the salmon salad for a delicious delicate fish dish.

    Get the recipe: Salmon with fennel & green beans salad and anchovy dressing


    13. Rocket salad with balsamic dressing

    Once you’ve mastered this easy homemade balsamic dressing, you’ll want to make this sauce time and time again for other salads.

    Get the recipe: Rocket salad with balsamic dressing


    14. Tahini salad dressing

    grilled cabbage

    This nutty tahini dressing is an easy, versatile salad dressing which when paired with the sweet pomegranate seeds in this dish give it a Mediterranean feel and extra depth of flavour.

    Get the recipe: Grilled cabbage with tahini dressing


    15. Trout salad with a creamy tomato dressing

    This simple trout salad with a creamy tomato dressing is a light and healthy lunch. The delicious, sweet dressing can be used for other salads as well, as it really compliments the fish.

    Get the recipe: Trout salad with a creamy tomato dressing


    16. Slimming World’s Chilli and lemon thyme dressing

    This lovely Slimming World courgette, red pepper and feta salad is packed with Mediterranean flavours and smothered in a tasty chilli and lemon thyme dressing. Taking only 45 minutes to prepare and cook, this light and delicious recipe is filling and bursting with flavour.

    Get the recipe: Slimming World courgette, red pepper and feta salad


    17. Smoked salmon salad with dijon honey dressing

    A wonderful summer salad with a rich, tangy mustard dressing. Taking only 10 minutes to make, this recipe makes for the perfect lunch or light dinner.

    Get the recipe: Smoked salmon salad with dijon honey dressing