12 New Years resolutions for food that are actually fun to keep!

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  • 2020 is the year for being creative with food!!

    Every year we make New Years resolutions and more often than not, they’re about food. This year, we decided not to focus on the negatives but to think of the fun, positive new years resolutions you can make about what you eat and how you cook.

    Here are 12 fun new years resolutions based around food that will help you fall in love with food all over again…

    Our first resolution is to learn how to bake

    We think the key to really loving cooking is learning how to bake. The joy of seeing your creations come out of the oven and the pride of showing them off is something everyone could get used to.

    Baking is a science so it encourages you to really understand your food which you can then apply to other areas of cooking. And above all, baking is really cheap!

    Once you’ve got all the basic ingredients and equipment in your cupboards, you can make cakes for as little as £1!

    How to achieve this resolution:

    Start simple. If you’ve never baked before, perfect a basic sponge with our Victoria sponge recipe. Once you’ve mastered that, add flavours and icings then progress onto one of our other cake recipes – the the baking world’s your oyster!

    More food resolutions:

    From incorporating meat-free Mondays into your food calendar, to getting the whole family involved by teaching your kids how to cook simple meals too, we have a plethora of ways that will help you up your cooking game in 2020 and will also dramatically change your relationship with food for the better.

    Well, what are you waiting for?! Scroll throw our 11 different new years resolutions for food that will give you an abundance of ideas as to how you can kick off your 2019 the right way.

    We guarantee these will leave you feeling healthy, happy and full of energy in no time.