Kate Middleton and Prince William set to ‘split’ from Prince Charles and Camilla for this reason

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  • Kate Middleton and Prince William are set to 'split' from Prince Charles and Camilla for an interesting reason noted by royal experts.

    Kate Middleton and Prince William are taking steps to ‘split’ from Prince Charles and Camilla, royal commentators believe.

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have already shown signs that they are preparing for Prince Charles to soon become king, but it’s understood that William and Kate are establishing their own “star power within the monarchy”, according to royal experts who claim their YouTube channel is helping to boost their social media presence.

    And the move has been compared to Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s own online action by Royally Obsessed podcast hosts Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito.

    Ms Bowie told listeners, “I definitely don’t feel that there’s as much of a push behind Charles and Camilla’s social media presence. I know they’re launching different initiatives like Camilla’s book club and things like that. But I definitely like Kate and William are splitting off as their own sort of star power within the monarchy. That’s interesting to me.”

    Prince William and Kate Middleton on Zoom call

    Ms Fiorito agreed and added, “It feels like it’s their top priority right now. They really want to own that space. And own the void that Harry and Meghan left behind by not being on social media. I think they’ve done an incredible job with it.”

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently changed their Instagram handle to incorporate their official title and boast a 12.8m following. Their Twitter has a following of 2.2m but their recently launched YouTube channel already has 552k subscribers.

    And it has been announced that their back garden is being transformed into an outdoor luna cinema this summer.

    In comparison, Prince Charles and Camilla have an Instagram following of 1.4m on their Clarence House account and 111k followers on the Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room. Whereas Twitter has one million followers.

    Meanwhile, Prince Charles has used video messages to put across his emotions to the public, just last week he revealed his heartache over the empty seat at the dinner table following his father Prince Philip’s death last month.

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