Who is Joe Wicks AKA The Body coach? Is Joe Wicks married and how did he become so successful?

He's now being called 'the nation's P.E teacher'
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  • Joe Wicks, AKA The Body Coach is a mega-successful fitness trainer with a collection of best-selling 'Lean in 15' cookbooks and millions of social media followers. But where did it all begin?

    Joe Wicks started his empire handing out fitness class flyers outside of Richmond train station, now he’s a multi-millionaire with a glamorous model wife and a gorgeous family. The fitness-focused dad saw his popularity boom during the coronavirus pandemic thanks to his online lockdown workouts for kids as he took on the mantel of being the ‘UK’s PE teacher’ while schools were shut.

    Since starting out, Joe has been on a mission to save people from the fad diet industry, offering knowledge and advice on how to get fit without going hungry. He’s also dabbled in the world or parenting publishing with a new book, Wean in 15, helping parents through the tricky process of weaning after his own experiences with his kids.

    Who is Joe Wicks?

    Joe Wicks is a personal trainer and nutrition enthusiast, turned body coach and soon-to-be television personality. His debut Lean in 15 cookbook famously outsold Delia Smith’s, which was out in the same week.

    Joe wicks with lean in 15

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    Through his bespoke fitness plan – the 90 Day SSS Plan– Joe Wicks has helped motivate thousands of people to change their bodies.

    As Joe describes it: ‘This is not a traditional, low calorie, deprivation diet. It’s an education in fat loss, nutrition and macronutrients, where you eat more food than you ever thought possible and spend less time in the gym.’

    Then, during the pandemic, Joe starting sharing live workouts for children on his Youtube channel to keep everyone moving while staying at home. The UK has now seen multiple lockdowns, and Joe has created a free, easily accessible workout series called PE with Joe which was well received across the nation. Recently, he confirmed it was coming back for 2021 in an exciting new Instagram post.

    Launching the series originally on his blog, he said, ‘With the schools closed and with us all spending more time at home, it’s more important than ever that we keep moving and stay healthy and positive.

    ‘Exercise is an amazing tool to help us feel happier, more energised, and more optimistic.’

    With his first video reaching almost one million people, Joe Wicks has now entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest number of people streaming a workout live from YouTube. He said about the award, “I had no idea that when I went live on my YouTube workout on March 24, that we were actually setting a world record.”

    But as much as Joe Wicks might be ‘the nation’s P.E teacher’, he’s also a husband and adoring dad. This is a fact that we were hilariously reminded of as his two year old daughter entered one of the live videos.

    How did he become successful?

    After graduating from university with a degree in Sports Science, Joe Wicks’ parents lent him £2,000 to set up his own business as a personal trainer. He began by handing out flyers outside Richmond Tube Station in South-West London, encouraging people to come to his boxing fitness bootcamps. He was one of the first people to get on board with high intensity interval training workouts.

    In 2014, while running his business in Richmond as a personal trainer and online Nutritional Coach, Joe started posting short 15-second clips of recipe videos on social media. It quickly gained him national attention as his follower account started to climb and more people became interested in his workout classes.

    Speaking to The Mirror in 2018, Joe said, “I remember I was really upset because I didn’t have any clients and I thought I’d never be able to pay my parents back. But I loved personal training, I instantly thought, ‘This is what I’m supposed to be doing,’ and it all accelerated from there.”

    How successful is Joe Wicks?

    After six years of hard work, Joe is one of the biggest names in the fitness industry. He has 3.3m followers on Instagram, where he still shares healthy recipes and workout tips as well as pictures of his family. He’s also amassed 1.8m subscribers on YouTube with demonstrations of fat burning workouts that can be done anywhere. Alongside this, Joe also presents his own show on Channel 4 called The Body Coach.

    In late 2019 it was revealed that singer Adele is also a big fan of Joe’s workouts. According to the Sun, Adele’s weight loss last year was thanks to the personal trainer’s HIIT videos. A source told the paper that the singer is “not the sort to exercise in front of others, so she follows regimes and plans at home, using their videos and tutorials.”

    The Body Coach is worth an estimated £14.5m, accumulated from this numerous book and television deals, as well as through his 90 Day SSS Plan.

    Joe’s books include those in the “Lean in 15” collection – Shift, Shape and Sustain – which follow the same nutrition principles of his fitness plan. His other books, like “Joe’s 30 minute meals” are collections of quick and easy recipes that prove you don’t need loads of time to cook healthy and nutritious food.

    Check out these Joe Wicks recipes:

    They all sound delicious!

    Is Joe Wicks married and who is his wife?

    Joe Wicks started his family after marrying his wife, ex-model Rosie Jones in beautiful woodland ceremony in 2018, after announcing their engagement in November the previous year.

    In May this year, Joe spoke about his life with wife Rosie and kids on the Made by Mammas podcast. He told hosts Georgia and Zoe, “She [Rosie] really is amazing. She’s so patient and I really admire that because I sometimes lose my patience and I get a bit intolerant but she’s so calm and that for me is a really inspiring […] trait for me to become a better Dad.”

    Speaking about how the couple are managing life during the lockdown he said, “We split the routine. I do a lot of the cooking so I come down and do breakfast, maybe do a video for Instagram and Rosie might do more of the laundry and more of the upkeep of the house, but it’s teamwork isn’t it?

    “It [being at home more] has definitely made me appreciate everything she [Rosie] does really and I’m really grateful for that.”

    Since finding new fame on YouTube, Joe has also opened up more about other members of his family. Speaking on the Under the Skin podcast, Joe spoke about how his father’s drug addiction shaped his life. In conversation with host Russell Brand, Joe said, “Before you turn to binge eating, addiction, drugs or anti-depressants, try exercise. It’s hard, my dad says the last thing he wants to do when he’s going through his low points is exercise. But I say, ‘Dad, you know how it makes you feel – you always feel better’.”

    Does he have children?

    Joe Wicks and Rosie have a family with two children together, Indie and Marley. It was toddler Indie who got involved in the live video from the family’s living room on Thursday this week. About 28 minutes into the session (watch it below), viewers were greeted by the adorable two-year old running into the shot to hug her Dad.

    Clearly determined to join in, Joe asked his daughter, “Shall we show everyone how to do a squat quickly?” and the two held hands as they demonstrated the move.

    Hearts? Melted.

    Where does Joe Wicks live and what is his new house like?

    In August 2020, Joe Wicks and his family moved to a new home in Richmond, London. The Body Coach has given fans a sneak peak of some of the lovely areas in his new family home via his social media. His Instagram photos of his home include a lovely framed photograph of an Italian landscape, which sits above a large oak sideboard containing plenty of books.

    He also has a spacious garden, which he posed in as he celebrated his 35th birthday in September. As he held his children and posed with balloons, fans could see lots of foliage, flowers and a beautiful lawn that we’re sure the kids love playing on!


    Where can I get Joe Wicks recipes and watch his workouts?

    We have plenty of excellent Joe Wicks’ recipes to try out for yourself at home.

    To get involved in a great range of Joe Wicks workouts with your family, you can head over to his YouTube account where there’s a selection of exercises you can do anywhere from home to outside.

    For Joe’s daily kids’ P.E lessons, find out everything you need to know here.

    You won’t need any equipment to take part in the workout, just some space to stretch out and a positive mindset!

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