When does Casa Amor start in Love Island and how many nights are at the rival villa?

It's almost Casa Amor time!

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We're almost halfway through this season of Love Island, and it's turned out to be an action packed series already. But viewers are starting to ask, when is the infamous Casa Amor happening?

Since 2017, during each Love Island series the boys and girls have been split up for a few days - with the boys heading over to a new villa Casa Amor. There the male contestants are greeted by a host of new girls, while the original girls stay at the main villa with a bunch of new boys. It's always a dramatic time - much like the Love Island final (opens in new tab) - as Islanders have the choice to either couple up with someone new, or stick with their original partner.

Following the news that Winter Love Island has been confirmed (opens in new tab) for 2023, many are ready and rearing for Casa Amor episodes featuring this year's Love Island 2022 (opens in new tab)contestants. Well, it's closer than you might think...

When does Casa Amor start in Love Island 2022?

At the end of Thursday night's episode, Love Island narrator Iain Stirling confirmed that "The wait is over. Casa Amor... is coming." A clip of the rival villa ready and waiting was shown as part of Tomorrow night's preview - meaning we can expect the boys and girls to be shipped off to Casa Amour on Friday 1 July 2022

A source has teased the upcoming Casa Amor episodes, telling The Sun: "Just when the Islanders start to get comfortable in their couples, they are going to get a real shock as they are torn apart.

"This year’s Casa Amor promises to be the most explosive yet thanks to some seriously fiery characters, who have already shown their heads can be turned."

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This year, Love Island is in a brand new villa in Majorca. However, it's unclear whether Casa Amor will be in a new villa. Casa Amor was treated to a new villa in 2021, so they may well use the same villa again this year.

What does Casa Amor mean?

In Spanish, Casa Amor means Love House. However, it often brings more drama than it does love.

Since its arrival in 2017, we've seen many heads get turned in these dramatic episodes and it's even ended relationships.

Last year, Liam Reardon and Toby Aromolaran both had their heads turned in Casa Amor.

Toby had been coupled up with Abigail, after breaking things off with Chloe, but had his head turned by Mary in the new villa.

Liam had been coupled up with Millie, and while he didn't choose to recouple with Casa Amor bombshell Lillie, his head was turned and it temporarily ended things between him and Millie, though they later ended up winning the show.

And in series 4, Josh Denzel famously betrayed Georgia Steele when he returned from Casa Amor with Kaz Crossley.

What episode does Casa Amor usually happen in?

Casa Amor usually takes place around the fourth week of the show, around the halfway point. It was introduced on day 28 in series 5, and day 29 in series 7 last year - the end of week four.

At present, Gemma and Luca, Dami and Indiyah and Jacques and Paige all have strong bonds at stake ahead of Casa Amor.

Meanwhile, Ekin-Su and Danica are struggling to find romance in the main villa, so could they find love with one of the new boys?

Host Laura Whitmore revealed in May that she struggles to remain professional in the Casa Amor episodes. She said: "I can't make eye contact during Casa Amor. Even though they all try and make eye contact with me.

"They're all trying to look at me and I'm kind of keeping my eyes down. I have to really go into professional mode and not talk any more than I'm supposed to talk. I have to be unbiased."

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How many nights is Casa Amor in Love Island?

Casa Amor usually lasts around three or four nights - long enough for heads to potentially be turned and for the infamous postcards to be sent back to the main villa.

Contestants are then asked at the end of the stint whether they want to stick with their original partner, or couple up with one of the new Islanders.

But what makes it more tense is that their partner won't know whether they've chosen to stick or split until they're reunited in the main villa.

The original contestants and the ones who have been chosen from Casa Amor to stay are then reunited and continue on in the main villa together, dealing with the aftermath of those relationships which didn't last the Casa Amor experiment.

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What happens to the singles after Casa Amor?

Any singletons not chosen by the original Islanders are immediately dumped and sent home. So the pressure is really on to turn those heads.

Former Casa Amor contestant Jamie McCann said that leaving the island after just three days was "sad."

She said: "I just think that’s the worst time to go in… especially for the girls [because] people generally don’t like you – that’s just a well-known fact – because they want everyone to stay coupled up.

“I was absolutely ill because I just was like, I will not be able to steal someone’s boyfriend."

She added that when she left after failing to couple up, the mood was an “obviously sad” one. “You want to stay and have the opportunity to meet other people,” she said.

Another previous Casa Amor contestant, Savanna Darnell, has revealed she had a tough time being one of only two girls not chosen to stay on in the main villa.

She said: "Out of the six girls, only two of us weren’t chosen. It was the most embarrassing moment in my whole entire life. I had to watch as they excitedly prepared to move across to the main villa – I just felt sick. I can’t even remember the flight back to the UK. I’ve completely blocked it out of my memory."

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