When does Casa Amor end and when is the recoupling?

Here's what's happened so far - and what could happen next...

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The Casa Amor episodes always bring the drama - just before the Love Island final.

Described as the 'ultimate test' Casa Amor sees the girls and boys on split into two separate villas and introduced to a group of new bombshells. At the end of their time away from each other, the original Islanders must choose whether to stick with the person they were coupled up with before they were separated, or 'twist' and resume their time in the original villa with one of the Casa Amor bombshells.

Every series Casa Amor brings the drama, which is why just last week viewers were desperate to know when Casa Amor would start. Now, however, viewers are keen to know when it will finish, so they can find out who stays loyal, who might leave Love Island, and if any new couples have the potential to make it all the way to when Love Island finishes.

When does Casa Amor end?

Casa Amor will end on Thursday 16 February. On Instagram and Twitter, Love Island posted a first look for that evening's episode, showing Maya Jama's arrival in the villa and a sneak peak of what will happen in the episode.

Love Island host Maya Jama arriving in South Africa this week was a tell-tale clue that Casa Amor would soon be wrapping up. After filming the show's spin off Love Island: Aftersun in London, she wrote on Instagram: "Live show last night and had a shoot this morning, now on the way to South Africa but this is everything I ever dreamed of."

She added: "Super grateful and it's more than I could imagine. Cheesy but real life.

"Thank God every day because it could have been very different and I love every single person that has supported and made all of this happen too." 

When is the Casa Amor recoupling?

The Casa Amor recoupling will also take place on Thursday 16 February, as shown by the first look clip. However, it's not clear whether the full recoupling will be aired on this evening's show, or whether the episode will end on a cliff-hanger, saving the full reveal until Friday 17.

It is this moment when the Islanders who have left the main villa return, either bringing one of the new bombshells in with her or returning alone. The Islanders don't know until then if the person they were coupled up with before has stayed loyal or not.

What has happened in Casa Amor so far?

Casa Amor has already caused drama among the Islanders, with more than a few heads turning. Those who look tempted to recouple with the bombshells include Tanya Manhenga, Olivia Hawkins, Will Young, Casey O'Gorman, Tom Clare and Kai Fagan.

Tanya, who has been coupled up with Shaq Muhammad since day one, has been getting to know Irish bombshell Martin Akinola and the pair have been sharing a bed together. In the main villa, Shaq hasn't been tempted by and of the new bombshells, and even said he'd be "heartbroken" if Tanya chose someone else.

Olivia and Kai have been coupled up for around a week now, after they both started their Love Island journey coupled up with other people. But in Casa Amor, both of them have shared kisses with new bombshells - Olivia with Maxwell Samuda and Kai with Sanam Harrinanan. 

Casey has also kissed Sanam, but more recently shared a bed with Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo. He's coupled up with Claudia Fogarty, who is yet to appear tempted by the Casa Amor bombshells.

Meanwhile, Will Young - branded by viewers as this season's 'nice guy' - horrified fans when he kissed Layla Al-Momani, despite he and Jessie being one of the most solid couples on the show. 

However, he did later admit he regretted the kiss with Layla. Jessie has so far stayed loyal to Will throughout Casa Amor.

Finally, Tom Clare and Samie Elishi - who were coupled up in the main villa - have both been getting to know other people. While Samie has confessed new bombshell Ryan Weekly has started to give her the "ick", Tom Clare has kissed Scottish bombshell Lydia Karakyriakou.

What happens after Casa Amor?

Usually, any singletons not chosen by the original Islanders are immediately dumped and sent home. So the pressure is really on to turn those heads.

Former Casa Amor contestant Jamie McCann said that leaving the island after just three days was "sad."

She said: "I just think that’s the worst time to go in… especially for the girls [because] people generally don’t like you – that’s just a well-known fact – because they want everyone to stay coupled up."

She added that when she left after failing to couple up, the mood was an "obviously sad" one. "You want to stay and have the opportunity to meet other people," she said.

Another previous Casa Amor contestant, Savanna Darnell, has revealed she had a tough time being one of only two girls not chosen to stay on in the main villa.

She said: "Out of the six girls, only two of us weren’t chosen. It was the most embarrassing moment in my whole entire life. I had to watch as they excitedly prepared to move across to the main villa – I just felt sick. I can’t even remember the flight back to the UK. I’ve completely blocked it out of my memory."

How long is Love Island?

Love Island normally lasts for around 8 weeks, and it's expected the same will be the case for this series - although ITV are yet to announce the exact date of the final.

However, it's possible that the winter series will be slightly shorter, as the previous show in 2020 lasted just 44 days, compared the the summer season's 58 days.

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