30 best Netflix kids' shows to watch right now and keep kids entertained

The best Netflix kids' shows 2021

We all love Netflix, but the annoying thing about it is actually finding something everyone wants to watch! If you're looking for the best kids' movies on Netflix, they've got plenty to choose from, but here are our favourite Netflix kids' shows to watch right now.

If thinking of things to do with the kids is driving you mad, these Netflix kids' shows will keep them busy and there's sure to be some laughs for the parents too.

From just £5.99 a month, Netflix works out a lot cheaper than other streaming services that are going up in price at the moment. Plus, if you’re not sure it’s for you, then you can even get a month’s trial for free!

There are loads of great Netflix kids' shows to watch now and with new shows for children promised as part of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Netflix deal, there's sure to be even more exciting series to come later this year, too...

Best Netflix kids' shows 2021

Trolls: The Beat Goes On


Trolls: The Beat Goes On is about Queen Poppy, Branch and all the rest of the music-loving Trolls in Troll Village. The Dreamworks animation has eight fun-filled series, and even stars Pitch Perfect actor Skylar Astin.

Peppa Pig


Peppa Pig has merchandise in everything from umbrellas to dressing gowns, and your kid can even dress up as her for World Book Day 2021. So it's extremely unlikely you'll have not heard of her, and been forced to sit through endless episodes of it. Parents are sick of the show, but our kids aren't, so, to keep them happy, it's available on Netflix.

Grizzy & the Lemmings


In this - one of our favourite Netflix kids' shows - Grizzy the bear lives in a Canadian forest and hangs out with a family of lemmings who really keep him busy. There are two series of this fun and cute cartoon.

Gabby's Dollhouse


If your children love cats, they'll love Gabby's Dollhouse - one of the cutest Netflix kids' shows! Cat enthusiast Gabby and her sidekick Pandy Paws team up to go on a series of animated adventures.

Mr Bean


Based on Rowan Atkinson's classic comedy, Mr. Bean is now animated in this cartoon series. Like the original,  he can't seem to stop making silly choices that land him in trouble, often involving his grouchy landlady and her nasty one-eyed cat.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir


In this superhero cartoon show, set in Paris, Marinette spends the day at school, and becomes Ladybug by night. But, unbeknownst to her, Marinette's school crush Adrien is actually Cat Noir, another city-saving superhero.

Talking Tom and Friends


Tom, the talking cat, and his equally chatty animal friends set out to become famous in one of our favourite Netflix kids' shows that's full of funny one-liners.

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse


Everyone's favourite doll, Barbie, has got her own TV show on Netflix. She and her friends' behind-the-scenes adventures are revealed in this animated series.

Paw Patrol


You've probably heard of Paw Patrol - and your kids have probably even been begging you to get them Paw Patrol wellies or the board game. The show sees six heroic puppies led by a tech-savvy 10-year-old pull off high-stakes rescue missions using humour, problem-solving skills and cool vehicles.

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom


In the magical Little Kingdom, friends Ben Elf and fairy princess Holly have fun adventures as they learn about teamwork, sharing and problem-solving.

Peter Rabbit


In this cartoon, based on Beatrix Potter's classic children's books, Peter Rabbit explores new destinations, thrilling adventures and has lots of fun with a cast of furry friends.

Charlie & Lola


This animated BBC show follows the adventures of kindhearted seven-year-old Charlie and his adorable but high-spirited four-year-old sister, Lola.

Chip and Potato


There are so many Netflix kids' shows about animals, and this one is about a lovable pug called Chip. She starts nursery, makes new friends and tries new things, all with the help of her secret mouse friend, Potato.



When 13-year-old Carly creates an internet series with help from her best friend Sam and neighbour Freddie, she becomes a viral star, in this Nickelodeon comedy.

TrollHunters: Tales of Arcadia


After uncovering a mysterious amulet, an average teen assumes an unlikely destiny and sets out to save two worlds. Created by Guillermo del Toro.

H2O: Just Add Water


When three teens stranded on a remote island wander into a mystical pool during a full moon, they turn into mermaids with magical powers.

Richie Rich


In this Netflix kids' show, a teenage boy, called Richie Rich, earns a trillion dollars overnight after turning his veggies into green energy. This new luxury life is filled with non-stop fun and adventure.

The Baby-Sitters Club


Ann M. Martin's beloved books get a modern update in this Netflix Original that follows a group of girlfriends and their babysitting business.

SpongeBob SquarePants


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! In this iconic kids' cartoon, SpongeBob and his friends, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward and Mr Krabs, as well as his pet snail, Gary, get into all sorts of funny mishaps.

The InBESTigators


In this Netflix kids' show, four clever school kids start their own detective agency and vlog about their adventures, becoming fast friends in the process.

Floor is Lava


In this gameshow, similar to Total Wipeout, teams compete to get across rooms flooded with lava by leaping from chairs, hanging from curtains and swinging from chandeliers. Yes, really.

Sam & Cat


Starring a very young Ariana Grande, this Nickelodeon show follows roommates Sam and Cat, as they start a babysitting service and soon discover what an adventure the job can be.

Bread Barbershop


In a town filled with food, Bread is a master cake decorator who gives life-changing makeovers that will put any customer in an amazing mood.



When aspiring singer Tori Vega - played by Victoria Justice - joins the eccentric students at Hollywood Arts High, she struggles to fit in with the amazingly talented teens.

Julie and the Phantoms


This Netflix kids' show follows Julie, who lost her passion for music when she lost her mum. But when three ghostly guys appear and lift her spirits, they decide to start a band together!

Greenhouse Academy


When teen siblings Hayley and Alex enter an elite boarding school, they find rivalry, romance and a mystery related to the recent loss of their mum.



With his vivid imagination, Simon the rabbit searches for fun while learning about the importance of responsibility and communication.

Zig & Sharko


Zig, an island-bound hyena, will do anything to get his paws on Marina the mermaid, but her devoted pal Sharko always comes to her rescue in time.



The world is a mystery to little Booba. But he approaches the curiosities around him with wonder, finding adventure in his everyday surroundings.

Sunny Bunnies


Furry little bunnies hop through wild adventures as they find solutions, fun and sometimes mischief wherever there is light.

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