Are Shona and Brad still together? Here's what we know about the MAFS UK season 8 couple

They tied the knot sight unseen, but are Shona and Brad still together after their stint on Married at First Sight?

Shona and Brad posing for a photo at a Married At First Sight dinner party
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The season eight MAFS UK couples have tied the knot, and viewers want to know if Shona and Brad are still together. 

Married At First Sight UK has started, and there's already plenty of weddings, honeymoons and dinner party drama to catch up on. Though 2023's MAFS cast haven't been paired up for long, for some couples it's already clear they won't be going the distance, while others seem to have hit it off straight away - Ros and Thomas made a big reveal about their relationship status, causing a bit of controversy.

Shona and Brad fall into the latter category, and having both admitted that they usually fall in love hard and fast, their pairing has made for an intense connection that has already left some viewers cringing. We've done some digging about who is still together from MAFS UK 2023, and here's what we know about Shona and Brad.

Are Shona and Brad still together?

We don't know if Shona and Brad are still together - and it's unlikely we will find out while MAFS UK is still airing, as the couples are told not to reveal their relationship status until the final commitment ceremony.

However, we've done some digging and found some clues. The first being that Shona and Brad no longer follow each other on Instagram - which is never a good sign. Meanwhile, Heart Radio reported that Brad recently spoke about Shona at a press event, where he said "In my experience, we couldn't be any less compatible, but that's okay. It's all an experience nevertheless. I most definitely went in and got lost in lust, one million per cent. Being lost in the physical aspect of things rather than the emotional."

Shona and Brad at a Married At First Sight comittment ceremony

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Elsewhere, Shona spent much of the summer in Sri Lanka with friends, but Brad is missing from the pictures she posted on her Instagram. While she was away, he appeared to have stayed at home and continued working on his modelling career.

What happened between Shona and Brad on MAFS UK?

Shona and Brad hit it off straight away at their Married At First Sight wedding, where they bonded over their shared love of spirituality and animals, and even kissed at the altar.

The experts matched the pair because of their shared attitudes to spirituality - as well as being a model, Brad is a meditation leader and Shona has a love of yoga. Shona is also a drama teacher and loves spending time with kids, making her a perfect match for dad-of-one Brad.

The eighth season of Married At First Sight UK is still in its early days, with Shona and Brad tying the knot in the episode that aired on Monday 25 September, but Shona was quick to make her happiness known, telling her bridesmaids at the wedding breakfast: "Guys, I think I’m in love."

Brad's sister Amy also seemed happy with the pairing, and was heard saying of Brad and Shona’s marriage, "100 per cent this is the real deal. I think this will work, I have every faith in it."

However, Shona's friend Joanna shared concerns, saying, "Because Shona falls so madly and deeply in love, I feel very protective over her. I want to make sure she gets to know him before she gets into that headspace... But, she is already in that headspace. I know she is."

Shona and Brad sat on a yacht on Married At First Sight

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The pair then headed off on their honeymoon in the Maldives, where Shona's feelings for Brad deepend. "In my head, I am aware, 'Okay, you have fallen in love with people really fast before, Shona' - but then I am feeling these things for this person, so then I want to go with this feeling," she revealed.

The couple then returned to the UK to move in together and attended the first of many Married At First Sight dinner parties. 

As things have been going well for Brad and Shona, there's been no shortage of PDA between the pair during their time on Married At First Sight - and it's not gone unnoticed by viewers.

One fan wrote on X (the platform formerly know as Twitter), "I really liked Brad and Shona at first but I’m starting to think they’re a little bit much", while another said, "No can Shona and Brad get off the tv please - “we are in love” - KNOCK IT OFF it’s too much".

Where is Shona now?

Over on Instagram, Shona has been keeping her followers up to date with her MAFS journey, posting screenshots from the show as well as some behind the scenes photos from her and Brad's honeymoon. 

She's also shared on her story some photos of a recent yoga retreat she attended in Morocco with Soul Body Retreats, and has a separate Instagram account, @myblossomtreeterrace, dedicated to interior design (and her Frenchie pup, Winnie).

Where is Brad now?

Brad has also shared plenty of photos from Married At First Sight on his Instagram, as well as keeping his followers updated with his modelling career.

He has also been holding group meditation sessions at The Attic Spa, a spa and aesthetic clinic located in his home town of Grimsby.

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