Best Easter movies for kids: 15 family-friendly films to stream this Easter

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These Easter movies for kids are essential viewing over the school holidays and are sure to keep the whole family entertained for a few hours.

There are plenty of great films to enjoy during the Easter half term. Once you've spoilt the little ones with the best kids' Easter eggs or the best non-chocolate Easter gifts for kids, keep them occupied with some fun family-friendly films.

No matter what streaming services you're signed up to - we've got a range of movies to choose from, that promise to cater to all ages and needs. From tales of tricksy rabbits to familiar faces navigating adventurous egg hunts, we've selected films that all celebrate Easter - so there's bound to be one film the whole house can agree on.

Best Easter movies for kids:

1. Hop

When Fred, an out-of-work slacker accidentally runs over and injures the Easter Bunny he must take him in till he recovers. As Fred struggles with the world's worst house guest, both will learn what it takes to finally grow up. One of those great Easter movies for kids that adults will enjoy too. It boasts an all-star cast including Hugh Laurie, James Marsden and Russell Brand.

The film didn't rate too highly on Rotten Tomatoes - who gave it a 24% rating. However, critic David Stratton of At the Movies Australia had some nice words on it. "The film is bright and breezy and the animation is first rate," he wrote. "Some of the jokes are lame, and it's more a film for younger, and less sophisticated children."

2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Tim Burton's live action remake of the quotable Roald Dahl classic is one of the best Easter films for kids to watch whilst nibbling down their personalised Easter eggs. Follow Charlie after his golden ticket win to Willy Wonka's magical chocolate factory and meet some interesting characters along the way.

Critics agreed that Johnny Depp's portrayal as Willy Wonka was a resounding success. "As the star who's framed in the center of nearly every shot he's in, Depp is a constantly surprising Willy Wonka," wrote Ken Tucker of New York Magazine. The film boasts a highly-rated 73% on Rotten Tomatoes.

3. The Prince of Egypt

For those looking for some religious related viewing this Easter, try The Prince of Egypt. It follows the story of Moses, covering everything from the plagues to the parting of the Red Sea. And is backed by the voices of an all-star cast: Val Kilmer, Ralph Fiennes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sandra Bullock and Patrick Stewart. The film also picked up for the Oscar for best song - When you Believe by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

Possibly the most critically-acclaimed of our Best Easter movies for kids - The Prince of Egypt has 80% on the Tomatometer and a 92% audience score. "The movie's proudest accomplishment is that it revises our version of Moses toward something more immediate and believable, more humanly knowable," wrote critic Stephen Hunter of the Washington Post.

4. Peter Rabbit

When Mr McGregor's nephew, Thomas, moves into the family manor, he is annoyed to find Peter Rabbit and his sisters - Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail - in his garden. Thomas hatches plot after plot to get rid of them with hilarious consequences. Adults might recognise the voices of James Corden, Daisy Ridley and Rose Byrne in this big screen adaptation.

Rotten Tomatoes gave this 2018 movie a respectable 63% rating. They summarised: "Peter Rabbit updates Beatrix Potter's classic characters with colorfully agreeable results that should entertain younger viewers while admittedly risking the wrath of purists."

5. Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

So good - they made another! The second film picks up shortly after the first, with Thomas and Bea now married and living with the furry family. Yet mischievious Peter can't ignore the feeling that there's more to explore and sets out for a life outside the garden. Venturing to the big city he soon meets new characters of the shady kind who threaten to bring chaos to him and the whole family.

"Cute and energetic enough for kids but funny enough for parents -- and grandparents! -- this sequel offers colorful fun for the whole family," wrote one Audience reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes. As sequels go, this one proved quite popular earning an 89% audience score and 66% on the Tomatometer.

6. Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo

Roo, along with childhood heroes Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore, decides to visit Rabbit to celebrate Easter. But Roo gets upset when Rabbit cancels the celebration and declares 'Spring Cleaning Day' instead. A sweet Easter movie pick that younger kids are sure to enjoy.

This Easter-themed Winnie the Pooh tale has a 63% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. As for the critics, Dustin Putman of the FilmFile wrote: "Children in the single-digit range will now have another go-to title to watch every Easter."

7. Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade

Have the kids sit down and enjoy this Easter special with all their favourite Ice Age characters. Sid the sloth starts his own egg-sitting service, looking after the soon-to-be hatched eggs of bird mum Ethel and her friends. But when bad bunny Squint steals and hides all the eggs in a revenge mission, chaos ensues. Leaving Sid, Manny, Diego and the gang hunting the eggs and returning them to safety.

IMDB gave it a 5.9 out of 10 stars. You won't be surprised to learn it's not exactly Oscar-worthy - but young ones will enjoy it says one Amazon reviewer. "My Grandson watched this today as he was off school sick. He is 8yrs old and said it was great, so that says it all really. It lasts about 1hr 15mins."

8. The Dog Who Saved Easter

A lighthearted family comedy for all to enjoy at Easter. Golden Labrador Retriever Zeus (who has previously saved Christmas in his other franchise films) is sent to a local doggie day centre during the Easter holidays. Whilst there Zeus sniffs out some criminals who plan to trash the facility – but can he and his canine friends stop them and save the day?

Over at Common Sense media, 12-year-old David gave his verdict: "True it does have a medium-low production value, but it's entertaining and fun for all ages between 4-11. A great movie to watch for easter." Audiences on Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 65% rating.

9. Duck Duck Goose

A single goose journeys south with two lost ducklings in this action-packed adventure. Peng the goose would rather do anything than practice for the upcoming migration. He thinks he's better than everyone else and spends his time attempting crazy stunts at even crazier speeds.

Amazon viewers gave this a pretty impressive 4.4 out of 5 stars. "Very funny, children and adults enjoyed it from age 3 to 76. We watched it as a family" wrote one top reviewer.

10. Rabbit School: Guardians of the Golden Egg

Max, a juvenile shoplifting rabbit, ends up in an old-fashioned school. Joined by rabbit girl Emmy, he acquires Easter Rabbits' secret skills, takes on a sneaky fox family and learns about friendship.

Rabbit School has an average rating of 5.7 stars on IMDB. One reviewer wrote: "Good children's film for the younger crowd. Simple story, but well animated and nothing scary or too action packed. Watched with 6 and 9 yr old who watch very little, and we enjoyed it."

11. Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

The much-loved cartoon double act reunite in this Oscar-winning animation. A giant crop-munching rabbit goes on the rampage. Can Wallace and Gromit save Tottington's vegetable contest? One of those Easter movies for kids that will have the adults in stitches too.

This was a winner with both critics and audience members. In fact Rotten Tomatoes gave it a rare 95% on their Tomatometer, whilst the audience score reads 79%. "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, featuring this heroic man-and-dog duo, Wallace and Gromit, is Park at his sublimely silly best," wrote Daily Telegraph critic Marc Lee.

12. Rise of the Guardians

This Family animation film had to make our Easter movies for kids list - for starring no other than the Easter Bunny himself. Wicked evil spirit Pitch Black returns to Earth and threatens to take over the world. But can the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost come together to defeat him and save the children?

"As a movie geared for the entire family, this fires on all cylinders, from the exquisitely detailed animation to the thought-out character development," concludes The MacGuffin's critic Allan Almechar. Rotten Tomatoes also makes a case for essential Easter viewing, with a 75% Tomatometer score.

13. Easter Parade

Join Judy Garland and Fred Astaire in this festive musical. When Astaire's dancing partner goes solo, he declares that he can make a hit performer out of the next dancer he sees. Enter an inexperienced Garland, who Astaire tries to morph like his old partner. But soon he realises that he is falling in love with her, learning that he must let her grow into her own kind of dancer if he wants her to reach her full potential.

14. Easter Bunny Adventure

Little kids will love joining Benny the Easter Bunny for a packed Springtime adventure. He's been tasked with hosting the biggest ever Easter egg hunt and needs help from friend Wilma the chicken to pull it off. The two hop in a giant hot air balloon and travel round Fairy Tale Valley meeting other fun characters along the way.

Though a little amateur with regards to animation and plot, it's still a viable option. One IMDB reviewer wrote: "It was a fun time for all, especially my grandson, who loved it alot."

15. Easter: The Start of Something Big

Looking for an Easter movie with a difference? Then look no further than Easter: The Start of Something Big. This 45-minute educational documentary by Phil Coles explores Easter in the 21st Century. It delves into religious traditions and more modern customs of Easter eggs and animals like chicks, bunnies and lambs being part of the celebrations.

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