Adele fans unearth personal detail in video for her new single Easy On Me - and it's really moving

Adele, Adele fans unearth Easy On Me detail
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Adele fans have revealed a hidden personal detail in the video for her new single Easy On Me.

Eagle-eyed Adele fans have noticed a major personal detail in the video to her new single Easy On Me and it's really moving.

The multi-million-pound singer-songwriter has just officially released her new single taken from her upcoming album 30 and after watching the highly anticipated video, fans have uncovered an unknown fact.

It comes as Adele reveals her go-to McDonald's order and extends her Weekends with Adele tour.

The video for the single, which was previously teased with a clip lasting 21 seconds, has been released in full and some fans have pointed out the unknown link with this latest single and Adele's number one hit single Hello.

As Adele fans unearth Easy On Me detail, one fan tweeted, 'Adele built a house in rolling in the deep, she moved in that house in hello and left the house in easy on me. A story teller!! #easyonme 30'

Rolling in the Deep was released in 2010, followed by Hello in 2015 and Easy On Me in 2021, and her personal life has become entwined with these milestones.

Adele began dating charity entrepreneur Simon Konecki in mid-2011 and they went on to have a son Angelo, now aged nine, in 2012 and only recently has Adele revealed in an interview with Vogue, that she married Simon in 2018, and separated the same year. With their divorce being finalised earlier this year and Adele recently opened up on the wound that won't ever heal.

All three singles have featured the same house in some shape or form, as the fan shared snaps from each video.

And other fans are amazed at the detail that marks a new chapter of her life to go along with her unrecognisable new look following her weightloss secret.

One fan tweeted, 'Wow I never looked at it like that.'

Another fan put simply, 'Wow.'

And a third praised, 'This is why I die hard for Adele. She is a story teller. She takes you somewhere, through a journey, through a time. through an experience. Adele is unmatched.'

But another fan was shocked to learn this fact as Adele fans unearth Easy On Me detail, and tweeted, 'WHAT THE HELL? WHY DID I NOT REALISED ABOUT THIS THINGGG I'M SHOCKED RIGHT TO THE CORE.'

For anyone who hasn't seen the video in full, you can watch it below...

In her interview on BBC Radio 2, Adele, who is dating Rich Paul, acknowledged that fans had also made links between the single and her previous albums.

While she didn't address the Adele fans who unearth Easy On Me detail, she did talk about the significance of the initial teaser clip lasting 21 seconds - 21 was the name of Adele's first album.

And she also mentioned that fans had pointed out the link with her new album 30 is released on 19th November which is the 11th month of the year - as 19+11 = 30.

And bookmakers have odds on favourite for Adele to have a number one album this Christmas.

Promoting her new single, Adele told The Hits Radio Breakfast Show the hilarious way son Angelo, who celebrates his ninth birthday this weekend, is unfazed about having a superstar mum.

She said, "He's into like gamers, like he likes Flamingo and all them lot, like I mean yeah he ain't bothered by me at all."

But she explained, "He does not care at all. He is like you're so busy all the time now, like blah-blah. But no he doesn't care and he's always comparing. The other day he was telling me how many YouTube followers I have is nowhere near as many as the big gamers. I was like, "okay cheers kid, thanks for that." Again no he's not really aware of it yet".

Adele added, "He's coming to a couple of, sort of work things that I have coming up and we'll see, but I'm sure he'll just be like, "well I think Flamingo will have done it like this or like that." Like, yeah but he's great, he's a lot of fun, he's a very lovely, lovely little boy."

We're sure he's proud of his mama deep down!

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