Everything we know about Death in Paradise season 13: Release date, cast and plot

Season 12 may only just have ended, but we're already excitedly awaiting new episodes

Death in Paradise season 13
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It has been confirmed that BBC crime drama Death in Paradise will return for both a 13th and 14th season. 

The final episode of season 12, which aired on Friday 24 February, cast doubt over the future of a certain DI Neville Parker - with many fans worrying that Ralf Little was leaving Death in Paradise after his character was faced with a wrongful arrest and the end of a romantic relationship. Thankfully though, the BBC have confirmed news of a return to the island of St Marie in the form of season 13, so the future certainly looks bright.

While some want to know where Death in Paradise is filmed (who wouldn't want to visit the show's stunning locations?), and others wait for the next batch of Beyond Paradise episodes, every fan of the hit BBC show is desperate to get their hands on any information about the upcoming season. Here we share everything we know about Death in Paradise season 13.

When will Death in Paradise season 13 be released?

While no official release date for Death in Paradise season 13 has been released, in a statement, the BBC let slip that it could be coming sometime in 2024. 

A statement announcing the show's upcoming seasons read, "In 2024, the series will continue to offer much-needed escapism."

Death in Paradise

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Who will be in Death in Paradise season 13?

While there was a big question mark over Neville Parker's future on Saint Marie throughout season 12, the season finale confirmed that he would be remain on the island, which means Ralf Little will be back next season. 

Unless there is a big shake up that was not hinted at in the season 12 finale, Little will likely be joined by Don Warrington as the Commissioner, Shantol Jackson as DS Naomi Thompson, Tahj Miles as Officer Marlon Pryce, Ginny Holder as Trainee Darlene Curtis, and Elizabeth Bourgine as Catherine Bourday.

Viewers can also expect to see plenty of guest stars appearing on the show too. Season 12 welcomed big names such as Peep Show's Robert Webb and Silent Witness star Genesis Lynea to name just two. Considering the success of season 12, we can be sure that we will see many other TV personalities arriving on the island.

As for Chelsea Edge, who played Neville Parker's murderous girlfriend Sophie Chambers, her time on the show is likely over as her character was found guilty of murder. 

Death in Paradise

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Death in Paradise season 13 plot

According to the BBC, season 13 of Death in Paradise "will continue to offer much-needed escapism, compelling whodunnits and perplexing puzzles, keeping viewers on their toes for years to come." Viewers can expect more of the show's alarmingly elaborate murder plots but whether or not we will get more insight into the team's personal lives is yet to be seen.

Season 12 followed some of the team's lives outside of their work, but the storylines never tangled into the bigger plot lines as much as they did in previous seasons. The big focus of series 12 centred around Neville's relationship with his killer ex-girlfriend Sophie, so we can fairly speculate that Neville might be struggling to find love again, but you never know.

Speaking about season 13, Shantol Jackson, who plays Naomi, revealed to HELLO!, "I can’t tell you anything just yet - I really can’t tell you anything just yet because I don’t know yet but I’m sure it will be just as amazing or even more for season 13. We’ve set a bar and I believe in going over the bar! We maintain or go over it, we don’t go below it! Expect season 12 or more." 

As Death in Paradise will return for both a 13th and 14th season, we have two feature-length Christmas special episodes also on their way. But whatever the plot, we can be sure that the show will bring even more drama to our screens as the show celebrates its 100th episode in the upcoming season. 

Executive producer Tim Key said in a statement, "We've got an amazing and joyful Christmas special in store, and then series 13 begins with our 100th episode, so we've got plenty of surprises ready to celebrate that milestone. We've got huge plans for the future and can't wait to get going again."

Death in Paradise season 13

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How many episodes will Death in Paradise season 13 have?

Death in Paradise season 13 will likely have eight episodes just as every season of the show has had so far. All episodes of the show are currently available to watch in BBC iPlayer.

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