Where is Beyond Paradise filmed? Filming locations of the Death in Paradise spin-off

Kris Marshall returns as DI Humphrey Goodman. But this time, he's not in the Caribbean...

Kris Marshall on the set of Beyond Paradise
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With a number of Beyond Paradise episodes to look forward to, many fans want to know where Beyond Paradise is filmed.

We've bid goodbye to season 12 of the hit show - in a gripping finale that led many wondering if Ralf Little is leaving Death in Paradise. But amidst the good news of Death in Paradise season 13 comes the ever better news of Beyond Paradise's arrival on screens - a spin-off the original series that features some familiar faces.

Just like TV viewers are eager to know where is Death in Paradise filmed, now the same question is being asked of the upcoming new show, which sees Kris Marshall return to his role as DI Humphrey Goodman, alongside Sally Bretton as his fiancée Martha Lloyd. Only in this series they've returned to the UK, and viewers already want to know if there will be a Beyond Paradise season 2

Where is Beyond Paradise filmed?

Beyond Paradise is filmed in locations across Cornwall and the South West of England. During filming, the cast were spotted in Looe, the Tamar Valley, Bere Ferrers and Weir Quay. 

Filming also took place at Port Eliot House and Gardens, in the parish of St Germans, Cornwall, and the estate is said to be a key shooting location for the series. Meanwhile, the Guildhall in Looe was turned into the police station for the show, and scenes were also shot at Pentillie Castle and Estate.

Speaking to Radio Times, the series' writer Tony Jordan said the show will look "100 per cent as beautiful as Death in Paradise", with the team having filmed in "glorious Devon". He added, "You know what? It may rain less, because we film in the rainy season in Guadeloupe."

When comparing filming in Cornwall with the tropical island of Guadeloupe, leading man Kris Marshall added, "It's a very different heat. Also when it's hot in England, it's joyful. Although it was hot on occasion, the main differences are there's no mosquitoes, not yet anyway, down South West. There's no bitey things, a few jellyfish, but that’s a welcome difference."

Where is the house used in Beyond Paradise?

D.I. Humphrey's house in the show can be found on Pentillie Estate, and is filmed at the riverside cottage and quay there.

Pentillie Castle explain on their website how they came to be a filming location: "Fortunately for us, the location manager was looking for riverside and rural cottages, woodland pathways, derelict buildings, and a quay. All these spaces have already been seen in episode 1, so we should probably leave you guessing at this point - we don’t want to be accused of any spoilers!"

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Where is the bridge in Beyond Paradise?

In September Kris Marshall and the rest of the crew were spotted by a bridge in Looe town centre, before moving to the fire station and then The Sail Loft restaurant, according to local resident Allan Collins, who spoke to Cornwall Live

The bridge, which is aptly named 'Looe Bridge', was built in the 1850s and is Grade II listed.

Where is Beyond Paradise set?

The Death in Paradise spin-off is set in Shipton Abbott, Devon. The series picks up after D.I. Humphrey Goodman followed fiancée Martha Lloyd back to London, and now the pair find themselves in Martha's home town.

The BBC has said the series will see the pair temporarily living with Martha’s mum Anne Lloyd (Barbara Flynn), and the couple are quickly thrown in at the deep end as Martha sets out to pursue her dream of running her own restaurant and Humphrey joins the local police force.

Shipton Abbott is a fictional town, and though it's set in Devon in the show, Beyond Paradise is actually filmed in Cornwall.

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Kris Marshall said: "I'm from South West anyway, from Somerset, so born and bred, and so I know that area of the world extremely well. You sort of feel a bit more at home, I guess."

But despite being closer to home, he continued that the "day to day challenges are the same." He said: "You're still filming sort of 60,70 hours a week. Those challenges remain, but they're great fun. I love it, the best job in the world."

Why was Devon chosen as the location for Beyond Paradise?

Executive producer Tim Key described the South-West coast as matching the "spirit and DNA" of Saint Marie from Death in Paradise.

He said: "We left Humphrey and Martha in the UK and we did talk early doors about where abouts that might be.

"It was about the DNA of the Death in Paradise universe, and it needed to be somewhere beautiful and somewhere that felt a bit different.

"It needed similarities with Saint Marie, but also its own personality and identity. Devon and the South-West just felt like the perfect place."

Kris Marshall told Radio Times that he believes the South West is the most beautiful part of the UK. He said: "It has everything; cider, cheese, countryside, amazing coastline."

He added that his favourite spot in the region is Kynance Cove in Cornwall. "It's like a smuggler's paradise down there," he said. "The sand is white and there's crystal clear blue sea. If it wasn't so cold, you would think you were in the Caribbean."

Kynance Cove

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Where can I watch Beyond Paradise?

Beyond Paradise airs at 8pm on BBC One every Friday. The show first started on 24 February and you can watch all the episodes so far on BBC iPlayer as well as Britbox - for which you can now sign up for a seven day free trial.

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