How many episodes of Beyond Paradise are there?

Season one is drawing to a close!

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Kris Marshall is back as DI Humphrey Goodman - and we've shared exactly how many Beyond Paradise episodes viewers have to commit to.

Fans are currently enjoying the arrival of Beyond Paradise on screens - a moment many viewers of the original BBC drama had been eagerly counting down to since being announced in June 2022. The series has some familiar faces in the cast - including Kris Marshall and Sally Bretton, who return as their famous characters in a popular UK tourist destination where Beyond Paradise is filmed. It's safe to say it's a slightly different location to where Death in Paradise is filmed but the light hearted humour and crime-solving quandaries remain.

As viewers settle in for the fifth instalment, many want to know how many episodes of Beyond Paradise there will be to enjoy (and if there's a Beyond Paradise season 2?!). We've shared details on the total number and when they air.

How many episodes of Beyond Paradise are there?

Death in Paradise spin-off Beyond Paradise is made up of six episodes - each one lasting for approximately 60 minutes each. The series airs on BBC One on Friday nights at 8pm and is available on BBC iPlayer after the episode has been broadcast.

The total number of episodes was confirmed by Tony Jordan, writer and executive producer for Beyond Paradise. "Humphrey and Martha’s relationship is a drama in its own right, we follow their journey throughout the duration of the six episodes," he confirmed to Radio Times.

In the trailer we see the return of DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) - but in a slightly less sunny and tropical setting. Yet whilst solving crimes in a different location, it looks like fans can expect the same funny mishaps from the detective that made the character so popular with Death in Paradise fans.

"Wherever he goes, he leaves a sort of mini tidal wave of madness behind him and he's causing that tidal wave to ripple through the village of Shipton Abbott," actor Kris Marshall said of his role in Beyond Paradise.

Beyond Paradise: Episode guide

  • Episode 1 (aired: Friday 24 February 2023) - A new adventure awaits as DI Humphrey Goodman and Martha leave London for Devon.
  • Episode 2 (aired: Friday 3 March 2023) - Humphrey investigates a family's mysterious disappearance, while Martha opens her cafe.
  • Episode 3 (aired: Friday 10 March 2023) - Shipton Abbott is rocked when a beloved painting appears to vanish into thin air.
  • Episode 4 (aired: Friday 24 March 2023) - A mystery man is found dead in the centre of a crop circle, but are aliens responsible?
  • Episode 5 (airing: Friday 31 March 2023) - Humphrey and his team are stumped by a serial arson case with a bizarre twist.
  • Episode 6 (airing: Friday 7 April 2023) - With Humphrey devastated by recent events, Esther must solve an impossible burglary case.

What is Beyond Paradise about?

The official show synopsis reads: "Beyond Paradise follows DI Humphrey Goodman and his fiancée Martha Lloyd (Sally Bretton) after their nail-biting will-they-won’t-they romance reached its emotional finale in 2017. Viewers were delighted when Humphrey took control of his destiny and followed Martha back from Saint Marie to London to declare his undying love for her.

"A new adventure awaits as we find them arriving in Shipton Abbott, Martha’s hometown near the beautiful Devonshire coast, having left London. As they embark on their new life, the couple are quickly thrown in at the deep end as Martha sets out to pursue her dream of running her own restaurant and Humphrey joins the local police force. Quickly making an impression on the somewhat eclectic team: DS Esther Williams (Zahra Ahmadi), PC Kelby Hartford (Dylan Llewellyn) and Margo Martins (Felicity Montagu), Humphrey sets out to help crack a host of baffling cases, with the Shipton Abbott squad witnessing a whole new approach to police work...

"Each week the team are faced with a new crime with a unique puzzle at its heart. The not-so-sleepy town of Shipton Abbott will be rocked by an entire family disappearing without a trace; a woman claiming she was attacked by a suspect from the seventeenth century; the robbery of a highly prized painting; a body bizarrely discovered in a crop circle and a serial arsonist with a mysterious penchant for nursery rhymes.

As Humphrey gets stuck into his new job, he and Martha must also navigate life’s ups and downs, as faces from the past, the decisions they make and the challenges of setting up life in a new town put their relationship to the ultimate test."

Touching on what Death in Paradise fans can expect from the spin-off, Kris Marshall said: "Beyond Paradise has the same sort of structure as Death in Paradise, but we're also a completely new show. There’s some of the favourite characters from Death in Paradise, but with a whole new spin on it. It's still paradise, it's just a different kind of paradise."

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