Kate Middleton's incredibly pricey and sentimental items Princess Charlotte is set to inherit

Princess Charlotte could inherit £1.7m worth of jewels from her mother

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte - Kate Middleton Princess Charlotte inherit
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Princess Charlotte is in line to inherit a vast collection of sentimental and pricey pieces of jewellery from her mother Kate Middleton according to fine jewellery experts at Steven Stone.

During tomorrow's much-anticipated Coronation ceremony, which will be watched on TV screens across both the UK and US, the Royal Family's immaculate jewellery is sure to be display.

As the countdown hits hours as opposed to days, speculation around what what crown Camilla will be wearing for tomorrow's Coronation and whether or not Kate Middleton will be spotted in a tiara is growing to almost unbearable levels. 

But the Royal Family have had other big celebrations to focus on in the run up to the big day, which will kick of at 10.20am on 6 May, the most recent being Princess Charlotte’s birthday which they celebrated on 2 May. 

While the young Princess sits third in the royal line of succession, she is thought to be first in line to inherit Kate Middleton’s vast and gorgeous collection of jewellery which includes pieces that once belonged to Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II.

Maxwell Stone, the leading diamond expert at Steven Stone, shared, "Kate Middleton’s immaculate style is always complete with a set of pristine accessories. From her 12ct sapphire engagement ring and the £1 million tiara that originally belonged to Princess Diana, to the pearl drop earrings that she wore to the funerals of both Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth II, a large number of her pieces have sentimentality attached to them – making it highly likely that Princess Charlotte will inherit them in the future."

Princess Diana Lover Knot tiara

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The most stunning piece Princess Charlotte is set to inherit is Queen Mary Lover’s Knot Tiara. As well as having a great monetary value, with Steven Stone estimating it's worth £1,000,000 ($1,320,000), the piece holds a lot of sentimental value. 

According to Maxwell Stone, “Though Kate didn’t wear the Lover’s Knot Tiara for the first few years of her royal tenure, it has since become her headwear of choice and it’s highly likely that we’ll see it modelled by Princess Charlotte in the future.”

The tiara, boasting a collection of diamond and pearls, was originally designed for Queen Mary back in 1913, hence its name. The piece was passed down through the family, with Queen Elizabeth II reportedly presenting it to the late Princess Diana for her royal wedding day in 1981. While Diana didn't end up in the stunning piece for her wedding celebrations, and instead opted to wear the Spencer’s Family Tiara instead, the Lover’s Knot became one of her favourite pieces and she was often spotted in it. 

Princess Charlotte is also set to inherit another of Diana's most iconic jewellery pieces, her £390,000 ($500,000) engagement ring. The ring, which William used to proposed to Kate Middleton, was formerly Princess Diana’s and features a brilliant 12 carat Ceylon sapphire, originating from Sri Lanka. 

According to Steven Stone experts, "Like with most precious gemstones, the quality and value of a sapphire is graded by its colour and hue, which can range from a light, pale blue to a dark, royal blue. The sapphire is a deep, royal blue, of AAAA quality, making it amongst the most valuable of its kind."

As well as the her grandmother's and mother's engagement ring, Charlotte will also inherit Kate's wedding band. The traditional gold wedding band was made from the Royal Family’s collection of Welsh yellow gold and, while it doesn't have much retail value on the surface with an estimated value of £2000, Steven Stone experts explain, "Considering the nugget of gold it was made from, and the legacy of the lady who wears it, it is likely to be worth a lot more in the coming years."

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There is also a little known piece of jewellery that Charlotte can look forward to one day owning. While Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is by far the most famous piece of jewellery William has gifted her, it was not the first ring she received from her future husband. William gave Kate a promise ring when they were dating while at university which she chose to wear on her middle finger.

The simple ring holds a lot of symbolism for the couple as it features both Kate’s birthstone for January and pearls to represent William’s birthstone for June.

Maxwell shared, “This ring reveals a lot about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship and their personalities. Gifted to Kate by William during their time at University, it’s no doubt very sentimental and while Kate has a very high value jewellery collection, this particular piece is priceless.

“Though it’s probably worth no more than £2,000, it’s one of our favourite pieces from Kate’s collection thanks to the beautiful symbolism that it holds. Representing the start of a new chapter in the royal couple’s lives, the sentimental ring is likely to be passed down to the royal couple’s daughter, Princess Charlotte.”

Kate Middleton

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Princess Charlotte could also one day be adding Kate's stunning amethyst and tourmaline earrings, which have an estimated value of around £3,500 ($4,700), to her collection.

Kate was spotted in the earrings as she celebrated St. Patrick's Day in March 2019 and the stunning jewels are thought to have been a gift from William following the birth of Princess Charlotte in 2015. They're from one of her favourite jewellery designers, Kiki McDonough, and the gemstones may do more than simply look stunning when catching the sunlight.

According to experts at Steven Stone, "It is believed that green amethyst strengthens peace and calm, and brings generosity, growth, health, harmony, and stability, making the perfect stone for a new mother. The stone carries the same properties as purple amethyst, bringing energies of serenity and composure, and enhancing your ability to manage all responsibilities.

"Green Tourmaline is also traditionally said to have some invigorating qualities. Crystal healers believe this is an excellent stone to use or wear to relieve chronic fatigue and exhaustion, providing beneficial influence to all things that live and grow."

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