Who is Hamza Yassin on Strictly Come Dancing and is he married?

Hamza Yassin is partnered with professional dancer Jowita Przystal and here's all you need to know about the Strictly star.

Hamza Yassin
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After ranking third on the Strictly Come Dancing 2022 (opens in new tab) leaderboard when scores from week one and two were combined, fans are asking who is Hamza Yassin and is he married? 

The votes opened for the first time on Saturday [October 1st] and it saw Loose Women (opens in new tab) panelist Kaye Adams (opens in new tab) be the first person to be voted out (opens in new tab) of the contest.

And as the celebrity contestants go back into rehearsals to pull out all the stops to impress the judges for another week of routines and make the cut for the Strictly Live tour 2023 (opens in new tab), we have all you need to know about Hamza Yassin...

Who is Hamza Yassin?

Hamza Yassin is a Scottish wildlife cameraman who is best known for being Ranger Hamza on CBeebies Let's Go For a Walk and for his work on Countryfile and Animal Park (opens in new tab).

Sudanese-born, Hamza was eight years old when he moved to the UK and gained a
master's degree in Biological Imaging and Photography, and a bachelor's degree in Zoology with Conservation. He went onto become a published wildlife photographer and a tour guide, and is also a skilled ornithologist aka an expert in birds.

Hamza has presented programmes about Scottish wildlife and in 2022 he received a Master Honours Degree from Bangor University, which one of his idols, Sir David Attenborough, has also received in the past.

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In his blossoming career, he has worked on The One Show as a wildlife cameraman, has been spotted on ITV daytime show This Morning and has even published a Let's Go For A Walk (opens in new tab) companion book and filmed and presented Channel 4 shows Scotland: My Life in the Wild and Scotland: Escape to the Wilderness.

Hamza now lives in a remote rural village on the west coast of Scotland called Ardnamurchan, where he's not only surrounded by wildlife, but has rare creatures living with him too - in fact, European pine martens have set up their home in his attic!

Jowita Przystal and Hamza Yassin perform on Strictly Come Dancing 2022

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Is Hamza Yassin on Strictly married?

Yes, Hamza Yassin is married as in 2017 he previously shared a snap of him and his wife together on his Instagram, which he captioned, "Find a wifey and up her up, and all year long you'll get good luck! During the day a wildlife camera man, by night a strongman!"

He can be seen holding her horizontally above his head as the pair pose for the picture during a walk in the countryside. But very little else is known about his wife and their personal life. 

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