Who is still together from Married At First Sight UK 2022? Season 7 couples revealed

Here's what we know about where the couples are now

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Married at First Sight UK is the reality show everyone's talking about at the moment. With a new season just around the corner, viewers are eager to know who's still together from 2022.

Expect drama from start to finish on Married at First Sight UK, with the couples experiencing more ups and downs than a rollercoaster and once even an affair to leave viewers gobsmacked. The Married at First Sight UK reunion is always an exciting event to catch up with your favourites, after the end of Married At First Sight UK

And just like viewers wanted to know who is still together from Married at First Sight Australia, the same question is being asked of the Married at First Sight UK cast. We've done our research to bring you everything there is to know about the current state of the season 7 contestants' relationships. 

Married at first sight UK: Who is still together from season 7? 

1. Jess and Pjay

Jess and Pjay

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Jess and Pjay are not together - in fact, they were the first couple to leave the show. Though they both said that they had formed a friendship - with Jess thanking Pjay for "one of the best experiences of my life" - the couple made the decision to end their time on Married at First Sight after Jess admitted she didn't find Pjay physically attractive. 

Following the show, Pjay was active on sharing photos of his son, his performances with Dreamboys and a few with fellow MAFS cast member Duka Cav. However, he has now set the account to private, perhaps looking for a quieter life.

Meanwhile, Jess is back working as a dental hygienist - she also has a boyfriend named TJ, and her Instagram currently documents their IVF journey together. She recently wrote that they had tried to fall pregnant for a year with no success, and with the NHS waiting list standing at 3 years for IVF, they'd made the decision to pay privately for treatment. 

2. Lara and Richie

Lara and Richie

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Lara and Richie's relationship also wasn't meant to be, and the pair left the show a few weeks in, due to a "lack of communication", Lara saying she felt she was unable to provide for Richie's "emotional need".

After their exit, Richie confessed: "If I'm really honest I'm heartbroken because part of me thought that she was the one," while Lara said, "I wanted sunset walks on the beach and he wanted personal growth."

The pair don't follow each other on Instagram, but they both look like they've been having fun since the show, with Richie now running a website named GearUp Guru. The site aims to offer music industry techniques and advice on how to progress performance, recordings, and song writing. 

Meanwhile, Lara shares details of her life back in Nottingham, and runs the podcast Lara on Eyre. Here, she talks all things MAFS, and interviews previous couples and contestants. 

3. Thomas and Adrian

Thomas and Adrian

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Thomas and Adrian have not stayed together following Married at First Sight. Ahead of the show's final vows, the couple decided to 'bow out gracefully', citing their lack of intimacy as the main issue in their relationship.

Fans were left shocked by their decision, as the pair have left hints that they might still be together. Adrian posted on Instagram a video of the pair sharing a kiss outside Fatboy's Diner at Trinity Buoy Wharf, while Thomas uploaded a selfie of the two with the caption "I LOVE my husband. Make any assumptions. He’s kind, he makes me laugh and he checks me when I’m being a nightmare. P.s. I’m a nightmare trapped in a dream."

However, on August 30, Adrian shared some pictures of their wedding to Instagram with the caption "I still laugh looking at these," adding "This day 1 year ago we were getting ready for our wedding to be aired on National Television and that began a life changing journey. Some change for the good, some the bad."

He added "Hopefully one day me and Tom will be able to attend each others weddings and watch each other find what we want, and I know how happy we will be for each other." 

He concluded "I hope our LQBTQAI+ wedding made a difference to someone out there," with Tom commenting "My angel, miss you and love you," despite the couple still being apart. 

4. April and George

April and George

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April confirmed that she is now single during the final episode of Married at First Sight UK: Unveiled, leaving many wondering why did April and George split?

The pair seemed to be getting on well during the series, and the pair decided to stay together in the final commitment ceremony. However, at the end of September, George was arrested after three of his ex-girlfriends accused him of 'emotional abuse'. George denies all allegations.

Channel 4 has said: "We work incredibly closely with our production partners to ensure all Married at First Sight UK contributors are subject to rigorous background and psychological checks, including the most detailed police checks a production is able to undertake.

"Any allegations of this nature are taken extremely seriously by Channel 4."

April's Instagram account now lists her as a trainee pilot for AeroSPARX, a service aiming to "revolutionise the event world combining formation aerobatics at night with pyrotechnics." However, her journey could be impeded by a recent diagnosis of a prolapsed L5/S1 disc in her spine. She is sharing her treatment currently, describing the pain as "unmatched."

There has been no mention of a special man in her life on her social media. 

5. Kasia and Kwame

Kasia and Kwame

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Kasia and Kwame aren't together after the show, following Kasia deciding to leave at one of the commitment ceremonies.

Kwame was left shocked during filming after Kasia wanted to walk away from the experiment in the final commitment ceremony. Her decision came after Kwame decided to take his wife to a park bench rather than to his home, and when Kasia decided to share her journey with him, he interrupted the story with jokes.

Speaking the The Sun, Kasia said she left Kwame because of his "fat shaming antics," adding, "I left Kwame because he didn’t appreciate me and he publicly said I was bigger than what he normally goes for. As a woman you kinda know if a guy is into you and I feel strongly about empowering plus size women."

She continues to document her life on Instagram, although currently appears to be single. Kwame also appears to still be going it alone, and will be sharing interviews and insights from the latest MAFS series, on his YouTube channel and podcast, KB Talkshow

6. Chanita and Jordan

Chanita and Jordan

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Chanita and Jordan are no longer together, shocking the experts and their fellow contestants when they walked in solo at the reunion.

The pair did leave the show together, and were one of the strongest couples the whole way through, but during the reunion Chanita confided in the other girls, saying: "When we came out of the experiment, his efforts changed.

"I kept saying I don't feel like you're interested in me, you're not making an effort' and he was like 'oh no, I can't wait to see you'.

"Then he was like 'I don't think we're compatible, I don't want to be with you'. It was really weird."

Apparently single, Chanita now spends a lot of time advocating for important topics on social media. She is ambassador for Nacoa, a charity providing support and advice to children who have grown up with an alcohol-dependent parent. She has also worked with Refuge to raise awareness about domestic abuse and coercive control. 

Jordan has offered no update on his current relationship status. 

7. Zoe and Jenna

Zoe and Jenna

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Zoe and Jenna have confirmed that they are still together following MAFS UK. The pair shared an Instagram photo together following the finale, with the caption "Don’t fear… vegans and non vegans unite ✊".

The post makes reference to the difficult time the couple had adapting to each other's different lifestyles, with Jenna's veganism causing some rows.

The news that Jenna and Zoe have stayed together won't be a huge surprise to fans who've been following the pair closely, as both have shared sweet pictures together in the time since the show stopped filming. 

They recently shared a joint Instagram post with the caption "Just me and Zo living that Blackpool life." Given that Zoe is from the West Midlands, it looked promising that she made the trip up to visit Jenna's home town.

Fans of the couple will be pleased to know just how strong their relationship remains. Zoe recently took to Instagram to celebrate their anniversary, writing "Just like the Queen had 2 birthdays… we have 2 anniversaries. 1st on 7th April and the other is the day our wedding aired and you all saw the beginning of our journey."

After adding "I guess we’ll have a third when we get married for real which I’ve just realised is going to cost me a fortune," Zoe concluded "Happy TV anniversary the better half of the lesbos @jennarobo." 

8. Whitney and Matt

Whitney and Matt

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Whitney and Matt are no longer together, revealing that their relationship had ended during the reunion episode

The couple made an unorthodox entry to the show - Whitney was originally paired with Duka and Matt with Gemma, but the pair asked to  re-enter the show as a new couple after forming a connection with each other. 

However, following the show the couple struggled to make their relationship work, with Whitney saying  at the reunion: “After our vow renewals I went up to his and we were still super intense… but distance is a big thing."

Following the reunion, reports surfaced that Matt had been cosying up to series 6 bride Marilyse Corrigan, with a source telling the Sun, "They've been meeting up for secret dates - even though Matt was supposed to be keeping up appearances that he was still in a relationship with Whitney until the end of the series aired."

However, a rep for the pair told the publication that Matt and Marilyse are "just good friends".

Whitney remains coy over her relationship status, while Matt has a new girlfriend - he shares pictures of their adventures together to Instagram, but has not named or tagged his new beau. 

9. Sophie and Jonathan

Sophie and Jonathan

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Sophie and Jonathan are no longer together, which was revealed during the series' reunion. 

The pair joined the show mid-series as a late couple, and though they didn't always see eye to eye, they decided to give their relationship a go in the final ceremony. Although, Jonathan seemed to be less enthusiastic about the prospect than his partner, saying, "my heart hasn't been 100 per cent in it," and adding that he never had "that feeling" of attraction from the beginning and it never grew on him.

During the reunion, Sophie said "We had our ups and downs, but we are very different people," while Jonathan said, "I knew I couldn’t give Sophie what she wanted."

Although Sophie doesn't appear to be in a relationship, she's very close with fellow season 7 cast mate, Adrian. The pair often appear in each other's Instagram feeds, looking adorable together. 

Jonathan appears to have a girlfriend named Abigail, with the pair looking cosy on Instagram, attending events and walking the cutest dog.

Where are Duka and Gemma now?

Duka and Gemma both left the show after their marriages were unsuccessful, with their partners Whitney and Matt having an affair.

Duka has shared plenty of snaps of his time since leaving the show on his Instagram - and it looks like he and fellow cast member Pjay are still good friends. He's also hit out at his partner on the show, Whitney, in an recent appearance on Reality with Will Njobvu, claiming that she has blocked "at least half" of the other cast members.

But it looks like Duka is no longer single, after telling a follower via his Instagram story, "To the person that is asking that question, you know the answer already. No, I'm not single. More will be revealed soon." However, so far, he is yet to divulge any further details - either the relationship didn't work out, or he's chosen to keep it low key.

Gemma is now in a relationship with a man named Jordan, with the pair appearing extremely happy and loved-up together. 

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