This hoodie blanket is THE cosiest way to stay warm this winter!

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  • Forget slankets, it's all about hoodie blanket this winter - and this super-cosy wearable throw is on sale right now!

    It’s cold, it’s grey and – let’s face it – it’s miserable. What we deserve is some good old-fashioned comfort, and we’ll take it however it comes. That’s where the hoodie blanket comes in.

    As a portable version of the slanket, this huge hoodie is perfect for long walks in the cold, outdoor barbecues and meet-ups, the beach, after swimming, and camping trips.

    You can also wear the hoodie blanket at home. Whether you’re working, watching TV or just chilling on the sofa this will keep you warm and relaxed – and we all need as much of that as we can get right now.

    Hoodie blanket in pink

    View at Amazon – £14.99 (SAVE £4)

    Made from soft jersey fabric, it has elastic wrists so you can push the sleeves up into place, or pull down to keep out the cold, a supersized hoodie and a spacious front pocket (for your phone, for your snacks, for the remote – the list is endless).

    Although it’s machine washable it does have the added benefit of being reversible, so you can get twice the wear out of it before cleaning. All you need to do with the hoodie blanket is pull it on and experience the sartorial equivalent of a hug.

    The hoodie blanket’s one size fits all is suitable for people of all shapes and ages – kids, too – and it comes in a range of colours including black, white, grey, khaki, red, pink, purple and blue. And the cost? A very reasonable £14.99– a small price to pay for such a snuggly outfit