Salmon pasta recipes
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From salmon pea pasta to sweet chilli salmon, our selection of salmon pasta recipes are mouth-watering, delicious, and make perfect midweek meal options.

Salmon is a nutritional powerhouse, packed with protein, heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and the antioxidant selenium. Add it to one of our favourite carbs and what have you got? Filling and delicious salmon pasta recipes that will appeal to the whole family.

Another benefit of pairing salmon with pasta is that both ingredients are relatively quick to cook so you can have a meal on the table sooner rather than later.

Find out more about how to cook salmon with our handy guide which covers how to cook salmon on the BBQ too. And if you fancy taking some of these dishes to the next level you could learn how to make pasta from scratch to make these dishes even fresher.

Our roundup of salmon pasta recipes covers dishes made with cooked, hot-smoked, tinned, or smoked salmon...

Salmon pasta recipes

1. Salmon and pea pasta

Pea and salmon pasta recipes

The peas add colour and a touch of sweetness to this farfalle pasta recipe, while al dente asparagus tips give an otherwise soft dish a bit of crunch.

Get the recipe: Salmon and pea pasta

2. One pot smoked salmon pasta

One-pot-salmon-pasta recipes

This one pot pasta dish is versatile because you can swap the veg and pasta ingredients if you wish. The smoked salmon adds a warming flavour.

Get the recipe: One pot smoked salmon pasta

3. Salmon and spinach tagliatelle

Creamy-salmon-and-spinach-tagliatelle salmon pasta recipes

Economical, speedy and tasty, this meal combines tinned salmon with iron-rich spinach and reduced-fat sour cream. Ready in just 20 minutes.

Get the recipe: Creamy salmon and spinach tagliatelle

4. Smoked salmon carbonara with fried egg and asparagus

Smoked-salmon-carbonara-with-fried-egg-and-asparagus salmon pasta recipes

Smoked salmon paired with a classic carbonara sauce and pasta. Topped with a fried egg and finished with asparagus, this dish is very filling and flavoursome.

Get the recipe: Smoked salmon carbonara with fried egg and asparagus

5. Creamy salmon tagliatelle

Crème fraiche and salmon are a very happy match. Watch how to make one of our favourite leftover salmon recipes at home with our simple step-by-step video. This whole dish can be on the table in just 20 minutes.

Get the recipe: Creamy salmon tagliatelle

6. Salmon fillets on tagliatelle with tomato and pesto salsa

Salmon-fillets-on-tagliatelle-with-tomato-and-pesto-salsa salmon pasta recipes

By far one of our best salmon fillet recipes, this dish brings salmon together with fresh tagliatelle, tomatoes, and pesto salsa to make one mouth-watering meal. Top with green beans and serve.

Get the recipe: Salmon fillets on tagliatelle with tomato and pesto salsa 

7. Superfood salmon stir-fry


Ok, so this is technically a stir-fry. However, it's easy to convert into a pasta dish. All you need to do is serve it with pasta like tagliatelle or spaghetti instead of noodles. It'll work just as well and taste as good too.

Get the recipe: Superfood salmon stir-fry

8. Broccoli and salmon pasta


Another versatile salmon pasta recipe, you can swap the salmon fillets for tinned or smoked salmon if you prefer and use whatever pasta shapes you have in the cupboard.

Get the recipe: Broccoli and salmon pasta

9. Salmon with parsley pesto


Prepare this side of salmon then instead of serving it with roasted fennel and new potatoes slice it up and rest it on a bed of wholewheat spaghetti. Easy and delicious.

Get the recipe: Salmon with parsley pesto

10. Salmon with vegetable pasta in tomato sauce


Low in fat, rich in protein and heavy on the veg, this is an ideal dinner for those keeping a count of calories. Drizzle with lemon juice and bake for just 15 minutes.

Get the recipe: Salmon fillet with vegetable pasta in tomato sauce 

11. Salmon pasta with crème fraiche

Salmon-pasta-with-creme-fraiche salmon pasta recipes

This delightful dish is brimming with with leeks, broccoli, green beans and parsley. It's made with tinned salmon, too, which is cheaper, although you can use fresh.

Get the recipe: Salmon pasta with crème fraiche 

12. Sweet chilli salmon


There's no reason why you can't pair this sweet chilli salmon with pasta. We love it with wholewheat spaghetti, which has a slightly nutty flavour that balances the sweetness of the sauce.

Get the recipe: Sweet chilli salmon

13. Penne with watercress and salmon


The spiciness of the watercress, and the zest and juice of the lemon, helps to cut through this creamy pasta dish. The salmon works wonders with the rich sauce and powerful flavours.

Get the recipe: Penne with watercress and salmon

14. Orzo salad with salmon and pesto


If you're unfamiliar with orzo, it's a grain-sized pasta that works brilliantly in fresh light salads such as this one. The pesto adds a real depth of flavor to this dish. This vibrant meal is ready in just five easy steps.

Get the recipe: Orzo salad with salmon and pesto

15. Chimichurri salmon

Chimichurri salmon

Chimichurri is a herb-based sauce from Argentina that's normally served with steak but goes just as well with strong-flavoured fish such as salmon. For something a little different, serve on top of wholewheat spaghetti or penne.

Get the recipe: Chimichurri salmon

16. Smoked salmon tagliatelle

smoked-salmon-tagliatelle Salmon pasta recipes

This only takes minutes to prepare but tastes restaurant quality, thanks to the creamy lemon and dill sauce. Toss in the smoked salmon at the last minute and serve.

Get the recipe: Smoked salmon tagliatelle

17. Dairy-free salmon carbonara


Looking for a salmon pasta recipe that doesn't contain cream or crème fraiche? Look no further. This dairy-free salmon carbonara uses dry white wine, egg yolks, and soya cream to create that classic carbonara texture and taste.

Get the recipe: Dairy-free salmon carbonara

18. Salmon prawn penne


If you love seafood then this salmon and prawn medley, which is also flavoured with mushrooms and rocket, is just the ticket. This salmon pasta recipe takes just 25 minutes to cook and only five steps to make.

Get the recipe: Salmon prawn penne

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