Leftover salmon recipes: 10 simple ways to use up leftover salmon

Leftover salmon recipes
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Whether you're looking to use up leftover salmon fillets, tinned salmon, or smoked salmon, we've lots of creative and delicious ways to make the most of this healthy fish.

There are loads of tasty ways to use up leftover salmon and our leftover salmon recipes show you how. Salmon can easily be incorporated into a variety of dishes including lunch, dinner, and even canapes. You can serve cooked salmon cold in salads, sandwiches or transform into pate. Or you can reheat salmon adding it to tarts, pies, and fish cakes.

All the recipes featured contain cooked, tinned or smoked salmon, as only very fresh salmon can be eaten raw. Salmon is a very easy fish to cook and can be cooked in a number of ways. To find out more about how to cook salmon including how to cook salmon on the bbq see our handy guides which both include expert tips and tricks to cooking salmon to perfection.

Below we have included a selection of some of our favourite leftover salmon recipes including delicious salmon fillet recipes too....

Leftover salmon recipes

1. Leftover salmon pasta

Transforming leftovers into a pasta sauce is ideal because you can be flexible with quantities depending on what you have. It's also a quick dinner. One of our favourite salmon pasta recipes, creamy salmon tagliatelle, featured in the video above, is ready in just 20 minutes. Plus it can be thrown together from bits that you already have.

Try one of these recipes:

Creamy salmon tagliatelle Smoked salmon carbonara with fried egg and asparagus One pot smoked salmon pasta

2. Leftover salmon tart

Baking leftover salmon into tarts is another way to transform yesterday's dinner into an entirely new meal. To avoid waste you could even make this tart and then freeze it.

Try one of these recipes:

Crustless smoked salmon and potato quiche Smoked salmon & asparagus tartlets

3. Leftover smoked salmon brunch

Omelette with smoked salmon and asparagus on a white plate

Smoked salmon is the ultimate brunch ingredient. Even something simple to whip up such as salmon and cream cheese on toast makes for a special morning meal. But if you fancy a more indulgent dish try one of these sensational smoked salmon brunch recipes. They can all be made in under 30 mins and will work with as little or as much leftover smoked salmon as you like.

Try one of these recipes:

Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs and smoked salmon croissants Salmon and scrambled egg bagels Smoked salmon and asparagus omelette

4. Leftover salmon fish cakes

Salmon fish cakes

Fishcakes aren’t just a good way to use leftover fish but are also a great way for using up leftover potatoes. This recipe calls for tinned salmon. But you could use cooked or smoked salmon instead.

Try one of these recipes:

Salmon fish cakes Gordon Ramsay’s fish cakes with anchovy dressing

5. Leftover salmon noodles

Slimming World’s spicy hot-smoked salmon noodles on a blue plate

Chilli complements the flavour of salmon. So spicy curry powder is a fantastic addition to this salmon noodles recipe. This recipe calls for hot smoked salmon, however, cooked salmon or smoked salmon would be a good swap. Just remember you won't need to cook it as long. Reheat until piping hot.

Get the recipe: Slimming World’s spicy hot-smoked salmon noodles

6. Leftover salmon pâté recipes

Smoked salmon pate in ramekins

A simple salmon pâté is a great way to transform last night’s leftovers into today’s lunch. It’s easy to make and can be spread onto bread or crackers for a rich and delicious meal. We have included two options. The quick salmon pâté recipe uses tinned or cooked salmon. Whereas the smoked salmon pâté recipe requires smoked salmon.

Try one of these recipes:

Get the recipe: Quick salmon pâté Get the recipe: Smoked salmon pâté

7. Leftover salmon stir fry

Salmon stir fry on a plate

If you are in need of a speedy supper stir fry is always a brilliant quick option. For something more elaborate try our smoked salmon stir-fry recipe below. But if you’re really in a dash there is an even more time-saving option. Buy a stir fry veg mix from the supermarket. Simply heat oil in a wok, add the veggies and once cooked to your liking add a splash of soy sauce and the leftover salmon. Then cook until the salmon is hot.

Get the recipe: Smoked salmon stir-fry recipe

8. Leftover salmon salad

Salmon is packed with omega-three so is the perfect addition to a healthy salad. We love this superfood salmon salad recipe with crunchy Tenderstem broccoli. It's a great way of using up leftover salmon fillets. The fillets can be easily flaked and added to the dish cold or hot.

Try one of these recipes:

Superfood salmon salad recipe Salmon and broad bean salad recipe

9. Leftover salmon canapes

Filo smoked salmon canape

Smoked salmon leftovers? Pop it on a blini and enjoy it with a pre-dinner drink. If you have more leftovers try these three canape recipes. They are perfect if you have friends coming over for drinks.

Try one of these recipes:

Filo smoked salmon canape Smoked salmon roses on rye toasts Gluten-free smoked salmon tartlets

10. Leftover salmon tortilla

Tortillas are a great way of using up leftovers as you can pretty much bung anything cooked into them. You can enjoy this tortilla hot or cold. So it's a great option for a picnic too.

Get the recipe: Smoked salmon and potato tortilla

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