Vegetarian meal planner

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  • Do you find you run out of ideas for meat-free meals? Our four week meal planner is full of ideas! So if you’re a vegetarian or if you’re just trying to cut down on the amount of meat you eat, you’ve come to the right place.

    Meat free meals aren’t just about substitutes such a Quorn, our vegetarian meal planner is full of ideas that use vegetables, grains and cheeses to give your meals plenty of flavour without the meat.

    If you’re a strict vegetarian, watch out for certain types of cheeses such as Parmesan, which is made with animal rennet. You can get vegetarian versions in most shops but the majority of times you can replace with a vegetarian-friendly cheese or leave off.

    All these meals feed four people so if you’re cooking for less or more people, you’ll need to adjust the ingredients. You can switch around the weeks, have meals on different days of the week – the choice is yours. Don’t fancy one of the dishes? Take a look through our vegetarian recipes to find an alternative dish.

You can even download printable versions of the meal planners to attach to your fridge so the whole family knows what’s on the menu – and don’t forget to print out the shopping lists for each week to take to the supermarket.

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