Where was Inside Man filmed? Locations featured in the David Tennant BBC crime drama

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Where the Uk side of the action takes place is billed as “an idyllic English village,” but where was it actually filmed?

Fans can’t get rough of gripping BBC crime drama Inside Man, starring David Tennant and Stanley Tucci. Of the episodes due to air, viewers have devoured the first half and are widely anticipating the remaining instalments. It’s not only the thoroughly intriguing premise that has amateur sleuths trying to work out how the plot will transpire, many are also taking in the locations and trying to work out exactly they are. While Tucci’s Jefferson Grieff solves riddles for outsiders on death row, we’ve solved the riddle of the Uk filming locations used - look no further for places making up the backdrop for the twisting plot and solid performances.  

The Inside Man release date had been highly anticipated since a growing buzz around the show built on social media from early this year. For those who’ve yet to start it and want to know how many episodes of Inside Man will be available, we have the answers and other useful information about the series. For more stellar performances to get ready for, Martin Compston is set to star in new BBC drama Mayflies - we have everything you need to know about the upcoming show, including casting announcements and filming locations.

Where was Inside Man filmed? 

External Inside Man scenes were filmed in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire. Internal scenes were filmed at the Farnborough Film Studios. 

In Wokingham, Berkshire, it was reported by Berkshire Live that Broad Street had been closed to allow crews to start filming. A picture shared to Twitter showed the pretty street completely empty and ready for the stars to arrive.

In Surrey, Get Surrey reported that Godalming made up part of the set - crews were spied at Crown Court Car Park, Great George Street, and Summerhouse Road. Godalming station and church also acted as locations for the shoot.  

The publication also speculated that filming took place at Leith Hill in Redlands Woods, as crews were spotted filming there at the same time. However, there wasn’t any confirmation at the time that Inside Man was shooting at this location. A reader said “There is a lot of activity in Redlands forest next to Leith Hill. There are toilet blocks saying ‘Movie Makers’ and there are a lot of props. The forest is full of parked cars and there is also security.”

In Farnham, pictures of David Tennant in costume as a vicar were shared to Twitter. The caption stated they were taken outside St Andrews Parish Church in Farnham, suggesting this church was also used as a filming location. 

Also in Farnham, the Farnborough Film Studios were used for internal filming. The relatively new film studio is 35 minutes from central London, and offers production-ready sound stages, and the company has multiple locations across the country. 

When was Inside Man filmed?

Inside Man began filming on June 28, 2021, and finished sometime in September 2021. Although director Stephen Moffat made an announcement on the day filming began, the cast and crew didn’t announce a wrap date. 

On June 28, 2021, Hartswood Films who were involved in the production confirmed on Twitter that filming had commenced. They said “Inside Man, our brand new series from Steven Moffat has started filming today!”

On September 14, 2021, Moffat shared a picture of himself to his Instagram account, saying he was “on location”. Presumably this was still the location of Inside Man and therefore it was still filming at this time. It is speculated filming came to an end shortly after this date.

Is Inside Man a true story? 

No, Inside Man is not a true story. However when crafting the script, Stephen Moffat wanted to make sure he made this a completely different sort of detective story.  

Speaking to Radio Times, Moffat said he didn’t just want another “rip-off” detective thriller. He said “I was thinking of what kind of detectives we hadn't had. Pretty much ever since [Arthur Conon] Doyle invented Sherlock Holmes, there has been no other kind of detective – they're all rip-offs”.

He continued to say “But [Grieff's] particular area of insight is he knows that anyone can do it. He's not supporting his worldview with the fairy tale that supports your worldview and mine, that there's goodness and kindness and some of us just wouldn't [commit murder]. He knows – he's solving crimes from hell. He does believe that every human being is absolutely capable of the abominable – the advantage of the loss of everything he valued from his life is that he has the insight that strips away all the lies that sustain our illusion of security”.

David Tennant in a still from episode 2 of Inside Man

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Is Inside Man on Netflix? 

Inside Man is scheduled to arrive on Netflix in the future for audiences outside of the Uk. However, there is currently no confirmed Netflix air date.

To view the series on Netflix, a subscription will be required. There are 3 Netflix packages available for those wanting to subscribe. The cheapest package costs £6.99 per month, and this basic starting price includes unlimited access to the Netflix catalogue. With this, subscribers can only stream from one device at a time. 

At £10.99 per month, the standard package also includes the entire Netflix catalogue. However, simultaneous streaming from 2 devices is allowed. This package also has shows in HD, and allows downloads to mobile devices. The final premium package costs £15.99 per month, and features bonuses including allowing streaming across 4 devices, and contains most of the catalogue in Ultra HD. 

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