Cole and Zanab Love is Blind season 3: Are they still together and where are they now?

The season 3 couple got off to a rocky start

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Love is Blind After the Altar is almost here, and many are keen to find out if Cole and Zanab are still together?

It's been a few months since the season three couples made their way down the aisle, and we're all desperate to know who has kept their wedding vows. Just like viewers were asking are Raven and SK still together after a dramatic penultimate episode, fans of the show are also wondering are Alexa and Brennon still together and are Bartise and Nancy still together, plus the fate of Colleen and Matt following the finale and reunion episodes.

And one of the other couples that has got TV fans asking questions is Cole and Zanab. The pair had what was possibly the bumpiest ride of all on the show, struggling with their differences in personalities and the trouble they had communicating. To top it off, Cole confessed to finding one of their fellow contestants, Colleen, a 'ten out of ten', but rating Zanab a nine. Now, Love is Blind fans want to know did Cole and Zanab get married and are they still together?

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Are Cole and Zanab still together?

It won't come as a surprise to many that Cole and Zanab are not together. Though it was Cole that seemed to have doubts throughout the process, it was Zanab who said "I don't" at the altar.

Though she said that she had 'completely' fallen in love with Cole, she told him: "You have disrespected me, you have insulted me, you have critiqued me, and for what it's worth, you have single-handedly shattered my self-confidence, and I hate that you have had that kind of effect me."

She added: "The messed up thing is I know love you, but everything in me and the logical part of my brain tells me that love shouldn't feel this way and love shouldn't hurt like this. I can't marry you."

Though Cole and Zanab had an undeniable connection in the pods - forged by their shared desire for a lot of children and their religious beliefs - so it didn't come as a surprise when Cole proposed. However, the rest of their time on the show was fraught. Cole in particular had a hard time making the connection between the Zanab he spoke to in the pods and the woman he met outside them, as well as confessing his attraction to fellow contestant Colleen. Cole also caused outrage among some viewers when he asked Zanab if she was bipolar because of her "attitude".

After Zanab's outburst at the altar, Cole was left in tears and said to the camera: "Why has she never said that to my face. And she chose now because she knew it would hurt more in front of all of my friends and family." He went on to say the wedding day was "one of the worst experiences of my life".

Cole does still follow Zanab on Instagram, however, though she doesn't follow him back. He's shared plenty of cute snaps of the couple's time together on the show, and underneath a post of behind-the-scenes photos, he wrote "It’s very difficult to watch us struggle in Malibu, and if I could change the mistakes and those moments I would. We had high highs and low lows, here’s some of the moments I’ll never forget."

It's safe to say Zanab doesn't share the same warm feelings towards her ex-fiancee. The reunion was the first time the pair had seen or spoken to each other since the wedding, and she - backed up by the other girls - shared some unseen details of her relationship with Cole. These include him getting a girls number at his bachelor party and body shaming Zanab - claims which Cole denies.

One incident that has gained a lot of attention since the reunion aired is when Zanab recalls a moment where Cole criticised her for eating two clementines. She said Cole "looked at me and he goes, 'are you going to eat both of those?'" and told her that since they were going out to eat later, "Maybe you should save your appetite." 

Cole responded by saying to the producers "If you have it please air it," claiming that Zanab had misinterpreted the situation. Netflix did show the footage at the end of the reunion episode, which showed Cole ask "Are you about to eat two of those?" when Zanab picks up the two pieces of fruit. She replies, "Maybe. That’s a serving. You okay with that?" Cole responds by saying she had "better save her appettito" for their "big ol’ supper" tonight, but sounds surprised when Zanab goes on to tell him that all she'd eaten that day was a banana and a scoop of peanut butter. When he asks her why that’s all she’d eaten, she simply answers, "I could definitely could tell you but I probably shouldn't."

The airing of the previously unseen footage has divided fans of the show. One Twitter user wrote: "Even if Zanab was damn near starving herself on her own accord, I completely understand her hearing "are you going to eat both of those" and "save your appetite" as a criticism," with others accusing Cole of "gaslighting". 

However, some viewers have accused Zanab of exaggerating. One said on Twitter: "Um am I the only one seeing that Zanab completely exaggerated this story about Cole and the oranges. Where was he shaming her for eating????"

What have Cole and Zanab said since?

In an interview with Cosmo, Zanab said that she has no regrets, but the piece of advice she would give to women who are searching for love is "Be yourself, as cheesy as that sounds. Be vulnerable and wear your heart on your sleeve," adding that she does believe love is blind.

She also spoke to Variety about her relationship with Cole and some of the comments he made about her on the show. She said: "I did love him. The things he was saying to me did hurt. I was somehow trying to make myself desirable to him, whether it be skinnier, or… I’ve never had someone speak to me that way about my body or eating. That was very real for me."

She added: "I was devastated not to get married. I was sad that I had this great love and it didn’t result in a healthy relationship that turned into a happy marriage."

Cole defended his behaviour and said he was "crushed" after the wedding. When Zanab said that Cole had tried to control what she ate, he responded with "That's hilarious. I never once cared about what you ate. What are you talking about?"

Cole has since spoken to Women's Health about his time on Love is Blind. He said the when Zanab turned him down at the altar: "I was crying my eyes out because I care for this girl and love her to death and wanted a life with her, wanted a relationship with her, wanted to marry her, and here's all of her people cheering not [about] that she didn't just get married, but that she buried me. That was very blindsiding and difficult to experience."

Speaking about the occasion he asked if Zanab was bipolar - a moment that caused outrage among some viewers - Cole added,"I don't think you should question anyone's mental health or ever ask that question. It sounds really bad. When I heard it, it broke my heart to see that play out and to see her face afterwards. 

"But I didn't just out of the blue like, 'Hey, I'm gonna go and ask a very difficult question or just like a question that shouldn't be asked.'" He added that looking back he feels he "crossed a line" when he told Zanab that he rated Colleen and Raven a ten out of ten, after giving Zanab a nine.

Where is Cole from Love is Blind now?

Cole is living in Fort Worth, Texas and still works as a realtor. It looks like he's still close with some of the other boys from Love is Blind too. 

He recently shared a photo a photo captions "Christmas Party!" that included fellow Love is Blind participant Bartise. He's also shared a picture of himself and SK, as well as a video of himself with Matt and SK heading to a rodeo for their bachelor party.

Back in February, Cole shared a series of photos of himself with his arm around another girl. Though he offered no confirmation of the nature of their relationship and hasn't posted with her since, fans were quick to make assumptions, with many commenting on how much his companion in the photo looked like Colleen.

Where is Zanab from Love is Blind now?

Zanab certainly looks like she's been having fun since her time on Love is Blind, and has posted plenty of photos of herself glammed up on her Instagram, as well as one of herself at Austin City Limits music festival.

She's also had a makeover in the months since her time of Love is Blind, and is now sporting a full fringe.

It's not all been plain sailing for her since leaving the show, however. In her interview with Variety, Zanab said that she went to therapy after the wedding to help her prepare for revisiting her time on the show when it aired.

She said: "I’ve been in therapy for a year, and I’ll probably continue going to therapy because I think therapy is wonderful. I’ve just taken all that that relationship taught me and truly just been so selfish this year and poured into myself and loved myself hard and gave myself those affirmations because I never want to be in that low of a space in a relationship ever again. I just want to give my healthiest, happiest self to someone. "

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