Are Colleen and Matt still together and where are they now? Love is Blind season 3


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This up-and-down couple from Love is Blind season 3 have had people asking are Colleen and Matt still together?

The latest Love is Blind reunion episode has dropped giving fans the answers to popular questions such as are Alexa and Brennon still together (opens in new tab) and if Raven and SK are together now (opens in new tab) too. Another favourite couple from the pods remains to be Colleen and beau Matt - who it's fair to say much like Cole and Zanab (opens in new tab) and Bartise and Nancy (opens in new tab) had a few challenges to tackle on their journey together. 

We saw the two row following a certain pool party conversation and Matt again looked to be giving up on them following another night out with their fellow Love is Blind season 3 cast (opens in new tab) members. But as they say, the road to true love never did run smooth, so did these two make it or break up? We've got the downlow for you on whether they're still together and what Colleen and Matt are up to now.

Are Colleen and Matt still together?

Yes, during the reunion episode Colleen and Matt confirmed they were still together after saying I do to each other on their wedding days. Whilst married, the couple don't currently live together but have plans to soon.

"We actually do not live together yet. I know it sounds crazy but it's really just doing it on our own time," Matt told Nick and Vanessa.

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Colleen explained: "We're very much on the same page. Logistics-wise and money-wise we weren't there. As soon as the wedding, the next day, we weren't money-wise ready to give up on our leases. Like we weren't there yet. 

"We got married in a unorthodox way, so we're doing marriage in an unorthodox way," she added, going on to explain that a possible problem was that housemates were involved and they didn't want to screw people over. 

Whilst currently not co-habiting, Matt assured that "we stay together seven days a week". And it's certainly a priority for the two going forward.

"We have a plan in a couple months. We made sure our leases line up the same amount of time and we are going to move in together," Colleen said. "I can't wait to move in with him. I can't and I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with him. So i'm content. We are content. We're on the same page with how we're doing things".

There was no doubt the feelings Colleen and Matt had for each other on their wedding day. 

"You are my person, 1000% per cent and I will be there for you no matter what. I will be your rock, I’ll be your boulder," said Colleen at the altar. To which Matt joked: “It’s a nice boulder”. 

She continued: “Matty, I do. No matter what I will be there for you. I love you so much.”

Matt also chose to say I do to Colleen, sharing how her love had helped him. "You know you allowed me to break out of my shell. You allowed me to become vulnerable again. I was in a bad way before all this, from a relationship standpoint. And the comfort level that you gave me, and the natural.. And just allowing me to become vulnerable again, it speaks volumes. I love you to death. Absolutely, I do, I want to marry you. Absolutely!"

The congregation erupted into a round of applause following the exchange of vows, with both Colleen and Matt's mums looking emotional.

Catching up with the two later on their wedding day, the two seemed ecstatic. “I knew you were mine when I proposed to you," Matt gushed to his wife. Whilst Colleen excitedly shouted at the camera: "Love is blind, baby. Love is blind."

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What have Colleen and Matt said since?

The two have since spoken publicly about their newlywed life together and how they encountered a few teething problems along the way.

Matt told PEOPLE (opens in new tab) that the two learnt "a lot". Getting out of the show and the whole atmosphere, you learn a lot about each other. It kind of started off rough right when we got out of it... in the sense of knowing that you just got married. So now you've got to take your schedule and incorporate her scheduling. You've got to blend them together.

He continues: "And if you have certain things you like to do on the weekends, sometimes you can't do them anymore. So just learning how to kind of mesh like that was tough at the very beginning... it's just learning how to incorporate each other into your daily lives.

Nevertheless, he assured that the two were "as good as we've ever been" at this point in time.

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Similarly, Colleen reflected on her journey throughout the show and whether she held any regrets. 

"Everything happens for a reason and me and Matt found each other, so I don't wish that I did anything differently with Matt," she says. "We were very transparent with each other and I'm proud of us for being so open and honest.

"The only thing would be definitely shutting down that conversation with Cole in the pool because I love [Zanab] so much," Colleen adds. "So yeah, I wish I would do that conversation differently."

Indeed the Colleen and Cole pool drama came up during the reunion episode. Matt gave his view on the incident and praised his wife for being truthful with him.

"Being in this situation, yes it was an incredibly disrespectful comment, conversation to both of our relationships," he said. "That being said I do have to commend Colleen for coming to me that night and immediately saying ‘This is what happened, this is what I said’.

"You know I did kind of lose my cool a little bit. And after watching the scene you know, she told me everything," he added. "There wasn’t anything that surprised me after watching it, that she didn’t already tell me."

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Where are Colleen and Matt now?

Colleen and Matt are still living in Dallas, Texas - albeit separately. Nevertheless the two have been spotted hanging out and doing everyday couple things together like shopping at Target.

@broopitt (opens in new tab)

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TikTok user @Broopitt shared a spoiler ahead of the wedding and reunion episode which confirmed that Colleen and Matt were still together. The video shows the two coming out of a Target in Dallas together carrying shopping.

Apart from that the two have been very quiet about each other on Instagram - no doubt respecting producer rules not to share too much until the show ends. So we look forwarding to seeing a post of the two looking loved up together soon.

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