Bartise and Nancy Love is Blind season 3: Are they still together and where are they now?

Here's what we know about the season 3 couple

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Are Bartise and Nancy still together is the question Love is Blind fans want answering ahead of the After the Altar update.

Just like fans of the show were asking are Raven and SK still together after episode ten saw the couple stop short of getting married, viewers are keen to know what the relationship status is of the rest of the Love is Blind season 3 cast in the time that has passed since the series aired. 

And while some are wondering if Colleen and Matt and Alexa and Brennon are still together, many are asking the same of Bartise and Nancy. In the penultimate episode, we saw Nancy walk down the aisle and say yes to marrying Bartise, but viewers had to wait until the finale to find out if he said the same. Now that we know the answer, here's what the pair have been up to since and are they still together?

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Are Bartise and Nancy still together?

Unfortunately, Bartise and Nancy are no longer together. Though Nancy said yes at the altar, Bartise said "I do not", causing Nancy to walk back down the aisle in tears.

Bartise explained to Nancy: "What I've gone through in the real world with you and with your family and with everything we've talked about, there's no way for me in my head that it makes sense to get out there and say yes."

He added: "The stuff that we talked about on a daily basis just didn't make sense for me to get here and be like 'I wholeheartedly want to make Nancy Rodriguez my wife forever'.

"I'm sorry that it had to happen like this, I'm sorry it happened in front of everybody, but this is what we signed up for."

It was Nancy's family who seemed most upset by Bartise's decision, with her mother telling her "I know you put 100% into this, but this young man is not ready for you," and her brother entering into a shouting match with Bartise.

And though Bartise offered a glimmer of hope, saying "our journey can continue after today," Nancy was ready to walk away, telling him "for me it's not like 'oh maybe it'll work later'. No. I chose you, you didn't choose me."

Looking at her engagement ring, she added: "I want to rip this off, because it means nothing to me now."

A tearful Nancy later said to the cameras, "My heart is shattered. He blindsided me. I wanted to believe that if I took a risk to love him for who he was that he would do the same."

The outcome wasn't a surprise to viewers, as Bartise and Nancy didn't have the smoothest ride during the show. Despite proposing to Nancy when in the pods, Bartise struggled to put to bed his feelings for Raven, who he admitted was the type of girl he'd usually go for. 

In the reunion episode things got heated when Nancy accused Bartise of going on a date the day after their wedding. She said: "He had a tall blonde by his side. I just saw some things on social media. It was posting a video of the scene, and you caught Bartise and this tall blonde next to him and then that same tall blonde over the weekend on his lap, all over him."

Bartise responded with, "Yes, there was a blonde girl with me, but that night, nothing happened. Something eventually happened on July 4th on a boat. There was a lot of drinking and a lot of coping I was doing. To be honest, I don’t think my sex life is anybody’s business."

What have Bartise and Nancy said since?

Bartise has since said that he feels 'ashamed' watching the show back, but that he doesn't have any regrets.

In an interview with PEOPLE, he said "I love my journey with Nancy because, especially watching it back and watching myself, kind of feeling embarrassed to have watched myself say some of the stuff that I said and ashamed of myself. I like that journey because I'm able to learn from it and grow from it." He also said that he considers Nancy to be an acquaintance more than a friend.

In a recent TikTok, Bartise responded to a fan comment about him, saying, "I don’t know why you just didn’t fast forward my parts or cut that s*** off, because what a mess I have made. Oh my god!"

More recently, Bartise has announced that he will be taking part in Netflix's Perfect Match, a brand new dating show that brings together stars of existing reality shows on the streaming service.

Nancy, meanwhile said in an interview with PEOPLE that she hopes she and Bartise can be friends later in life. "Right after the wedding, we took time apart,” she said. “I think for me, you saw me, I was like, ‘It’s black and white. You said no. I’m out.’ I had to do that to protect myself, because at that point I was so blindsided that I needed to process how did this happen?" she said. "Rewatching it, it was like, ‘Oh, that’s how it happened.’ I would hope that Bartise and I could be friends at some point and later on in life, maybe in his 30s, we can be friends. But I don’t see the benefit of us being friends at this point."

She also explained the angry reaction of her brother and mother at the wedding, saying, "When he said no, I had to shut down my feelings and I even said to Bartise, ‘It’s okay.’ Those were my first words when we got outside. So my mom and my brother fought the fight that I couldn’t fight in that moment."

One of the defining moments of Nancy and Bartise's relationship on the show was a conversation they had about abortion, in which Bartise expressed strong feelings against terminating a pregnancy if the baby had a disability, while Nancy, who is a speech pathologist, said, "I think it's different for me. I've seen so much in my field. It was so emotionally draining and so sad that I would cry every day. A lot of the time, even just with Down Syndrome, there are so many complications; medical and also learning complications, and I see the amount of trauma that it does to the family."

Speaking to Elite Daily about that particular conversation, Nancy said: "I was hoping people would watch that interaction between me and Bartise and see how being a good listener can really carry a conversation. I hope this opens doors for conversations in people’s relationships, whether it’s with their parents, their partners, or their friends.

"To go through this experience on Love Is Blind, I truly opened my heart, my mind, and my soul. And people see that. Being so vulnerable is scary, but if it means I’m touching the lives of people all over the world, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat."

Where is Bartise from Love is Blind now?

Since filming Love is Blind, it looks like Bartise has spent a lot of the time in the gym, and he's been showing off his impressive physique in the odd topless pic too. 

He also recently posted a video captioned, "What an incredible month it’s been. Traveling, making friends, creating memories, and sharing stories. That’s all I wanna do," in which it looked like he'd spent a lot of said month having fun partying.

And he's still close with fellow Love is Blind cast members Matt and Brennon, as he shared a picture of the trio sat together with the caption "I love this pic because we are 3 very different guys and we held up “3” all in different ways lol". And he's shared photos with Cole too.

Amid some drama with between Cole and Zanab, Bartise also shared a TikTok with the caption "When all the girls AGGRESSIVELY came after Cole at the reunion and nobody else wanted to stand up for him."

No doubt we'll be seeing a lot more of Bartise when he appears on Perfect Match, airing on Netflix on 14 February 2023.

Where is Nancy from Love is Blind now?

Since Love is Blind, Nancy has returned to her career as a speech pathologist as well as working in real estate, and from her Instagram it looks like she's a big fan of trying out viral dance routines.

She's also undergone more than one hair transformation since her time on the show, first having had some blonder tones and money pieces added to her hair as well as a set of extensions, before chopping off the length and dying it dark brown.

She's shared some career tips via her Instagram too, and has talked about how she turned real estate investing into a full-time career.

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