Where is Ralph & Katie filmed? Locations featured in The A Word spin-off

Where were the cast and crew spotted?

Leon Harrop as Ralph and Sarah Gordy as Katie in Ralph & Katie
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The delightful pair now have a show of their own, but where exactly did they film it?

Fans of The A Word are delighted that two characters from the show who had supporting roles in the series, are now heading up their own spin-off. What is even better is that the two leads who both have Down’s Syndrome, are the first ever disabled actors to take leading roles in a prime-time BBC show. The majority of the crew also have a disability, and led by The A Word writer Peter Bowker, the rest of the writing team were disabled - many groundbreaking firsts all round. Leon Harrop is back as Ralph, and Sarah Gordy returns as Katie for the Ralph & Katie series - we reveal exactly where it was filmed, and answer other need-to-know questions. 

For anyone who needs a recap of series prequel The A Word before Ralph & Katie airs, look no further because our handy guide has all the information you need. Also causing a stir, the Inside Man BBC release date was long awaited but the show has been worth the wait. With Inside Man filmed across some beautiful counties, fans are trying to work out who the killer could be while also figuring out where in the country the filming locations are.  

Where is Ralph & Katie filmed?

External filming for Ralph & Katie took place in Cumbria and Cheshire, specifically Keswick in the Lake District, and Bollington in Cheshire. Internal shots are filmed at a studio in Manchester.   

According to Cumbria Crack, Keswick’s Moot Hall was made over into a winter wonderland, for Christmas scenes featured in Ralph & Katie. An artificial festive fir, along with smaller trees, fairy lights, and decorations, festooned the entrance to the tourist information centre. 

Filming in Keswick for Ralph & Katie

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In Bollington, Cheshire Live reported film crews set up in the village Market Place, Water Street, and Green Cafe. Traffic management was set up in the area for cast, crew, and public safety, but there was apparently little disruption caused by the filming.

Space Studios Manchester was used for filming internal sequences. The site has more than 85,000 sq ft of high specification stages, purpose designed dressing and make-up facilities, and space for prop storage and workshops. Parts of Peaky Blinders, Brassic, and The Crown have been filmed at the studios. 

Ralph & Katie: Release date

Ralph & Katie will be released on Wednesday October 5, 2022 on BBC1 at 9pm. The series is being shown as double bills, with another episode immediately airing at 9.30pm. Episodes will be on BBC iPlayer once they’ve aired, with 6 episodes in total made.

In a statement, writer Peter Bowker said “Ralph & Katie is a natural step forwards from the ongoing ambition of The A Word to increase representation and diversity both on and off screen. Equally exciting is the opportunity to work again with two young actors as talented as Leon and Sarah. It is a tribute to their performances in The A Word that the BBC have commissioned this series”.

Chief Executive of the Down’s Syndrome Association, Carol Boys, added “We’re so pleased that Ralph and Katie’s story will be continuing, and that Leon and Sarah, two marvellous actors, are getting this well-deserved opportunity to play the central characters in a BBC drama”.

Ralph & Katie: Cast

  • Leon Harrop (Brassic, Casualty) as Ralph
  • Sarah Gordy (Peak Practice, Call The Midwife) as Katie
  • Nigel Betts (Downton Abbey, Eastenders) as Steve
  • Pooky Quesnel (Eastenders, Waterloo Road) as Louise
  • Sherry Baines (Coronation Street) as Clare
  • Matt Greenwood (Waterloo Road) as Tom
  • Craig Cash (The Royle Family, The Fast Show) as Brian
  • Dylan Brady (Get Even) as Danny
  • Jamie Marie Leary (Traces, Shepherd) as Emma

In a statement, Katie actress Sarah Gordy “It is great to be able to take the character of Katie forward after her exciting journey in series three of The A Word. The wedding and the dress were a dream come true for Katie. I am so looking forward to seeing what comes next in Ralph and Katie’s married life".

In The A Word, Ralph was Louise’s son - love interest and later wife of Maurice. Katie was his girlfriend and also later his wife in the show.

Louise was initially concerned about her disabled son marrying, and decided she and Maurice should live with the newlyweds. This arrangement doesn’t last long, as the four get on top of each other and Ralph and Katie want to live alone. The sequel follows the newlyweds as they navigate marriage and a life of independence. 

Getting to grips with the challenges faced during their first year of marriage, each episode will focus on a different domestic challenge faced by the pair. Pooky Quesnel reprises her The A Word role as Ralph’s fierce but loving mum Louise, and the pair also have Katie’s parents Clare and Steve to contend with this time. Family friend Tom offers advice whether it's wanted or not. New faces include support worker Danny, and Katie’s friend Emma, who also weigh in on proceedings. Ralph and Katie also deal with a nosy but also helpful neighbour. 

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