Where is The White Lotus season 2 filmed? Locations featured in the acclaimed comedy drama

Do any of the locations look familiar?

Hotel staff waiting to welcome guests arriving by boat in The White Lotus season 2
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The White Lotus season 2 is just as high on satire as its season 1 counterpart, but the backdrop has altered - here’s exactly where filming for the latest instalment took place.

Jennifer Coolidge might be the only returning The White Lotus cast member for season 2 and the setting might look totally different, but the laughs are just as high. The anthology series is back with a bang, covering an entirely new set of current themes to wave its darkly comedic finger at. While season 1 dealt with class, race, privilege, and colonialism, this season will see sexual politics and gender roles take centre stage. With the latest guests of a different White Lotus resort now checked in and the action underway, read on to find out where the new locations featured this season are in real life - and the new cast members joining the show. 

To find out where to watch The White Lotus in the UK, we have everything you need to know, along with more plot details.  And after you've seen if your White Lotus season 2 theories turned out to be true in The White Lotus ending - then get ready to read on for details of The White Lotus season 3.

Where is The White Lotus season 2 filmed?

The White Lotus season 2 was filmed in Sicily, namely the areas of Taormina, Palermo, and Noto.  The internal shots were filmed at the Lumina Studios near Rome

Situated on the side of a mountain, Taormina is one of Sicily's most popular tourist attractions - this has made it an expensive place to stay and visit. Founded in the 4th century BC, Taormina has a rich history - from falling into obscurity following the Norman invasion of 1087, to being resurrected as a tourist destination in the 18th century. 

Its ancient theatre and beautiful views of the surrounding seas, maintain its popularity as a must-visit destination when in Sicily. Musician Maurizio Lombardo shared some pictures to Instagram of film crews set up and filming in Taormina. Plenty of filming equipment can be seen, and some cast members watched by onlookers, are being filmed outside one of the area's ancient buildings.  

According to Lonely Planet, Palermo is full of Byzantine mosaics, Arabesque domes and frescoed cupolas. Old mixes with new, where some streets are lined with traditional souk markets and baroque churches, and some with artisan studios and hot new eateries. 

Palermo is also home to Italy’s biggest opera house and a huge number of vibrant bars. Lesser known to tourists than Taormina, it might soon find itself just as popular now it's featured in a major series.  Actor Gabriele Marchese shared some photos of some of The White Lotus season 2 cast and crew out and about on set, and around Sicily, to his Instagram page. 

Noto is said to be a baroque town so gorgeous, the entire place could be a film set. Featuring one of Italy's most historic centres, visitors are drawn to the Corso Vittorio Emanuele - a walkway filled with baroque palazzi and churches. The area has been called Noto for centuries, but today's Noto dates to the early 18th century. When an earthquake hit in 1693, the town was completely destroyed. Many of the present buildings were designed by local architect Rosario Gagliardi. 

Lumina Studios are situated near Veio Park, on the north side of Rome. The studios provide spaces for cinema and television productions, and also video clips, commercials and events. All internal sequences for The White Lotus season 2, were shot here.

Which hotel is The White Lotus season 2 filmed at?

The White Lotus season 2 is filmed at the San Domenico Palace in Taormina, part of the Four Seasons hotel chain. The building is a former fourteenth century convent sitting at the top of a rocky cliff, with views of the surrounding Ionian Sea and Mount Etna.

The building was renovated from a convent into a luxury hotel in 1896. Famous guests including Oscar Wilde, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn have frequented the hotel, whose amenities boast a clifftop infinity pool, a spa, two bars, and award-winning restaurants. With 111 rooms and suites, room rates begin at £480 per night, through to £6,000 per night for the most expensive suite. 

When a second instalment of the anthology series was greenlit, producers Mike White and David Bernad decided to scout Europe for potential hotels for filming, along the Mediterranean. They roamed from St.-Tropez, and the French Riviera, to the coast of Italy, before deciding on their spot.  When they found the San Domenico Palace, they found it would be closed for the winter and perfect for filming. 

They also fell in love with the personality of the building, which had the most character of any they'd previously scouted. The cast were even sure the building was haunted, with Vulture reporting two cast members staying at the hotel had identical nightmares about a bald man standing at the foot of their bed - on the same night.

How many episodes are in season 2 of The White Lotus?

The White Lotus season 2 will consist of seven episodes. For both seasons, director Mike White has worked without a writers’ room. 

According to Vulture, he directs all episodes, maintaining total control over the final product. Following the first season, he said “I still believe in art as the individual and as the universal. I want to find myself in the other. And the point of it is that there is no other; it is you".

  • Episode 1, “Ciao”: October 30
  • Episode 2, “Italian Dream”: November 6
  • Episode 3, “Bull Elephants”: November 13
  • Episode 4, “In The Sandbox”: November 20
  • Episode 5, “That’s Amore”: November 27
  • Episode 6, “Abductions”: December 6
  • Episode 7, “Byg”: December 11

Aubrey Plaza, Meghann Fahy, Theo James, Will Sharpe in The White Lotus season 2

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The White Lotus season 2: Cast

  • Jennifer Coolidge (American Pie, Legally Blonde) as Tanya McQuoid-Hunt
  • Theo James (The Time Traveler's Wife, Downton Abbey) as Cameron Babcock
  • Tom Hollander (Bird Box, The Ipcress File) as Quentin
  • Meghann Fahy (The Good Wife, Blue Bloods) as Daphne Sullivan
  • Haley Lu Richardson (Ravenswood, Split) as Portia
  • Sabrina Impacciatore (18 Years Later, There's No Place Like Home) as Valentina
  • F Murray Abraham (Amadeus, Scarface) as Bert Di Grasso
  • Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos, Bad Boys) as Dominic Di Grasso
  • Adam DiMarco (Charmed, The Good Doctor) as Albie Di Grasso
  • Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation, Legion) as Harper Spiller
  • Will Sharpe (Flowers, W1A) as Ethan Spiller
  • Beatrice Grannò (The Time of Indifference, Zero) as Mia
  • Simona Tabasco (Luna Park, The Ties) as Lucia
  • Jon Gries (Seinfeld, Lost) as Greg
  • Leo Woodall (Vampire Academy, Holby City) as Jack

Speaking to Hollywood Reporter about his character, actor Theo James said "Cameron is, in many ways, a dangerous person - charming but you know, on the edge of a sociopath. 

He continued "But he’s also quite loving and in love with his wife, which presents a dichotomy for the characters around him and the audience, because he’s not just an asshole. He’s entertaining, and he’s a bit of a puppy dog in some ways, but then he’s also calculating and very dangerous".

Jennifer Coolidge spoke about the way her character had been written by director Mike White. She said "Mike sort of created this great character. I’d like to take credit, but I think what he wrote just sort of came to life, so he has so much to do with it. I think it’s kind of fun to see flawed people on the screen. I like to see flawed people because I could relate".

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