Where was Disenchanted filmed? Real-life filming locations of the Disney film

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Where was Disenchanted filmed? Real-life filming locations of the Disney film
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With New York City setting the scene for Enchanted, fans of the 2007 Disney movie are now wondering where its highly-anticipated sequel, Disenchanted, was filmed. 

The American musical comedy sees the return of Amy Adams as the lovable Giselle and Patrick Dempsey as the ever-practical Robert Philips, nearly 15 years after the original film was released. Buzz over the sequel has had fans wondering when is Disenchanted coming out, and even more importantly, what's it about and where was it filmed. The Disney+ official trailer reveals Giselle and Patrick leaving New York City for a new life in Monroeville, a fictional suburb that doesn't have quite the fairytale atmosphere the couple had hoped for. When they arrive at their new home, they find the property - which still has scaffolding on its exterior - is a far cry from the idyllic castles and turrets of Andalasia. 

Always the optimist, Giselle can be heard reassuring stepdaughter Morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino) that the landfill in their backyard is in, fact, a 'land filled with adventure' and chirpily calling their derelict abode a 'fixer-upper'. It's endearing, to say the least, especially if you're in need of singing along to something a bit more wholesome after Matilda the Musical movie. The Philips family's relocation from the city to the suburbs has left fans curious about Disenchanted's filming locations, with some wondering if the producers shot the movie outside of the US. With the release date finally upon us, it's safe to say this could be joining our list of the best films and TV shows to watch on Disney+.

Where was Disenchanted filmed? 

Monroeville, unsurprisingly, isn't a real place - but the filming location of Enchanted's sequel absolutely is. Disenchanted was primarily shot in Enniskerry, Wicklow, a small village nestled on the east coast of Ireland. 

Producers exported the project across the Atlantic after discovering the stunning location, much to the delight of both the A-list cast and the town's starstruck locals. Perched on the foothills of a beautiful mountainous region, Wicklow is often called the 'Garden of Ireland' - making it the perfect setting for the Philips family's new life outside of New York.


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Disenchanted's designers gave the village an impressively elaborate makeover to make it big-screen ready, covering its buildings with lights and blossoms to achieve that mythical look. 

The Philips' pink house, which can still be found in the affluent area of The Burnaby in Greystones, was decorated with Fuschia flowers and trailing foliage, while shopfronts were renamed and given kitsch-style lettering. 


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Some scenes in Disenchanted were also re-shot in Buckinghamshire, England and New York City, after a test screening received mixed reviews from its audience. 

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When was Disenchanted filmed? 

Filming for Disenchanted began in Wicklow, Ireland on May 17, 2021, a few weeks after principal photography for the film was shot in Los Angeles. Production on the Emerald Isle wrapped up on July 22, after James Marsden and Idina Menzel had flown in to film their scenes as Prince Edward and Nancy Tremaine. 

Scenes for Disenchanted were also reshot in Buckinghamshire, England, in March 2022, after a test screening had been met with mixed reactions from audiences. 

Disenchanted: Behind the Scenes 

Cast and crew of Disenchanted were treated to the summer of a lifetime thanks to its overseas location - and they weren't shy about sharing their experience online. Patrick Dempsey posted multiple updates on Instagram during his time in Ireland, many of which showcased the country's stunningly green landscape. 

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