Best fish pie recipes

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  • Our best fish pie recipes including a cheesy fish pie, filo pastry fish pie and a fish pie with sweet potato mash.

    Fish pie recipes to make a great British classic and we love how many variations you can make. Our best fish pie recipes go from super rich luxury versions with white wine and cream to speedy fish pie recipes, for when time is short, as well as fun, colourful versions to get kids eating their greens.

    These fish pie recipes are a great way to hide lots of veg for fussy eaters in a delicious creamy filling, try adding peas, sweetcorn or diced carrot to any of these recipes to boost your 5-a-day intake.

    Where to buy fish for a fish pie

    Try asking your fishmonger for a fish pie mix, which usually works out a lot cheaper than buying whole fillets as it is all the off cuts of their best fish such as salmon and smoked haddock. Most supermarkets will also do frozen versions of fish pie mix, which are perfect to pop in your pie! You can always supplement this and posh up your pie with a few luxuries like prawns or scallops.

    An ideal recipe for when you have big numbers to feed as a lot of the work can be done beforehand, just throw it in the oven when needed and forget about it till it’s cooked and ready to serve. As a one dish dinner, there is also the added bonus of minimal washing up!

    We just love this fish pie with sweet potato mash (pictured). This flavour-packed pie is bursting with haddock, pollock and salmon. Topped with a buttery sweet potato mash and finished with some cherry vine tomatoes for a fruity twist which works wonders with the cream sauce.

    Get the recipe: Fish pie with sweet potato mash

    Best fish pie recipes