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From breakfast to lunch, from dinner to dessert, we’ve got lots of healthy and simple Slimming World recipes and ideas to keep you on track when it comes to taking part of the Slimming World plan

Slimming World is a weight management organisation that dates back from 1969. Slimming World holds thousands of weekly groups for members all over the UK influencing millions of people to eat healthier and manage their weight. The Slimming World plan relies on counting ‘syns’ of the different foods you eat. Counting ‘syns’ makes sure you don’t overeat, you manage what you eat and adjust it to eat healthier too. You have a daily allowance of syns depending on your starting weight or the goal you’d like to achieve at the end of your Slimming World journey. 

Each member of the Slimming World team is given a Slimming World Food Optimising book, which breaks down foods into Free Foods, Healthy Extras and Syns to ensure healthy weight loss. You can eat a whole variety of meals on the Slimming World plan – be it chicken and potato curry or even a slice of Mississippi mud pie. It’s all about portion control and keeping a count of those syns. 

We’ve got lots of mouth-watering Slimming World recipes for you to try at home including breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and we’ve even got a whole range of cakes and bakes for you to rustle up too. Not forgetting our suggestions of low-syn or syn-free foods you can buy in your local supermarkets. 

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