Are Evelyn and Duncan together? Everything we know about the MAFS Australia duo

The pair were married to different partners on the reality dating show

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After months of rumours, Married at First Sight fans finally have an answer to whether Evelyn and Duncan are together.

The Married at First Sight reunion and season 10 of the hit dating show has officially drawn to an end. There's been breakups, a cheating scandal, a butt-dial scandal and all the usual drama from the dinner parties, and now we know who did and didn't make it past final vows (spoiler: Melinda and Layton and Ollie and Tahnee were the only successful couples).

But it seems the drama isn't over, because for months rumours have been circulating that two cast members have struck up a relationship post-filming. Evelyn Ellis, who was partnered with Rupert, and Duncan James, who was married to Alyssa on the show, have sparked relationship rumours after being photographed out and about together a number of times. Here's what we now about whether Evelyn and Duncan are together.

Are Evelyn and Duncan together?

Yes, Evelyn and Rupert have confirmed they are together. Though they weren't partnered together in MAFS, the pair revealed in an exclusive interview for 9Entertainment that they have fallen for each other since leaving the experiment. 

When asked if they were together, Evelyn said, "This is Evelyn and Duncan's hard launch. It feels good to finally just say it, and it feels kind of exhilarating in a weird, freeing way."

Duncan explained: "We started hanging out a little bit after the show. Everyone's sort of friends in the cast, and obviously me and you living in Sydney we probably hung out a little bit more."

He went on to say, "All of a sudden we went out on a couple of nights, and some of the warm fuzzy feelings happened in my stomach and I thought, 'What's this? How we going here?'

"Then... one thing led to another."

When asked if they had told their fellow cast members that they're together, they said the response had been positive - adding that they had been given a blessing from Rupert, Evelyn's husband on the show. 

The news won't come as a surprise to some MAFS fans, as rumours of Duncan and Evelyn's romance have been around for a while, and they were recently pictured kissing and cuddling on a date night in Sydney

What happened to Evelyn and Duncan of MAFS Australia?

Neither Evelyn nor Duncan's relationships on Married at First Sight made it past final vows. While Evelyn and her partner Rupert struggled to connect romantically and parted ways in the final episode, Duncan called it quits with his bride Alyssa over their difficulty communicating. 

Evelyn and Rupert were involved in this season's infamous 'butt dial scandal', where Rupert accidentally called his bride while on a boys night out, leading her to hear some disrespectful comments made by cast members Hugo and Dan. Evelyn wasn't afraid to call them out at a dinner party, leading to an explosive argument which left Rupert no option but to speak out and defend his wife. 

Meanwhile, Duncan and Alyssa had their own share of drama. Though they hit it off on their wedding day, Alyssa was frustrated by Duncan's decision to play tennis with the other grooms instead of spend time with her during intimacy week, and further tensions emerged at the final dinner party, when Alyssa shot down her husband after he was asked to reveal how he felt about her. 

He said: "I feel warm, I feel close. I love how you make me feel when it’s good," to which Alyssa responded, "When it’s good. Which is what, 56 per cent of the time."

Duncan replied, "Yeah. … Even just then, I’m just describing some things about how I like about you and you just cut me down."

So, it's no surprise that the pair didn't end up together. And though Alyssa ultimately decided to commit to Duncan in her final vows, he chose to walk away, saying, "I don't want to hurt you and I don't want to continue getting hurt, so I have to say goodbye."

Where is Evelyn Ellis now?

Evelyn remains living in Sydney, and though she's been pretty quiet on social media since MAFS aired, she did share some thought on her experience on the show via Instagram.

Writing in a photo caption on May 1, she said: " I knew I was signing up for something absolutely mental but this experience has been a beautiful journey on so many levels. Yes, at times it has been testing but it's made me so much stronger, braver and more confident."

She added: "Big Shoutout to the beautiful people I got to share this experiment with, I can't wait to create more memories with you guys".

Meanwhile, it seems Rupert and Evelyn have remained on good terms and are even good friends. A TikTok video shared by boutique cosmetic clinic, The Cosmetic Lounge, showed the two getting botox together. They captioned the post: “We loved having these two drop in! You’re welcome back whenever you like!”


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Where is Duncan James now?

Duncan is also living in Sydney, and has been romantically linked to more than one other MAFS cast member. 

In January, he was photographed with season 9 cast member Carolina Santos, showing Duncan and Carolina having an intimate conversation while whispering into each other's ears.

Speaking to Yahoo! Lifestyle about the rumours, Carolina said: "It was kind of a club so it was really hard to hear each other and we obviously had to speak into each other’s ears. There’s nothing really more to it."

Of course, those rumours have been dispelled now that he and Evelyn have confirmed their relationship. And speaking to 9Entertainment, Duncan revealed that he is looking forward to many exciting dates in future now the news is out.

"That's the part I'm really looking forward to once we've come out and said that we're in a relationship," he said.

"We can do all those fun things, and not have to sneak around and share all those great moments together."

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