Are Tayla and Hugo still together? MAFS Australia season 10 update

Here's what we know about where the MAFS couple are now...

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The couple joined the experiment late, but viewers are already wondering if Tayla and Hugo are still together.

Married at First Sight Australia season 10 has reality TV fans glued to the popular dating experiment, which sees couples that have been matched by experts meet for the first time on their wedding day, and go on to navigate life as newlyweds.

Viewers have been eager to know the fate of the couples on the show, whether it's successful matches such as Melinda and Layton and Ollie and Tahnee, or those who had a tougher time on their wedding day - like Harrison and Bronte and Evelyn and Rupert. And now, newcomers Tayla and Hugo have got MAFS fans asking the same question. Here's what we know...

Are Tayla and Hugo still together?

Fans of the show won't be surprised to find out that Tayla and Hugo are no longer together, after announcing they were leaving the experiment during a dinner party. Tayla turned up halfway through the party, after previously returning home to Tasmania without telling Hugo.

In a private chat away from the rest of the guests, Hugo told Tayla it was unnecessary to continue to the commitment ceremony if they were on the same page about their relationship. They then returned to the group and announced their decision to split.

What happened between Tayla and Hugo on MAFS Australia?

The bride and groom joined the series much later than their fellow couples, and had a bit of a rocky start. Tayla was left disappointed on the wedding day, admitting to the camera "He's definitely not my type… at all."

Hugo later said, "She seems like she's going to be a bit of a handful," after Tayla announced that she doesn't like being told what to do, and that she expected him to defend her in public - even if he disagreed with her.

At their honeymoon, Tayla announced she didn't intend to share a bed with Hugo for the duration of the experiment. And things went from bad to worse when Hugo asked Tayla what she was looking for in a partner, to which she replied: "It was probably someone the opposite of you. When I first saw you I thought... I don't think he's very sporty.

"I actually requested someone who didn't talk much... a man's man. A Tradie, footballer, a bit rowdy, likes to drink beer. That's definitely my type of guy. You're probably not my type."

Then came the 'butt dial scandal', which involved fellow MAFS cast member Evelyn hearing some questionable comments from the grooms when her husband Rupert accidentally called her while on a boys' night out.

Hugo came under fire for comments he made about Tayla at a dinner party where Evelyn revealed, "You said you couldn't stand her, and you called her a ****." According to Evelyn, Hugo also said he would choose any other wife over Tayla.

Though Hugo eventually apologised, Tayla wouldn't accept it and during the following commitment ceremony she chose to leave, then storming out when Hugo revealed he wanted to stay.

It was the following dinner party that Tayla turned up halfway through, saying she wanted to give Hugo 'a second chance'. But despite the olive branch, Hugo decided that the pair's journey was over.

Where is Tayla Winter now?

Tayla has since spoken about her time on the show, saying she feels like she was made to look like a villain.

Speaking on Hit100.9’s Dan & Christie, she said: "They didn’t really have a female villain this year and I had to slide into that role a little bit.

"I don’t think it’s a true representation of myself and it’s not reflecting who I am, but it is what it is. The people who know me know me."

She's also been involved in a 'sexting scandal' with fellow MAFS cast member Cam Woods, after his bride Lyndall brought up rumours in the series' reunion.

Cam defended himself, saying, "It was just a back and forth text. It was nothing serious. It was just a friendly chat."

Meanwhile, Tayla said, "I really like Cam as a friend. We get along really, really well. There's not much to it. He's up in Darwin, I'm down in Tassie. It hasn't been explored yet,” before clarifying that “it's not going to be explored."

However, speaking about the rumours during her appearance on Dan & Christie, Tayla admitted: "Yeah, there is a little bit of truth to that," before calling Cam a "loose cannon," and adding it was "very one-sided."

Where is Hugo Armstrong now?

Hugo has been rumoured to have moved on from Tayla to fitness influencer Carla Chatkiewicz, after the pair were spotted together.

A source told Daily Mail Australia that the pair "really hit it off", adding: "They have so much in common and their chemistry is undeniable.

"It's like night and day compared to his relationship with Tayla."

Speaking about his relationship with Tayla on Today Extra, Hugo said: "I have zero clue why Tayla did half the things she did during our time in the experiment. It was all quite a lot and quite confusing for me."

He added: "It was largely mixed messaging. If you say someone isn't your type and you put in zero effort from day one, and then you flee back to Tasmania and return to say you wish to give the experiment a go!"

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