Are Lyndall and Cameron still together? MAFS Australia season 10 couple update

Aka this season's strongest couple!

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Sparks flew on the wedding day - but did they make it in the outside world?

Married at First Sight Australia started on E4 this week much to fans delight, with the all-important wedding episodes revealing the new MAFS Australia cast members looking to find love in the series ahead. Hopes are high that this year's show proves to be as juicy, dramatic and drama-filled as the 2022 edition. And whilst we're only at the start, we feel pretty certain that season 10 won't leave us disappointed.

One pairing that has already proven to be popular with MAFS audiences are Lyndell Grace and Cameron Woods, who melted hearts during their picture perfect wedding day. There was attraction and shared interests from the start with these two, which certainly bodes well. And just like viewers want to know if Harrison and Bronte are still together or if Melinda and Layton are still together, the same is being asked of this pairing. We've shared an update on whether Lyndall and Cameron are still together in 2023, ahead of the Married at First Sight reunion...

Are Lyndall and Cameron still together?

Sadly Lyndall and Cameron are no longer together in 2023. The Daily Mail claims the two parted ways before the season 10 finale and post-split, allege Lyndall briefly moved on with fellow contestant Josh White instead.

It's a blow for MAFS Australia fans who were shipping the couple from the start. Their wedding day can only be described as nothing short of a fairytale, with Lyndall and Cameron hitting it off from the start. Groom Cameron was also incredibly supportive when new wife Lyndall revealed her Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis on the day.

Viewers were delighted to see this connection continue to blossom during their honeymoon in Fraser Island. Many let out an audible aww as Cameron assured his blonde bride "I ain’t going anywhere, I’ve got you," in a sweet moment.

Moving in together also didn't appear to faze Lyndall and Cameron. They got through the honesty box and photo ranking challenge unscathed and continue to appear loved up at multiple group dinner parties.

However, the first challenge seemed to arrive in Family and Friends week, when a hugging incident divided both mother-in-laws. After recovering from this setback, the two had another difference in opinion during one particularly dramatic dinner party. Lyndall claimed she saw fellow contestant Shannon out with another woman who wasn't his wife Caitlin and raised it as suspicious. Cam meanwhile didn't seem too pleased that his wife was getting involved in other people's drama.

Whilst the Daily Mail report that the two ended things before the Married at First Australia finale, no reasons have been publicly shared as to why. However, Yahoo Lifestyle stated that things were frosty between the two during filming for a dinner party back in September 2022.

"The pair arrived together but didn't speak a word to each other," an insider told Yahoo. "Producers quickly split them up for over an hour to find out what happened and try and convince them to enter the party together."

What happened with Lyndall and Josh?

According to the Daily Mail, Lyndall and Josh (who was married to Melissa on the show) hooked up at the show's wrap party - in front of their castmates - in December 2022. 

A source told the publication: "Lyndall and Josh were all over each other in front of everyone, and it was really uncomfortable to watch. They were so caught up in the moment they didn't even care who was watching."

Things allegedly progressed further with Josh even flying to Perth to see Lyndall during the Australia Day weekend in late January 2023. However, the romance is now reportedly over.

According to Australian entertainment journalist Megan Pustetto, host of the So Dramatic! podcast, Lyndall has since branded Josh a "dog" and that his nice guy persona was all "an act".

"She’s been saying that he’s not a nice person, he can’t be trusted and he’s not what everyone sees," an insider shared on the podcast. "She wants nothing to do with him."

In contrast, Daily Mail Australia reports that the tryst came to an end when Josh discovered Lyndall had a secret boyfriend he wasn't aware of. 

"Josh was heartbroken as he was under the impression Lyndall was single. She completely led him on," said a source. "He was on the first flight back to Sydney and not f***ing happy one bit. They spoke for hours every day leading up to this holiday and she didn't mention it once."

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Where is Lyndall now?

Lyndall Grace is now living back in Perth after Married at First Sight Australia. It appears the accountant has stayed closed to fellow brides from the show though.

In early March, Lyndall was spotted out clubbing with season 10 bride Bronte Schofield. The two were also joined by MAFS season 8 contestant Selina Chhaur. According to the Daily Mail, all three enjoyed dinner together before dancing the night away at LGBTQ nightclub ARQ in Sydney.

Where is Cameron now?

Cameron Woods has since returned to his roots in the Northern Territory. Footage published by Yahoo! shows the carpenter out and about in Alice Springs.

It seems the MAFS star has returned to his day job, with the video in question showing Cam enjoying a few post-work drinks with friends. 

Cam similarly hasn't eluded drama or rumours during Married at First Sight filming. Fellow bride Tayla confirmed that she received a drunken Facetime from Cam, in which he showed her his genitals. In an interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Tayla clarified that the incident was something she'd "dared him" to do and was nothing mote than a prank. 

"I didn't think he actually would," she said. "He's a loose cannon so he doesn't really care too much at getting his thing out. I don't think I was the only person who saw it that night. He was in a nightclub. Everyone got a bit of a show."

Tayla went on to clarify that nothing romantic had happened between her and Cam, insisting instead that they are just "really good friends".

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