Are Janelle and Adam still together? MAFS Australia season 10 update

Did the season 10 couple make it to the end of the show?

Janelle and Adam on their wedding day
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Reality TV fans want to know if Married at First Sight Australia couple Janelle and Adam are still together.

Janelle and Adam have had more than their fair share of drama during their time on MAFS, having been caught up in a cheating scandal that involves fellow cast members Claire and Jesse.

And just like fans of the show want to know the fate of each of the MAFS couples - from compatible matches like Melinda and Layton to less successful couples such as Sandy and Dan - viewers have also been asking if Janelle and Adam are still together.

Are Janelle and Adam still together?

No, Janelle and Adam are no longer together. The pair made the decision to call it quits at the third commitment ceremony, when they both chose to leave the experiment.

Adam's choice of career, his admission of cheating in a previous relationship and an explosive cheating scandal proved to be too much for the couple to work through, and it won't have been a surprise to viewers that this relationship didn't work out.

Janelle and Adam laughing together on their wedding day

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What happened between Janelle and Adam on MAFS Australia?

The wedding day didn't go too well for this couple, as Janelle's brothers planted concern in her mind that Adam's career as an entrepreneur wasn't a stable way of making a living.

Janelle's doubt was further fuelled by her groom's confession to cheating in a past relationship.

And despite saying he wouldn't make the mistake again, Adam 'cheated' on Janelle while on MAFS Australia, sharing a kiss with another bride on the show. When Janelle found out, things went downhill very quickly.

The couple turned up to the next dinner party alone, and it proved to be an explosive event as Adam declared he "wasn't a cheat" and that he and Janelle "weren't in a real relationship then".

Janelle didn't find the apology sincere, and in response to Adam's justification that he and his bride hadn't been in a good place at the time, she told the group, "I kissed him goodbye before he left, and he had sex with me that night."

Shortly after, both Janelle and Adam decided to leave at the third commitment ceremony.

What happened between Adam and Claire?

Early on in the experiment Janelle and Adam were rocked by a 'cheating' scandal, after Adam kissed fellow MAFS cast member Claire on a night out.

The rumour was first started by Claire's husband Jesse, who said she and Adam had been getting cosy at the time. But the pair denied it until much further on in the series, when Claire came clean to her husband.

Jesse then confronted Adam, who went on to confess to wife Janelle. He said: "To me it was absolutely nothing, me and Claire had a little kiss downstairs."

He added, "And I'm saying here right now he was pinning it on me like it was all me but it 100% wasn't, it takes two to tango, I'm not gonna lie about that, we were blind, we were smashed, we were just having a vape and it just kind of happened."

Janelle responded with, "I just feel like I've had your back throughout this whole thing and this is only coming out now... and I just feel so stupid."

She later told Adam she wanted him to move out.

Where is Janelle Han now?

Janelle is still working as a beauty influencer and since leaving the show has shared plenty of aspirational snaps of her wearing some creative makeup looks.

She's also been spending a lot of time with fellow MAFS cast member Jesse Burford, leading to rumours that the pair could be more than just friends. One Instagram post showed the pair hanging out together in Sydney, while the Daily Mail reported that the pair had been spotted on a date in Perth.

In another Instagram post, Janelle apologised and shared her appreciation for Jesse during their time of MAFS. In the caption she wrote: "Not the trauma bond 😫 @jesse_burford, I am so sorry I ever doubted you. You were right all along. Please forgive me 🙏🏻

"Thank you for being there for me. A shoulder to cry on. You are a wonderful man with a big heart, and I have nothing but respect for you. I hope you’re okay ❤️ #MAFS".

Where is Adam Seed now?

Adam has stayed pretty much under the radar since MAFS, but has posted a few pictures from the show on Instagram admitting that he "messed up".

He has also appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O Show - where he tried to clear his name - claiming that he and Janelle had a huge argument right before his kiss with Clair. He said Janelle "basically convinced me to stay and experiment for – I'm going to say clout and that's why."

He added: "So on the night that I actually kissed Claire, in my head I felt like I was a single guy, so it's gonna sound a bit ridiculous but that's exactly how it is."

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